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Pixel Gun 3D Fun Loadout for the 12.1.1 Version
Sorry there was no commentary, still working on that :| There might be cuts because this is my first vid in a while, on Pixel Gun 3D. This was recorded using EveryCord and uploaded using YouTube Capture. The music was provided by YouTube Capture, Cancun. If you liked the video, feel free to leave a like, and subscribe if you like my content, otherwise, The Hub is back on YouTube!
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Critical Ops Gameplay #1
Some gameplay of C-OPs
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Friendly Battle.
I wont have commentary in my videos due to an error. Clash Royale is a 1v1 duel game in real time against other players. Freindly battles are against your clanmates and cap out cards at L1 E4 R7 and C9. This is to make it fair for everyone. Friendly battles are to compete to see which of the 2 clanmates are better. In this case, I'm better since I beat him in the end ( not in the video). Anyways, more videos coming in the future!
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Clash Royale Video.
There will be more in the future, sorry about no commentary.
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Noob Account playing Clash Royale
Battle of the Noobs
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