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EMP Evidence from September 11, 2001
The sound and video are both messed up by EMPs and when the EMPs happen tells us when nukes were detonated. The underground nuke took about 12 seconds to work through a lot of rock so you see an EMP about 12 seconds before the North Tower was vaporized to an ultra fine dust. There is a smaller EMP right when the North Tower appears to fall and I have to say appears to fall because if it fell it did not leave very much debris were it stood. wtcdata.nist.gov has named the video WCBS Dub4 23.avi And others have seen an EMP in this video as proven by the comments at: WTC1 collapse, WCBS Dub4 23.avi http://youtu.be/Jxpc6DBHeFA?t=3m30s
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YouTube in background on Android
While there have been a few different ways to play YouTube videos in background this one will currently play an entire playlist.
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The Dolphin Browser can play videos in a floating window
This video shows how to use the Dolphin Browser to play youtube videos in a floating window but it uses the video player on the Android device and if that video player can not play videos in a floating window then the Dolphin Browser will not be able to either
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IOS 11.2.5 sucks
There are still problems with 11.2.5 like it did not get the sound to YouTube.
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IOS 11.2 sucks big time
With sound because I used the Screen Record of a Screen Record trick but IOS 11.2 still turns a recording off too early.
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iPhone screen recording on Android (steps in description)
1. On iPhone make it a WiFi hotspot. 2. On Android connect to the iPhone hotspot. 3. On Android run AirReceiver 4. On iPhone setup screen mirroring to go to the Android 5. On Android run Screen Stream Mirroring Pro 6. On Android start recording. 7. On Android stop recording. 8. On Android run YouTube. 9. On Android upload video to YouTube.
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Why I hate Apple the short version
More at: http://WhyIhateApple.com
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My First Upload
Part of a wedding I went to.
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iPhone Screen Recording to YouTube trick
This trick to move the audio in an iPhone screen recording to YouTube needs the iCloud and a PC. And it was used to get this very iPhone Screen Recording to YouTube. http://WhyIhateApple.com But I just learned an even better trick and that is to save a short video from the camera right before I do another screen recording and then that screen recording will play in iMovie and it even plays audio if you send it to an android phone.
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I hate Apple deleting caller names via “Do Not Disturb”
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Adding sound to an IOS Screen Recording
The microphone is turned on after the recording starts but the cancel button stops the screen recording in IOS 11.2.
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I hate Apple deleting caller names via “Do Not Disturb” no sound
Sound at: https://youtu.be/am_Ph3kmZlQ More at: http://WhyIhateApple.com
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My first 4K video
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AT&T after they slowed me down to 128kbps
I could not believe I found a way around the super slow data after I finally hit my data limit. What I did above is use a 3G phone with an AT&T SIM card and found out it was running as fast as ever so I turned it into a Hotspot and now I can use my slowed down service to watch YouTube videos again.
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IOS 11.2.5 problem
It will not record all the way to the Stop
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IOS 11.2 crops screen recordin
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One Million Dollars on December 31, 2014
This was a "Quick upload" from an Android phone that I have not deleted yet and it just happened to be from the same place that someone won One Million Dollars on December 31, 2014.
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IOS 11.2 sucks big time without sound
The audio failed again and it removed the part of the video where I turned the screen recording off.
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IOS early termination
It did not record all the way to the “Stop”
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One way to save youtube videos
With Android 6 and the Samsung browser you can Save youtube videos. The steps before this video include: 1. Select Samsung Browser 2. Go to Youtube.com with the Samsung browser. 3. When the Samsung Browser tries to get you to use the youtube application press CANCEL and it should continue playing the youtube video in the Samsung browser. ------------------------ On the screen where it shows "Save Video" you will also see the option to play the youtube video in a pop up window and that is miles better than the pop-up in the youtube application because you can watch the youtube video with nearly anything in the background.
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IOS Screen Recording to YouTube test
Wow the sound shows up if you Screen Record the screen record and that idea came from the following: https://youtu.be/WDSbFrSWvBI
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AT&T at twice my monthly allotment
But the only way I could do this is with a 3G device because AT&T does not slow them down yet. And I stopped streaming TV after using 13.4 GB or 129%.
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Why I hate Apple
The callers name is deleted by Apple. More at: http://WhyIhateApple.com
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Happy Cat
I hope the sound is loud enough
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IOS Screen recording trick in description
For those of you who have messed with the screen recording feature in IOS 11 you have probably learned that the audio might disappear if you send that video to an Android phone or upload it to YouTube. Well, I found a fix for the problem by accident and I've tested it and this trick seems to work just fine on my iPhone SE as proven by the fact the above video has audio. The trick I use to get audio to youtube is to save a 4 second video from my camera right before any screen recording and then if I doubt it worked I can either send it to an Android phone or use iMovie to see if it has audio. FYI on a iPod I ended up using the Screen Record of a Screen Recording to get the audio to YouTube but once in a while the above works on an iPod too.
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