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BTD in Clash Royale?
Lol me and legandary are the biggest douchebags
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Witch trolls (Clas royale)
We werent expecting it to wirk since we didnt have the mirrors
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OVERDRIVE-MODE, Robotic Team (Troll Battles)
We could only use troops that would be considered robotic
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School Shooter team (Clash Royale)
I feel so bad after recording this
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Troll Battles (Goblin Barrel) Clash Royale
Today me and my friend. Leganday make history and defeat not one but 2 people TWICE whith goblin barrels UNDER 17 SECONDS!
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Most WHORE-ific team (Clash Royale)
Lol If youre a normie dont watch I was only allowed to use female characters Witch Skeleton armie PEKKA Mini PEKKA Valkery Archers Mustketeer And Rage Spell i fyou know what i mean😉😉😉😉😉
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On STEROIDS team (Clash Royale)
BTW Its not a clan battle you can clearly see at the end his or her clan name My friend told me to choose the derpiest song i had My team Skeleton Army Prince Mini Pekka Pekka Goblin Barrel Giant lighting spell And Rage Spell(A.K.A. Steroids) I hope you enjoyed and subscrieb
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Kill me now
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SPARKY TEAM!!!!(Clash Royale
I finally unlocked the sparky!! I decided to use it on a deck to make people poop their pants. As always i hope you enjoyed
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