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R.I.P. Melanie Goodwin.
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How to get all black coins in Paratroopas in Mushroom Valley - Mario Run - World 1-3
Collecting all 5 coins with Mario in World 1-3 can be difficult, most specifically the third coin. The other 4 are pretty straight forward but the jumps have to be perfectly timed for the third coin. To get this coin, run to the very edge of the box and jump high to high jump off the paratroopa. If you do not run to the very very edge of the box you will fail to jump high enough to grab the coin. It took my dozens of tries before I was able to get all 5 so I thought I'd make a little tutorial.
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What piano song is this?
It is the background song of an iPhone chess app called "Mate In One." Shazam doesn't recognize it. Can somebody please tell me what it is? I contacted app developer and got no answer
Exotic Car show in Whistler, BC.
All kinds of exotic cars. Very cool.
NYC Bicycle Timelapse
Time lapse video through Central Park.