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Fallout 4 Modded Ultra Benchmark Test | Xeon E3 1231 V3 | Sapphire R9 390 OC
*NOTE*: I turned off Godrays because it's unnecessary with an AMD card. just bogs things down. Just went around a few places with my stat modded character with a few mods installed just to show anyone looking into building a similar rig (though I highly recommend holding off on buying a 390, as the 480 is supposed to be out performing it by a fair bit soon enough) will fare on this game. Mod List: AS Vektor True Storms Grasslands - Healthy Armorsmith Extended Enhanced Grass - Medium Specs: ASRock H97 Pro 4 motherboard Intel Xeon e3 1231 v3 CPU @3.4GHz Sapphire Nitro AMD R9 390 ( OC to 1120 MHz Core clock and 1675 MHz memory clock) 16 GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer RAM @1600 MHz CL9 SanDisk 256 GB Ulra Plus SSD WD Blue 1TB HDD All thrown together in an NZXT H440 windowed case (Highly recommend! great to build in, very sleek looking case.)
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Why my montage is taking longer than expected.
I hate my life
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Lefty clip #1
FFA +20 was listening to music when I was playing and I really CBA to edit the audio with that one so it's getting a standalone upload, otherwise it would go into my leftovers montage. But yeh.
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Why my montage is taking so long #2
like 90% sure I did something horrible to someone and this is my karma. This is going to take a long time, guys. Ugh.
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Why my Montage is taking so long #3
At this rate, It's going to be months... R.I.P. WA2K 5 on dream. In the worst way possible. split, then split again by my own death... to a claymore. Oh, btw there was a 6th guy lying down on the other side of that claymore. Kill me.
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First clip for Sane RC!
Can't figure out what is going on with the horrid quality on this clip.
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