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bes - clash of lords 2- battle royale - devil's lair
battle royale wizards formation, using sage to lock chiron clones to get better result, timing is everything when it comes to battle royale :)
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bes - CLASH OF LORDS 2 guild cash attack  (second death vs khmer united )
second attack was a little mess, as you probably know by now that abys sometimes wonders off on his own, best to position his dropping perfectly. if you have any other attack formation set up then comment below which strategy works best for you
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bes - clash of lords 2 - wizard starategy in arena
trying out wizard strategy in arena and goes pretty well with landslide and sage, not that bad
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Garage band 8 normal beat freestyle
Garage band 8 freestlye music
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Watch or download movies and tv-shows free android
Stream or download any movie or tv show for free on android, alternative for showbox and hd cinema.( For tutorial purpose only) https://archive.org/download/SkyHD100/SkyHD_100.apk http://www.mediafire
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Garage band 8 normal freestyle 2
Garage band 8 beat freestyle
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Clash of lords 2 glitch
Watch the replay carefully, not the same as the real raiding, my abyss dies and my pan didn't finish the raiding but. it even says 100℅ raid but the replay and the raiding is completely different
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arcane elder 6.5m  hitman
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Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer
Multiplayer cod wwII
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