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Tourettes guy's dad eats a Shitload of mash potatoes
Tourettes guy dad come over for Thanksgiving only to find out that everyone brought over a shitload of instant mash potatoes, after washing those spuds down with a couple of beers ends up in a pool room fight.
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Snow bumper
Douche Bags trying to pull a car from a snow bank by hitching there plastic bumper
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Chernobyl ghost town
video montage of chernobyl
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Movses Pastry Accident
SUV barrels through bakery Pastry shop had installed barriers after similar crash five years ago, but they arent enough. By Zain Shauk Published: Last Updated Tuesday, September 22, 2009 9:29 PM PDT NORTHWEST GLENDALE — When a woman drove her car through the front of Movses Golden Pastry five years ago, owner Armen Nazarian thought he could protect his store by installing steel barriers in front of the property. He was wrong. Early Tuesday, police said, a Burbank woman in the parking lot slammed on the gas pedal of her white Toyota 4Runner and barreled through the Glenoaks Boulevard corner bakery. She evaded a steel barrier and smashed through a storefront window, refrigerators, tables and chairs. No one was hurt, police said. The SUV skidded to a halt on the property after crashing through a second window and nearly rumbling off an elevated outdoor seating area facing Glenoaks Boulevard. I didnt really expect that this was going to happen again, said Nazarian, who snapped digital photos of the store as firefighters and police helped clear warped steel wreckage and shattered glass from around the vehicle. Assortments of pastries and Armenian breads sat amid shards of glass in broken refrigerated displays that cost about $10,000 each. Displays had fallen from shelves along the back wall of the shop, Nazarian said. The 2004 crash had cost about $30,000 to repair, but Tuesdays damage, combined with lost profits from days that Nazarian will have to close for repairs and health inspector visits will likely triple that total, he said. He expected insurance to pick up the tab. Glendale and Burbank firefighters used a rotary saw to clear a railing, allowing them to move the 4Runner off the elevated seating area and onto a flatbed tow truck. Employees at the 1755 W. Glenoaks Blvd. store said they feared for their lives upon hearing the SUV plow through the front of the shop. I just heard a boom, the store started shaking, and I just saw the car is coming and I ran, said Lusine Petrosyan, a cashier who was working behind the store counter and looking the other direction when the crash occurred. She darted to the stores back room with other workers. The accident was not only avoidable, but could have been deadly, Glendale police Officer Larry Ballesteros said. If somebody wouldve been standing at the counter ordering a tray of fruit tarts or something, he wouldve been killed, Ballesteros said. No charges have been filed against the driver, Heranosh Baghomian, because the accident occurred on private property, Ballesteros said. Nazarian, who owns the strip mall, was concerned not only that a similar incident had happened before, but that another property he owns, at the intersection of Chevy Chase Drive and Verdugo Road, has also been struck twice by out-of-control drivers, he said. Im very confused, he said. Similar accidents have happened in the last two years, with drivers ramming through a Starbucks on Foothill Boulevard and a Supercuts on Glendale Avenue, injuring bystanders in the process, Ballesteros said. Its too common, he said. Nazarian questioned whether enough Glendale drivers were safe enough to be on the roads, echoing concerns frequently raised by residents fed up with the citys notoriously accident-ridden streets. The Department of Motor Vehicles is consistently working to improve drivers license testing standards, said spokeswoman Jan Mendoza, who insisted that most of Californias 26 million motorists are safe. Weve got millions of drivers out there, she said. Its a numbers game for sure.
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HP Touchsmart PC Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit version)
Redesigned with a next-generation, touch-enabled 22-inch high-definition LCD screen, the HP TouchSmart IQ506 all-in-one desktop PC is designed to fit wherever life happens: in the kitchen, family room, or living room. With one touch you can check the weather, download your e-mail, or watch your favorite TV show. It's also designed to maximize energy, with a power-saving Intel Core 2 Duo processor and advanced power management technology, as well as material efficiency--right down to the packaging. It has a sleek piano black design with elegant espresso side-panel highlights, and the HP Ambient Light lets you set a mood--or see your keyboard in the dark. Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit version) as seen on youtube live
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Mom Cancelled WOW account remote up his ass
Kid goes crazy because his mom owed him by canceling his wow account
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DrDisRespect say's playerunknown  sucks
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Re: Hottest Girls on the WEB!
The Video
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Tourettes guy meets summercusp
Tourettes guy web chatting
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Underwater Nuke
Underwater nuclear detonation US Navy
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Rocket Man - Trump - Putin
Rocket Man
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Musical Machine Pjotro
sound robot
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lg G watch R screen failing out of the box
Screen flickers, strobes. Distorts. unable too recover
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Chernobyl bio robots
chernobyl crisis, bio robots, death runs
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Installing windows 8 pro
Installing windows 8
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St Louis ATT Fiber Gigabit symmetric internet service
City of St Charles MO
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LG G watch R screen flickering
Screen flickers sending back to Google
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Windows 8 and bing.com pop up
Bing.com auto launches in its own browser window after reboot...actually found out this was caused by openDNS
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Russian blue vs Maine Coon
Cats love to 🐻 hug
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Thunder Snow in St Charles MO
A very rare weather event known as a Thunder Snow. on Easter day (Snow on Easter in St. Charles is a rare event in itself).
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tourettes guy rap
tourettes guy,shirlena and touretts guy day have a f*cking good time so f*ck it
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dont touch the camera
dont touch
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Shaggin lizards
Lizards having fun
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H1N1 swine Flu Virus
Viruses everywhere
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Crawdads pinch
see I told you they pinch
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BF3 metro conquest riding mav over fence
Checking out some easter eggs
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Titanfall 2014 game play
Titanfall 2014
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Super fluffy cat in 4K
Cat 4K
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My cat throwing a toy into the air
Cat knows how to pitch the ball
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Mr Peanut taking a bath
cat drinking from faucet
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1000 fps
1000 fps into a water fall
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Cackling cat
My kitten is hungry for bird
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Catnip crazy
My Russian Blue loves his pile of fresh cat nip
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Mars RIP
Aug 1 1996 to June 22 2012
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Battlefield 3 aimbot hacker M455MURDER
hacking on battlefield 3 M455MURDER
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Big earthworm
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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FJ Cruiser in any color
FJ Cruiser looks good in any color' Having some fun until a farmer told me "get the hell off my property" I own the Missouri river bank.
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St Louis AT&T Fiber speed test
AT&T Fiber speed test St. Louis MO
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Mcnugget rampage with sound
Toledo, Ohio, an extremely chicken nugget craving and aggressive woman like her McNugget serve in the morning, however McDonalds drive thru manager explains to her that it is 6:30 am and they are only serving breakfast menu which doesn't include McNugget! The woman got real upset and I mean flaming psychotic dangerous that she got out of car and start pulling the window, throwing punches and at the end breaks the window...this is one of weirdest drive-thru raw security video caught on tape that I have ever witness! We witnessed the famous Jersey Shore fight, now Ohio Shore is on the map! lol
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Like 2 peas in a pod
Cat play
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July 1, 2016
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300+ year old Shellbark Hickory
Shellbark Hickory died last summer confirmed by no new leaf growth in the Spring. had old damage. (lost branch approx 20-30 years ago) about 60 feet up. hole from the lost branch collected water and rotted out the heartwood. tree was 95 feet tall
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Abraham Ford plays Titanfall
The walking dead
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Mars RIP
Aug 1 1996 to June 22 2012
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Incarceration nation
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Cackling cat in slo mo
My kitten is hungry for bird slo mo video
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Windows 8 (64bit) / i5 3570k / 16gb gskill 1866 sniper DDR3/ Gigabyte Z77X-UDH4 MSI GTX 660ti driver 314.22
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2 rowdy cats
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Why I FJ
fj cruiser in a hidden river valley. Only I know we're it's at.
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