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Red Molly "Come On In My Kitchen"
Red Molly live at the me & thee coffeehouse in Marblehead MA October 18 2013
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Tim O'Brien live at me & thee coffeehouse
Where's Love Come From
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DALA "I've Just Seen A Face"
DALA Live at me & thee coffeehouse Marblehead MA November 22 2013
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Griffin House "Better Than Love"
Griffin House performs "Better Than Love" live at the me&thee coffeehouse in Marblehead MA on November 8, 2013
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Ipswich MA Train Depot at Rush Hour
Ipswich MA Train Depot at Rush Hour
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DALA perform Dream A Little Dream Of Me at the me & thee coffeehouse in Marblehead MA 11/22/2013
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Three Tall Pines performing Tire Chains
Live at the me & thee coffeehouse
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The Honey Dewdrops
The Honey Dewdrops Live at the me & thee coffeehouse 11/15/2013
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Griffin House & "Colleen"
Griffin House preforms Colleen at me & thee coffeehouse November 8, 2013
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Hiking the Crane Estate in Ipswich Massacuhsetts.
A fine summer's day in Ipswich MA
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My Morning Run
My morning run with a GoPro camera mounted on my head.
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Beaver Tail Slap
Bradley Palmer beaver telling me to leave him alone by slapping his tail.
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Ipswich MA Rush Hour !
Rush hour in downtown Ipswich Massachusetts
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Sandy the squirrel
Sandy feeding during Sandy the hurricane
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Crickets in  May?
Shot this with my Droid 3.
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MVI 3022
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DoorsOpen at 730PM
DoorsOpen at 730PM
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30 second time lapse sunset
30 second time lapse interval sunset
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Beatles Benefit Jun 23 2012
The annual Beatles Benefit at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead on June 23, 2012 The Greg Hawkes Ukulele Trio were the special guests at this year's musical event. Hawkes is one of the founding members of The Cars. Greg is probably best remembered as the synthesizer player for the Cars. He has long appreciated the Beatles as well as the ukulele and has recorded a CD called The Beatles Uke, which includes 15 classic Beatles songs using multi-tracked recordings to create a ukulele orchestra. Hawkes played with bandmates, Tim Mann and Greg Allison at this benefit. The CD is testament to the influence that the Beatles had on Greg and his work with the Cars and all his other musical endeavors over the years. Raised in the south, classical musician turned singer-songwriter Ashley Wells added her talent to the benefit. She has a special combination of rich and captivating vocals, strong melodies, and insightful lyrics when she sings her own songs on her CD Mama's Skirt. Sam Chase, a Berklee School of Music grad was part of this year's show as well. His new CD, Every Time I'm Home, has garnered much critical acclaim; Sam has won numerous music awards and has opened shows for Lori McKenna and Jonathan Edwards among others. It's been said that Patti DeRosa revels in diversity. She's comfortable singing her original contemporary acoustic music which is peppered with soft finger-picking ballads or jazzy grooves, or even an island rhythms and edgy rock. Patti has three CDs which reflect many facets of her talent. She's also known for unique cover songs. Marbleheader Kat Quinn returned for the Beatles benefit. Kat (aka Katherine Feeley) graduated from Marblehead High in 2006 and has recently relocated to New York after a stint in Nashville. She's recently released her first CD, Exhale, which was produced by Carly Simon's long-time musical associate, Peter Calo. She had a successful record release party at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City and also opened for Ari Hest at the me&thee coffeehouse this past spring. Two young Marblehead singers made their Beatles Benefit debut — Addy and Julia. Addy Sleeman and Julia Taliesin have been gaining attention all around the North Shore since their appearance in the "Marblehead's Got Talent" show. It's always interesting to hear young musician's take on classic Beatles tunes and this was no exception. Scrambled Eggs (Mike Birch, Grady Moates, Lin Sprague, and Kevin Wall) have perfected their well-crafted harmonies and spot-on interpretations of Beatles songs. They had such a good time last year that they came back this year to entertain with some selections from the Beatles' Help album. Now you know why they're called Scrambled Eggs — yes, there's a Beatles reference Just added to this year's line-up is Heartsville, a small group who formed after The Grendels toured with Todd Rundgren on part of his Todd/Healing tours in 2010 and 2011. Heartsville is made up of a trio of vocalists who were part of that tour, Kimberly Andersen, Matt Holley, and Dee Dee Miles, along with Rick Pressler (guitars) and Marc Pfeiffer (percussion). In the last year, Heartsville has performed in a variety of venues and opened for The Motels at Newton, NJ. Heartsville focuses on harmony-rich pop/rock music in a variety of styles. This event occurred on Saturday, June 23 at 8:00 p.m. to support the Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead as well as all of these wonderful musicians who have donated their talent and their valuable time on a "gig night" to help with this benefit. Last year the UUCM sponsored an amazing fiddle workshop with Jay Ungar and Molly Mason for many North Shore students. Not only did they get some special time with Ungar and Mason but they got to perform two songs with them on the me&thee stage.
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My Sunday Run In Willowdale State Forest
GoPro camera mounted on my head.
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Garden Movie
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My kind of rush hour ....
Deer at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary
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Hungry Birds 2
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Winter Run in Willowdale State Forest
GoPro head mounted cam run
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Willowdale Winter Run
GoPro Head Cam Run
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Beverly Hospital Parking Lot
Passing the time.......
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Snow Dance !
Snow Dance !
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SunSet ReDo 5 second intervals
SunSet ReDo 5 second intervals
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winter 2013 run
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Winter run finish
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Chickadees and Titmouse (Titmice?) feeding frenzy on my hand
Feeding the birds at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary
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MVI 1497
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Tim O'Brien "Workin on a Building"
Live at me & thee coffeehouse April 5, 2013
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Jeff's Dinner Announcment
Jeff's Dinner Announcment
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SunSet ReDo at 5 second intervals
SunSet ReDo at 5 second intervals
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Hungry Birds
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My Willowdale Run (re-do)
GoPro cam mounted on my head. Music by Senti featuring Jimmy Rosenberg
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ZOË LEWIS performs Eyelashes at me & thee coffeehouse
ZOË LEWIS performs Eyelashes
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Jonathan Edwards at the me & thee coffeehouse
Jonathan Edwards at the me & thee coffeehouse Marblehead MA 9-7-12
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Waving ferns...
Willowdale State Forest ferns giving the "Queens Wave" goodbye to Summer.
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Chuckie's Back In Town....
Chuckie's Back In Town....
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The Stray Birds -- Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor
The Stray Birds -- Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor Live at the me&thee coffeehouse in Marblehead MA
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