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Package Opening- Makoccinos Secret Giveaway Prize
Hi, everyone So i recently won Makoccinos' secret giveaway that was from her blog. I've very excied to share with you guys what i've won (I have no intention to brag). I hope you guys enjoy this video and please like,comment and subscribe :* My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL4XtUxAVB2Wtwz-YMl7n6Q Makoccinos' channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEYTvzdLrD1bx1NTOO4nwpA Makoccinos' blog/website: http://www.makoccino.com/ Song: Sekai No Koi Ni Ochiteiru- Ao Haru Ride
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DIY-Beaded Winter Bracelet
This beaded winter bracelet is my own design but i'm not sure if there are other people who also made this, if so please let me know :) ty. The beads colours r winter colours- blue and white. I added a snowflake charm to make the bracelet look more like its for winter and i add a key charm just to add cuteness :D
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Trying the DIY : egg pore strip by KatesdaPates
you guys might can't hear my voice that much it's because i got a block nose on that day :L
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How to make a origami mini gift box
how to make a mini gift box. 1. starting with the colour you want your box to be on the outside facedown,make the blintz base. 2. Fold the figure in half on the diagonal by moving the top left corner down behind the figure. 3. Fold the figure in half by bringing the top right point down to meet the bottom left point. 4. Slip your fingers inside the two layers that make up the top flap.Open the flap by pushing the top edge up to right and the bottom edge down to the left.Flatten the flap into a square. 5.Turn the figure over. Open the top flap in the same way and flatten it into a square.Rotate the figure so that the open ends point down. 6.Fold the pointed half of the top layer up so that the point meets the figure's top point. Crease well and unfold.Slide your left index figure under the pocket on the left side of the figure.Slide your right index figure under the right pocket.Pull your fingers out to the sides so that the pockets open up.Flatten them so that they form a rectangle. 7. Turn the figure over and repeat steap 6 on this slide. 8. Lift the top flap on the right side of the figure and move it to the left as if you were turning the page of a book. Turn the figure over and do the same on the other side. 9. Fold the right edge of the top layer in to meet the center line. Turn the figure over and do the same on the other side .Rotate the figure so that the points face up. 10.Fold the pointed half of the top layer down and crease well turn the figure over and do the same on the other side. 11. Holding ther flaps you just creased, gently separate your hands so your box begins to expand. If you need to, push the floor of the box down into position, and you are done =)
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Charm Update #1
This is my first charm update, sorry that my mini tripod was sticking out in this video, please don't mind. I hope you like the charms I've made and tell me if you would like a tutorial on any of these charms. Rate,Comment and Subscribe :] Esty:https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/CharmBlooms?ref=l2-shopheader-name
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Cherrybloom22's craft entry for Beyondbracelets 40,000 subscriber contest :Paper Flower
This is my first contest entry :D congrats to beyondbracelet on 40,000 subbies. I'm sorry guys that u guys might not get me. i just feel so nervous and just cant't find the right word to describe what I'm doing...
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This month creation
random stuff i made this month/last few months ago :P the wallets that i made, i got the wallet ideas from socraftastic and beyondbracelets :P socraftastic: she used starburst candy wappers as a wallet , i used dove chocolate wappers as a wallet :P. beyondbracelets: she made a ransom letter pendant , i made a newspaper word and some ransom letter to make a wallet :P.
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Hong Kong Holiday Haul
came back from the holiday from Hong Kong about 2 or 5 of these stuff are gifts from and cousin :D There isn't much because our luggage is really full :( but i like what i got right now so far :D Please subscribe and comment down below.
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