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That's Not a Fall; THIS Is a Fall - The Property Imperative Weekly - 9th June 2018
We review the latest finance and property news
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Four Potential Finance and Property Scenarios
In answer to some requests, and following the data rich posts of recent days, today we walk through four potential future scenarios extracted from our Core Market Models. Tell me which if any you think are most likely. I use such scenarios with clients to help them plan for different future states.
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Almost one million Australian households facing ‘mortgage stress’
A segment on 9News Today show discussing the latest DFA Mortgage Stress Research
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ABC The Business Does Mortgage Stress - 13 Apr 2018
Good segment from the ABC, in which UBS chief economist George Tharenou says house prices are going to fall because the royal commission will make banks lift their lending standards, making it much harder for people to get credit and be able to bid up prices. As we have already said, its all about credit!
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The Crunch Is Nearer Now - The Property Imperative Weekly 26 May 2018
We discuss the latest property and finance news from a distinctively Australian perspective
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The Grim News About Household Balance Sheets
We discuss the latest home prices in the context of today's RBA cash rate decision and the latest data release.
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A Deeper Dive Into Loan To Income Ratios
We look at the latest figures and where the pain is greatest
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Sell Overpriced Properties to Unsuspecting Clients -  ABC The Business 31 Jan 2018
Real estate sales companies are using big commissions to tempt mortgage brokers, financial planners and accountants to sell overpriced properties to unsuspecting clients.
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ABC 730 Does Irresponsible Lending
A segment from the ABC 730 which includes some of my comments.
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The Nasty Cocktail; And Who's Drinking - The Property Imperative Weekly - 16 June 2018
We discuss the latest finance and property news with a distinctively Australian flavour.
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Should I Sell Now?
We discuss the question recently posed by members of the YT community. Should I Buy Now: https://youtu.be/lMSdnOAqm6Y
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The Mortgage Industry Omnishambles - The Property Imperative Weekly 17 March 2018
Today we examine the Mortgage Industry Omnishambles. And it’s more than just a flesh wound! Welcome to the Property Imperative Weekly to 17th March 2018
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The $100 Billion Interest Only Loan Problem
We look at the latest data from our surveys and identify which post codes have most households with IO loans outside current serviceability requirements. Signs of trouble ahead!
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Employment Under The Hood - The Bedpan Economy
We discuss why wages growth is so weak when employment is stronger
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Fixing The Banking System - The Property Imperative Weekly 5th May 2018
In this weeks review of property and finance news we look at CBA, AMP, NAB and Banking Regulation including Glass-Steagall, and Non-Recourse Loans. Link to CEC: http://cecaust.com.au/about/
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Irresponsible Lending - ABC The Business 01 Mar 2018
ABC's The Business Does Irresponsible Lending
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More On The Financial Services Royal Commission
Good discussion on Insiders today (29 Apr 2018) on the Inquiry into Financial Services Misconduct.
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Are Canadian Home Prices A Leading Indicator For The Australian Market?
Today we look at Canadian real estate prices as there are some interesting parallels with Australia. It is worth noting that household debt is also high in Canada, but not as high as here. Link: https://betterdwelling.com/teranet-canadian-real-estate-prices-stalled-for-the-first-time-outside-of-a-recession/
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Is The Sydney Property Market The Canary In The Coal Mine?
We discuss the latest data on the Sydney property. Link to the Domain article: https://www.domain.com.au/news/the-sydney-suburbs-where-auction-clearance-rates-have-dropped-in-2018-20180415-h0yqga/
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Will The US Mortgage Sector Trigger The Next Crisis?
Today we discuss why the US mortgage sector may well be the trigger for the next financial crisis. And it’s not what you think. I refer to the recent Brookings Institute paper entitled “Liquidity Crisis in the Mortgage Market.” https://www.brookings.edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/5_kimetal.pdf Scenarios Video: https://youtu.be/ESSGEqgS1uE
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Global Debt and the Upcoming Recession
The latest data on global debt and where it is growing fastest. Scenarios video at: https://youtu.be/ESSGEqgS1uE Apologies for the recession typo...
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Our Own Version Of Sub Prime?
We discuss the latest RBA Financial Stability Report. Link to the full report here: http://www.rba.gov.au/publications/fsr/2018/apr/pdf/financial-stability-review-2018-04.pdf
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The Absolute Link Between Home Prices And Credit
More on how credit availability impacts home prices, and what it means for values over the next couple of years.
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Another Bank Goes Negative On Housing
When one of the major lenders goes negative on property, we know the tide has turned. But are they still too optimistic?
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Mortgage Choice Under The Spotlight
Mortgage Choice Franchisees revolt against broking giant
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The Home Price Crunch - The Property Imperative Weekly - 03 Feb 2018
The Home Price Crunch is happening now, but how low will prices go and which areas will get hit the worst? Welcome to the Property Imperative Weekly to 3rd February 2018. Read more at https://wp.me/p45cap-6ww
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More News On The Downside - The Property Imperative Weekly 19 May 2018
We discuss the latest finance and property news. Links: Jobs Aren't What The Use To Be: https://youtu.be/DaPAPghJ0Lc Some Disturbing Trends: https://youtu.be/Gu1JzRIcBd0 The Problem With Libor: https://youtu.be/DzssHgr2Pv0 The Latest SME Report: https://wp.me/p45cap-5Hu
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Interest Rates Are On Their Way Up!
A brief segment looking at some global interest rates, which are rising quite fast now.
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Tightening The Screws On Lending Standards
We discuss the recent changes Westpac announced to their expense analysis to support mortgage applications.
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Turning The Screws On Mortgage Lending - The Property Imperative Weekly 17th Feb 2018
Listen, You Can Hear the Screws Tightening On Mortgage Lending. Welcome to The Property Imperative Weekly to 17th February 2018. We discuss the past week of Finance and Property News
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Are Bank Deposits Safe In A Financial Crisis
We discuses the problem of deposit "bail-in" in Australian Banking. Read more at https://wp.me/p45cap-6AH
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Crossing The 1,000 Rubicon
Thanks to my subscriber base, for helping me to pass the 1,000 and also for your comments and suggestions. I really appreciated the support.
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Australian Housing - ABC Radio 5th Dec 17
ABC's Jules Schiller discusses housing with Finance Data Analyst Martin North. We discussed, first time buyers, home prices, high debt, lending standards and the upcoming Royal Commission.
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Why Home Prices Will Continue To Fall
We discuss the results from our latest household surveys. Read more on our segmentation here: https://wp.me/p45cap-lW Get the Property Imperative Report Vol 9 here: https://wp.me/p45cap-5SJ We will talk about the detailed segment results in another post.
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All About Car Loans - More Risky Than You May Think!
We review Australian Car Loans in the light of the Financial Services Royal Commission.
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The Looming Problem of Interest Only Loans - ABC
A segment on ABC 7:30 discussed the problem faced by many interest only loan holders as tighter lending standards bite, forcing some to higher payment P&I loans. Read more at https://wp.me/p45cap-6qm
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730 On AMP, CBA And Financial Planning 18 Apr 2018
ABC Does The Royal Commission, AMP. CBA and Financial Planning
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The Bank Deposit Bail-In Conundrum
We revisit the question of bank deposits being bailed-in under APRA's new powers in a banking crisis. We have been sold a pup!
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Household Financial Security Tanks As Property Falls Hit Home
We discuss the latest results from our household surveys
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The Housing Affordability Crisis In Australia
We discuss the findings of the latest Demographia Housing Affordability Report - and its a shocker. There are no affordable or moderately affordable markets in Australia. NONE! Read more at https://wp.me/p45cap-6rr
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Liar Loans and Bad Financial Planning
More on Liar Loans and the latest from the Royal Commission into Financial Services Misconduct from the Business 26 Apr 2018
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Popping The Housing Affordability Myth
We look at what is really driving prices, and discover our own version of QE (Quantitative Easing).
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Household Financial Confidence Takes Another Dive
We review the results from our April 2018 household survey
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Digital and Cyber Currencies - 1. What Is Money?
We start our series which looks at Digital and Cyber Currencies with a basic framework to help to think about the relationship between money and these new cyber currencies. And we need to be clear about what money is.
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Never Mind The RBA, Will Mortgage Rates Go Higher?
We discuss the latest trends and its not pretty!
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The Great Credit Crunch - The Property Imperative Weekly 12 May 2018
We review the latest finance and property news.
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ABC The Business 29 Mar 2018 On Mortgage Brokers
Nice segment from the ABC on Mortgage Brokers.
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ABC Insiders Grab 2 22 Apr 2018
Kelly O'Dwyer has been the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, since July 2016. She was under intense pressure on ABC Insiders today focusing on the Royal Commission.
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WA Mortgage Stress - 7 30 26 4 2017
Western Australian mortgage stress
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A Quick Data Snapshot - 13 Mar 2018
We look at the latest data on debt from the ABS and BIS.
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