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Hyper Link the Cat (Adult Swim Interview)
Interview with "Link" the cat. Discusses his preference for Adult Swim programs while watching birds outside.
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What Does The Cat Say?
Two cats in the window appear to be "talking" when asked, "What does the bird say?".
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Prank Call: FAIL - Poof Panties
Two little girls make a prank call and don't let the voicemail stop them. ... Uh ... Would you like to order a ... ? (... a pair of ...) ... a pair of ... (... inflatable pants ...) ... Inflatable Underpants ... They're Called ... POOF Panties! OK, -----, now I wanna ... ... I wanna delete this ... ... How do I delete it? (... you can't ...) (... it already sent it ...) I CAN'T! I'm Sorry! I'm really bad.... I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry.... ... Please don't get mad ... (... stop prank calling ...) Yeah, I'm sorry, whoever this is.
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Feeding Birds In The Backyard
This is what most mornings are like here, it feels bright but cool. You can hear water from the garden and other noises from both nature and the city which isn't very far at all. My foot pops up at one point to show you where the camera is at.
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Jean's Snake At Grandma's House
This snake made it into Granny's house one night and into the guest bedroom, where there was a guest. The snake makes a few strikes - the "broom" is the decorative type, the dowels of the handle are each about the thickness of a pencil.
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Redneck Carwash
Going out in the rain to wash our car.
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Bad Weather
Rare, but it happens, and this isn't even monsoon season yet.
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