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NO DSS The Real Reason Landlords Wont Take Housing Benefit
In our latest edition of property chat, we discuss that little spoken about topic, why landlords are less likely to take housing benefits or DSS applicants when renting out their property in the UK
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New Stamp Duty Rules For Buy To Let Coming In 2016
Discussion about the new stamp duty rules and their impact including actual examples
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How Will Brexit Affect The Property Market Now Article 50 Is Triggered
A video showing historic housing market trends in the UK, and how we see Brexit affecting the market ( data used by Nationwide )
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How To Evict A Tenant Where Deposit Is  Not Registered
This video is to assist you if you have a tenant on an assured shorthold tenancy you wish to evict with a section 21 notice and you either have not registered the deposit or have not given prescribed information to the tenant. We are not lawyers but this works!
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New Section 21 Form & Rules Can Complicate Evictions
New UK Landlord & Tenant Rules since October 2015: The Deregulation Act is catching out many landlords with new requirements to evict tenants.
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Worried about a property survey? This will help you
Explaining property surveys and some of the typical issues which need not deter you from your purchase
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My First Buy To Let - How Much Money Do I Need To Become A Landlord
My First Buy To Let - How Much Money Do I Need To Become A Landlord
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How Much Does It Cost To Buy A £250,000 House As A First Time Buyer
How Much Does It Cost To Buy A £250,000 House As A First Time Buyer
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Why You Should Invest In Norbury SW16
Why #Norbury is a great choice for investors and first time buyers and the London wave.
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How Do I Know If My House Is Priced Correctly For Sale (UK)
A question from a viewer prompts our discussion on selling property in the UK and how to determine if your price is realistic
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Landlord Licensing In Croydon
An update of where we are and our advice for landlords in the borough of Croydon with The Croydon Private Rented Property Licence
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Autumn Budget Statement 2017 Stamp Duty Abolished For First Time Buyers!
The chancellor has made some significant statements on housing including stamp duty
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Liz Reeves Talks To Ken Hume about “The Golden Years” The Betty Wivell Academy Celebrates 50 Years!
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Lettings Legislation, Yet Another Change: Section 8 New Notice
Section 8 notices under the Landlord & Tenant act have been changed, after 1 December the new style notice must be served. If you are evicting your tenant on the grounds of rent arrears, this may affect you.
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Why Do Estate Agents Over Value?
Estate Agents often come up with very high valuations which can result in frustration for the Vendor, here is why
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How much will an extension add to the value of my house (UK)
Here we look at improving vs moving answering a question from a viewer who is trying to decide whether to move or improve
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House Price Predictions For The UK Property Market 2018
Property chat- our house price predictions for 2018 in the UK
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Bitcoin vs Property Investment
Our latest discussion on Bitcoin vs Uk Property Investment here in London
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What Is The Impact Of The Interest Rate Rise  & Brexit On The UK Property Market
Property chat, what has happened with interest rates, the UK property market and their impact on prices
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Time To Sell? Buy To Let Tax Changes 2016
A video discussion of tax changes and thoughts on strategy for buy to let investors answering the question should i buy more property, hold my existing or sell.
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Property Valuations- Our view
Valuing your home is always tricky, here we try and explain why the highest valuation may not be the best
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If you are considering an Apprenticeship in Estate Agency we hope this helps
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Property Auctions & How They Work
An explanation of how property auctions work and what the procedure is to sell via an auction house. Here we cover the likely fees and the difference between guide and reserve pricing.
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Norbury Manor Cheerleader Coaches Chat
The fantastic Norbury Manor Jets cheerleading squad were brought about to encourage self esteem in our young. To bring a sense of pride and inclusion to those with issues such as body image to give a sense of belonging and ownership to all Today they are over 100 strong and supported by children in need.
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Online Estate Agents vs Traditional  & Hybrid
In this video we discuss the key differences between options open to vendors looking to sell in the UK today.
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Guardian Property Expert Panel One Minute Quick Market Update
Our latest contribution in our role as expert panel member for the Guardian.
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House Price Predictions 2017 - Property Chat
What will house prices do in 2017 and what happened in 2016-property chat from James Alexander
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QUICK TIPS How To Choose An Estate Agent When Selling Your Property
Brief video from our quick tips series on the best way to select a good Estate Agent when selling your home.
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Landlord licensing In Croydon
Our views and information on the Licensing scheme for private landlords in Croydon
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Danger!  Tenants Be Careful If You Thinking Of Are Sharing Watch This First
Warning! If you are thinking of renting on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, watch this first, it may change your mind!
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Property Chat, Our  Latest Spring Update On The Property Market in The UK
Our latest property market update for Spring 2016 discussing the new stamp duty tax SDLT2, the UK property market and more.
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Should I Find A New House Before I Sell My Own ?
This video is designed to give you assistance if you are not sure which way around is best, to sell first or buy- a very common problem, this video should help.
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Lettings Update January 2016
An update on Landlord Licensing in Croydon and other legal compliance issues. If you are a Landlord we hope it helps.
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Property Chat, Our  Latest Update On The Property Market
Our latest video discussing all things property, including lettings, sales, lease extensions and more
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Property Chat, Our  Latest Update On The Property Market
Our regular weekly chat about all things in the UK property market, this week covering Europe, 35 year mortgages, clause 24 -the tenant tax and more
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Property Chat, Our  Latest Update On The Property Market
Sales, lettings and management update by South West London Estate Agents James Alexander based in SW16 , property discussion on all things sales, lettings and property for the UK
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Five Things You Need To Know If You Are Renting Out Your Property
If you are considering renting here is a short checklist to help you comply with legislation
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Our regular weekly discussion about the property market
Discussion about the UK property market for selling and renting in the UK with market news and a free giveaway at the end
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Property Chat Latest Update From James Alexander
This week we talk about stamp duty and property prices the current market considering Brexit and the Snap Election
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Housing  Market predictions for 2016
Our views on house prices in 2016
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Property Chat May 2016  Our  Latest Update On The Property Market In SW16
Our latest update on all things relating to the UK property market including the most expensive home on sale in the UK and the new property term 'Twodio'
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Properrty Scandal; Buyer Cheated Out Of £1.3 Million Pounds
This is a shocking story reported in the Daily Mail where an unsuspecting buyer has literally lost a fortune
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Autumn Statement 2016 Property Chat Charges To Tenants Will Be Ilegal
A discussion around the announcements today in the autumn statement and the possible effects.
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Hot Property The Video -A Selection Of Our Latest
Something a bit different, here we list our latest properties for #sale with a brief description of each, let us know what you think
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James Alexander Estate Agents In SW16 On Photography
A discussion regarding photography and Estate Agency in James Alexander covering SW16
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Property Chat presents Our First Time Buyer Help Video
Our newest property chat video on first time buyers and the various schemes available including the new Help To Buy First Time Buyer ISA, Right To Buy and Help To Buy
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Property Chat, Leases an explanation and market update
Leases are a complex subject which can be daunting. Here is an explanation and the latest property market update from London SW16
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Introduction To Our Property Channel
A short trailer explaining what this channel is all about
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Property Chat- Interest Rates and Property News
Our latest UK property chat about the UK property market, interest rates and more from our offices in London SW16
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Property Chat August 2017
Our latest update from James Alexander Estate Agents updating you n the relevant news in the UK property market
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