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Space Shuttle Atlantis' Left Booster Rocket video. Watch from takeoff to splashdown in the ocean! The camera never fails, even underwater!
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Hockey-Thon.com - 2008 Bakersfield Hockey-Thon!
A tribute video to the players and volunteers who helped raise over $56,742.82 for the Links for Life cancer treatment center. The 41-hour marathon was capped off with a celebrity game, where alumni of the Bakersfield Condors and the Fresno Falcons played a spirited match that ended a fantastic weekend of generosity and cancer awareness. http://hockey-thon.com
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Bakersfield City Council Meeting Speech - Human Life Ordinance
Quick clip of the Bakersfield City Council Meeting, where members of Pro Choice Kern County urged council members to disregard the proposed ordinance by Tim Palmquist, that established a de facto ban on abortions by implementing penalties of $10,000 for everyone from physicians performing legal abortions, to pharmacists distributing birth control. The council opted to shelve the ordinance, instructing the City District Attorney to revise the language so that it wouldn't subject Bakersfield to unnecessary litigation. This of course, requires nearly the entire ordinance to be thrown in the trash. We'll be keeping an eye on this case, to make sure our city doesn't elevate their revision any higher than a toothless proclamation.
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The pitfalls of common tree pruning techniques
Lion tail pruning is harmful to trees. This video explains why, and what techniques we can employ to avoid dangerous breaks.
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Wintermist Leatherwork Fellowship; hidden stitch
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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7 after surgery: Drugs, pain, and junk grabbin'
7 tells us how it is after his duodenal switch surgery.
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Ed pops the question to Annie
Wintermist Yule, 2014. Seneschal, Ed Moore sneaks a charming proposal into the announcements and acknowledgements section of the evening. She didn't see it coming!
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Dimitri, the lap dog.
Callie and Kayla at Christmas, 2012. Dimitri wanted to sit with them. He doesn't care if there's room.
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Wii Boxing
Tim and 7, boxing and talkin' smack.
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Harlem Shake - Toga Party
Ain't no party like a toga party, cuz a toga party don't stop...to think how stupid this is.
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Christmas Packing Peanuts
Oliver & Charlie, playing with their Christmas parcel peanuts.
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Charlie's Necomimi "Brainwave" Cat Ears
Japanese toys make my daughter cracked up.
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Jacqui & Jonathan Mills' wedding.
The newlyweds cut a rug.
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United Health Group - Investigated
Opposition to H.R. 3200 is fueled by insurance company greed, not sound conservative principals. UHG is one of the biggest puppeteers pulling the strings of Republican and "Blue Dog" Democrats. Call your House Rep and Senator and tell them to pass H.R. 3200.
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The sideburns
I found this video on my hard drive...had to share it. The notorious sideburns of 2004!
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The Owl & the Fortune Cookie
Charlie and her owl cap.
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Birthday fun, 2014
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The "Grooming Session"
Charlie and Oliver attempting to brush the dog after a vigorous workout.
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Wintermist Leatherwork Fellowship; saddle stitch
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7 before surgery
7 shares some words with the world at large before going in for a duodenal switch surgery.
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Attackle Sunday
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Why we're all wrong about GMOs and Organics
By Oliver Bates
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Hot Mustard Pony Challenge Fail
My daughter fails at the hot mustard challenge.
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Happy Birthday Grandma
Oliver & Charlie wish their Granmother Jeannette a happy birthday...and then chat up what they think she should do on this special day.
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Wintermist Practice - the splash!
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West High School, Navy Jr ROTC - Veterans Day 2015
My son, Oliver, marching with the rest of the cadets.
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Wrasslin with Dimitri
Charlie and Oliver playing with our new German Shepherd, Dimitri.
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Oliver & Charlie's Mud-Run
Ollie and Chuck, ripping up the mud.
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How to use our splash page
Hello DMI video production department. I've supplied an HD splash page to go with my vehicle images. Please convert your videos to 16:9 format to accommodate this, and stop using the powerpoint looking page you've been giving me. Thank you.
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Wintermist Brewing Fellowship - The 20 Yr Old Soda
Master Donn Ferguson, introducing us to something he'd had in storage for quite some time.
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Easter 2010 - Uncle Stephen's Cookies
My brother mailed some awesome cookies to the kids for Easter. We decided to film the opening of the box, since they were so excited.
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Wintermist Leatherwork Fellowship: threading 101
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The Beasts - volume 1
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That Thursday Show - 4/19/18
Talking Starbucks, Delano, and Racism.
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Oliver & Charlie - Dueling in the park 2
Oliver and Charlie trying out their new boffers. We'll be adding shields and full armor to their kit soon.
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Microsoft Surface Computer
Look at these practical applications!
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MultiMon Screensaver
Miltiple Monitor screensavers can be very cool, but this one simulates hyperspace! Just too cool! (Just Google "SaverBeans" for the site that has all the java based screen savers.!)
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The sounds of parenting.
My adorable daughter Charlie and her classmates, proving that the parents in the audience sacrifice their ears as an act of love.
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Happy Birthday Grandpa George!
Quick video birthday card to George Anderson ;)
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Oliver & Charlie - Dueling in the park 1
Oliver and Charlie trying out their new boffers. We'll be adding shields and full armor to their kit soon.
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