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Baritone Metal Guitar - 30" B.C. Rich Bich Baritone Archtop w/ EMG 81 into Amplitube 5150 Model.
First few Riffs from a despair of the Ancients song called Black Absolution. The Baritone Bich has a very long 30" scale tuned to B standard and an EMG 81 in the bridge. This guitar intonates perfectly in B standard, something I've really struggled with, especially while recording. What a relief this guitar is for me - Thanks B.C. Rich! Gear Used: - 30" scale B.C. Rich Bich Baritone tuned B F# D A E B Ernie Ball Plain Steel .011 - .016 Ernie Ball Nickel Wound .020 - .028 - .036 - .050 - Tascam US-1800 audio interface (love this!) - Amplitube 3 6505/5150 and Tubescreamer and and pedal models - Critical Cabs Messiah Impulse
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Perversia - Ringtone
Got a new phone and the ringtones were shitty so I made this little tune so when my phone rings I don't want stab myself in the ears with my car keys so much.
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