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My Kawasaki ZXR 750 arontje flyby without exhaust sound
Hello there! I really felt like making a video about my motorcycle, like I see on youtube. So I also wanted to make a video about my motor. And this is the result. I am thinking about purchasing a video software so I have more possibilities of editing videos. I hope you will enjoy the video
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Exhaust sounds yamaha r1 Laser X-treme SOUNDS!
Sounds of the Yamaha R1 from a friend of mine
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Taekwondo Open Amsterdam 2011 final -80 NED vs LUX
Hey guys, A video from a tournemant where I participated. As you can see I lost cause of i got knock out. It was my first REAL tournament ever! I need more training to improve my sparring skilss. But the next event I will participate, is a poomsae tournament. If you guys have any questions or sugesstion, leave your comments in the comment section below!! Thankyou!!!
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Taekwondo demonstration Netherlands Nederland kimwendel den haag delft
Hi guys, A little demonstration video for a promotion set up for my school. Your the first one i share with. It's worth the time to watch it;). Please comment and rate!!! -- Hey mensen, Hierbij een klein demonstratie video voor een promotie van mijn taekwondo school. Jullie zijn de eerste waar ik het mee deel. Het is een leuk videootje;). -- Selamat Siang, Ini video dari taekwondo school dari saya. Buat promotie nya. Videonya bagus sih. Kasih comment dan rating! Makasih!!! Greetz Aron -- anyounghasejoh, yeoreobundeulaegae taekwondosibumeul boyeodeurigosibsumnida yeoreobundeulaegae cheoumeuro boyeodeurineungeosimnida bolmanhanika bogu commenteureul namgyeojusejoh!
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CRAZY flyby without exhaust! Kawasaki ZXR Arontje
Hi there, This one here is a video of a flyby only. No music, no pictures. Its my kawasaki ZXR 750. Must love the sound!
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BMW S1000RR dyno run quickshifter sound akrapovic
This S1000RR puts out 180bhp on the backwheel. You can also hear the nice sounds of the quickshifter!
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Vlog #7 Arontje takes a cruise with club Brag & Boost 070 The Hague
Hi y'all! I joined a ride out with the Brag & Boost crew 070. Very funny crew and enjoyed the ride out to the max! Unfortunately no talking cause I did not had the time to install the mic. Also the season has come to it ends, but I'm not planning to take a winter break. I'll keep riding as long as the snow won't show up. See ya on next vlog!
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Agm cub lifan tuned modded 4 takt sound exhaust uitlaat
Mijn AGM cub met short turbo exhaust en sproeier 86. Met 82 trekt ie toch wat lekkerder. Maar de top ligt dan wel lager. Maar lekker geluid!
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Vlog #5 Denver AC-5000w suzuki gsxr 600 k10 flyby pull laser gp pro exhaust 2010
Hi there! A friend of mine bought a gsxr 600 2010. Never rode an injecction bike before. This was new stuff! But dayum that´s some nice driving! I want myself! Maybe in future I get myself a gsxr. Enjoy!!
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Agm lifan cub 50cc 4takt indonesia 4stroke for SALE!!
This is my new agm bike. It's imported by agm but produced by lifan. So it's build with honda license. You can hear at the sound is sounds like honda. It really can make 11.000 r/pm. For SALE! Te koop! De krukas heeft een vastloper. Opzich is het niet veel werk, maar ik mag hem niet meer maken van mijn vader. Voor 200euro kan je er een 125cc blok eronder krijgen. Als je wil help ik je eraan!
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Taekwondo deutschland nederland netherlands german ownt
Me in the red, a german guy in blue. He's from a german group named Korea Tigers. They weren't as good as the real Korea Tigers!! But this guy had had soms good tkd skills. I've been ownt by the blue guy i know. But i'v become better in tkd. I've skills now!!! Comments please:D
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HP4 on the dyno run producing 210 HP! akrapovic sound quickshifter
This HP4 is a beast. Bone stock and producing 210HP! It does have all the gimmicks though. Launch control, quickshifter, wheelie control, electronic suspenion etc. But just listen to that sound
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Taekwondo demonstration 360 kick kimssportschool cukone
Woow almost 13.000 hits!! thnx peepZ! There will be a new taekwondo vid soon. So stay tuned!! This is me doing a 360 kick. It's not perfect yet. But i keep on practicing.
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endurance performance exhaust 70cc 4takt agm cub lifan
Please hit the commercial! Thankyou!! Endurance performance exhaust op een 70cc drp blok.
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Vlog #3. Denver AC-5000W Through The Hague and Delft motovlog Kawasaki ZXR 750
It has to become summer yet, but we got an early spring! So I got on my ninja and visited a friend. I had a really "good-feeling" feeling whilst making the video. I made this video with my new cam the Denver. It's a clone of the gopro. It has a good video quality and worth the money! Gopro's are like above 300 euros. This Denver cam was 60 euros. It has the ability to shoot in 1080p 30fps! It's possible to do 60fps but i don't like it. Almost got the feeling that the whole vid is being forwarderd. Unfortunately on the 9th, I managed to crash my ninja. 1 day later after this video was taken. But do not pity! I'm planning to rebuild this bike in its original state! So stay tuned!
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Vlog #6 Arontje why i crashed moto vlogger holland netherlands the hague zxr ninja zx6r
Vlog #6. First vid where you can hear me talking. Used the denver cam. Shitty cam for vlogging. Had to record with my samsung and get everything together when I made this vid. Let me know what you think about it. Or don´t. Just please don´t hate:(
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Angry M5 E39 leaves car meeting! Exhaust sounds!
This M5 belongs to Brabo. A drift team from holland. It left a car meet in an angry and awesome way! Listen to that v8!
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Taekwondo demonstration footage TaeKwen
A little footage of the Taekwondo school i'm practicing on. Just for entertainment.
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Ducati 1098 lovely exhaust sounds Termignoni
Hello! The other day, visited my friend cause i wanted to make pictures of his Duc. I rreealllyy like those Ducs! Immense power, brutal twin engines, just f*ck*ng awesome! Hope you like this vid. Not only did I recorder the exhaust notes. I also tried to show and film the beauty of this bike. Love it! Cheers y'all!
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TGB 507 burnout on scoot 50cc
Deze scooter is heel zwaar opgevoerd en haalt de 80.
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Drifting rc driften gorinchem RCDE rcdrift
Hello, This is one of my other hobbies. RC drifting! My car is the white rx-7 with the black hood. Pwetty good drifting:P
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360 kick demonstration kimssportschool CuKoNe te Delft!!!
Een 360 kick waarbij het plankje het niet overleefde....
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540 kick taekwondo demonstration kimssportschool/cukone
This is me doing 540 kick. Have been working like a half year. And now practicing to hit a bord. Tips are welcome. So comments are;)
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It has a 585HP V8 engine! Just listen to it!
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Cen rally funfactor with lrp engine.
Here's a movie of my cen rally with lrp engine 2,62cc. It can go 60+ km/h if the weather is good. The exhaust is just from aluminium with nothing in it. Totally empty. It give's a great sound!!
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Chinees nieuwjaar+leeuwendans
Chinees nieuwjaar met leeuwendans
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Cen rally Lrp Z16 makes a little wheely
My cen rally makes a wheely with some help:p
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A 540 taekwondo kick
This is me doing a 540. It's not totally good. But i keep on practicing and looking forward to improvement
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taekwondo demonstration flying kick kimssportschool
Here i'm doing a twimyo yeop chagi over 4 people and breaking a board. first time i did it.
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taekwondo 3rd dan exam test/demo
Hi guys, A little movie of my 3rd dan exam test. First break is a deung-sonnal-mok-chigi. That shizzle hurt like crazy, my hand was al red en senseless. The second one was supposed to be a 540. But due to not enough time to practice for the kick, i had to choose something easier, safer. As you can see, my first aiming was way to high. But at last the wood did not survive:P. Take care!
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Samsung Galaxy S8 close look on build
Its build from glass and metal. Comes with AKG earplugs in the box! Awesome, stunning, marvellous piece of technology!
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Cen rally Lrp Z16
My cen rally with Lrp Z16 engine and alloy tuned pipe.
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A dumb movie:P
A movie where me an a friend of my doing a dollyo. Which are crossing each other. I'm the left one, he's the right. En we are both right with our feet. But he isn't that good to kick with left. Something in the hip.:P So i had to do it with my left. Horriblee!!!
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citeroptreden in den haag
Player from left to right: Pui-Yuen Cheng, Pui-Yau Cheng, Anna Zhu
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Autorai 2007 !! A carshow in Amsterdam! Autoschow!!!
This is a video of pictures from autorai in Amsterdam Netherlands. It was great there!!! Pure magic!!! I want to go again to shoot more pictures, but I don't have transport ore someone who wants to take me there:(. Well i hope you will enjoy the pictures!!! P.S.: Sorry for the long load time! But please be patient!!! It is worth to wait!!! Dit is een video van foto's van autorai Amsterdam Nederland. Het was er geweldig!!! Ik wil er nog een keer heen om nog meer foto's te maken, maar heb helaas geen vervoer of een vriend waarmee ik mee kan rijden:(. Ik hoop in elk geval dat je van de foto's zal genieten! P.S. Sorry voor de lange laadtijd, wees geduldig!!! Het is het echt waard!!
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A flying side kick. Twimyo yeop chagi.
A little movie where i was doing a jumping side kick over a little wall. It was scary but funny. The real name of this kick is: twimyo-yeop-chagi. Remember this people!!!
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taekwondo kick mom-dollyo
Yeah dude:D
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Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Beijing with S7 Edge and Zhiyun stabilizer
First time using adobe premiere pro cc.
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Chinese rol op chinees nieuwjaar
Chinees nieuwjaar in The Hague
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taekwondo event in german. the netherlands.
A taekwondo event in German. This is me doing the Kumgang Poomse. I was very nervous. So my dwit-koobi and the rest of my poomse sucked hard!!XD
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A very short taekwondo clip
I found the movies on internet en mixed them. Comments, positive ore negative are welcome:D!!
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