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WoW ! Fig trees are growing everywhere!
Up in the mountains of Sparta Greece, and that small village. I visit my wife's grandmother and I saw there figs growing everywhere! I was in Fig heaven
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Wild fig tree growing on the beach of Greece #1
A fig tree that I found growing on the sand of the beach
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Tarnishing for  4 years an American Silver Eagle
I purposely left a Silver Eagle and to Buffalo rounds to tarnish just to see the beauty of it, but I kept noticing that when the Silver Eagle was tarnishing , the rounds were still shining? Hmmm..
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Wild fig tree is growing on the beach AND SAND HOT
Funny video, THE SAND IS HOT!
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90% Junk Silver , Scrap Bullion & Ancient Silver !
Some of my junk silver and some ancient Greek silver coins
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The best Fig in Sparta, Greece
And unknown type that I was given by my cousin's fig tree. That fake is sweet and that has a very intense Fig flavor. It tastes like sweet wild strawberry and dry fig.
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Figs from the mountains of Sparta,Greece
The title says it all
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Silver bullion. Unboxing my first 2oz Silver coins
My first unboxing video. 2×2oz year of the horse and 2×1oz 2013 Somali elephant , and 2×1oz 2014 Somali elephants.
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Ασημένια νομίσματα και ράβδους
Η συλλογή μου από όλο τον κόσμο
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Greek Coin collection
Some old Greek coins
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My Amazing 315oz silver bullion collection
Silver coins from around the world, all in capsules and protected, if you enjoyed this video please subscribe and comment . Thank you
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Unboxing 56oz of silver bullion & 2×5oz Hercules
I was going to by my first 1oz gold coin but when I saw 29¢ over spot and free shipping because I bought the Hercules, I couldn't pass that great deal. Can you please tell me if I did good?
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500oz Silver Full stack
No words just music, enjoy!
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Figs from the mountains of Sparta ,Greece
An unknown type of fig that I came across when I went on vacation. This village was surrounded by fig trees only, and this for you was located in my wife great grandmothers house.
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2015 roll Kookaburra & 3rd Hercules silver bullion
Roll of 2015 kookaburras and the 3rd Hercules round. Also 1/2 Australian lunar year of the goat 2015.
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2 enormous SILVER Bullion COINS
2×10oz semi numismatic silver year of the horse
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How 2 tarnish & how 2 clean tarnish silver bullion
In this video I show how to tarnish your silver bullion to give in antique look and I also show you how to clean your tarnished silver bullion. Important : Never clean semi\ numismatic coin .
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2×2oz lunar goat & 2×10oz kookaburra&Hercules
Unboxing 10oz kookaburras, 10oz lunar year of the horse , 2oz lunar year of the goat , the Hercule round and some bullion
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Fig Trees Growing Everywhere ! Mountains of Sparta
FIG Trees Growing Everywhere! From The Mountains of Sparta,Greece
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Semi Numismatics, Bullion and 2 massive Coins
Silver,silver and more silver
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Silver Bullion Wonderland
Ancient coins vs 90% numismatic coins and they're true value
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