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Instagram now shows when users are online, last active status Here’s how it will work
Instagram now shows when users are online, last active status Here’s how it will work. Instagram will now start showing users when their friends are online or were last active on the network in the Direct Messages option. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger also have a similar online/last seen feature and it looks like Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, is now the latest to get this.  However, users will have the option of turning off the feature in Settings as well. To be clear, not all your followers will be able to see as soon as you are online on Instagram. But friends and followers with whom you have exchanged Direct Messages, they will be able see your active status and vice-versa. If you are active on Instagram at a particular moment, then these friends with whom you have direct messages, will see ‘Active Now’ next to your name. Direct Messages as a feature has gained popularity on Instagram, especially after the introduction of Instagram Stories. When a user shares a Daily Story, and a friend posts a reply to this, it is shared as a direct message on the app. The new active now and last active feature is likely aimed at making messaging on the app a more seamless experience. Still, Instagram is giving users the option of turning off the last seen status on the app. For this users can go to settings in the app, and keep scrolling down till you see the “Show activity status.”  Toggle this off and your followers, friends will no longer be able to see your active status.  Instagram explains this setting as the following, “Allow accounts you follow and anyone you message to see when you were last active in Instagram apps. When this is turned off, you won’t be able to see the activity status of other accounts.”
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Alexa can now wake you up with your favorite song
Alexa can now wake you up with your favorite song. Maybe, just maybe, Alexa's new alarms can make you actually enjoy getting up in the morning.  You can finally instruct Amazon's voice assistant to wake you up in the morning with a song of your choice.  SEE ALSO: Canada, meet Amazon Alexa
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Snapchat launches Your 2017 Story retrospective feature
Snapchat launches Your 2017 Story retrospective feature. 2017 is (mercifully) almost over, and the social giants are ever eager to recap your year. For the past few years, Facebook has offered users a “Year In Review” video, and now it’s Snapchat’s turn. Your 2017 Story is pretty much what it sounds like. Snapchat selects Snaps you saved to your Memories throughout 2017, and packages them in a unique story you can save and share with your friends. To access Your 2017 Story, just tap the memories icon. You’ll find it at the top of the “All” tap. If you’re happy with it, you can save and share it. If not, Snapchat says you can edit it, which is great if there’s a relationship (and subsequent break-up) you’d rather not be reminded of, or something to that effect.
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Nokia's new ReefShark chipset aims to deliver big 5G performance boost
Nokia's new ReefShark chipset aims to deliver big 5G performance boost. ReefShark chipsets will begin shipping in the third quarter as plug-in units for Nokia's AirScale baseband module. Mobile network vendor Nokia has announced a new line of chipsets to help operators upgrade networks to support 5G. Nokia says its new 5G ReefShark chipset triples capacity to 84Gbps, up from current chipsets' top speed of 28Gbps. ReefShark chipsets will begin shipping in the third quarter as plug-in units for Nokia's AirScale baseband module. AirScale can be upgraded to 5G with a software update.
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ARM Announces Project Trillium, a New Dedicated AI Processing Family
ARM Announces Project Trillium, a New Dedicated AI Processing Family, AI and machine learning are the hottest topics in computing today. Dozens of companies are attempting to establish themselves in the market, from Google and Amazon to Intel and Nvidia. Now, ARM is throwing its own hat into the ring with its just-unveiled Project Trillium, a new line of processors specifically dedicated to AI. There are three components to the new processor family. The ARM ML (Machine Learning) Processor is a new mobile chip designed for efficient, low-power machine learning workloads.
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2018 could finally be the year Sprint’s network becomes good
2018 could finally be the year Sprint’s network becomes good. Sprint has comfortably occupied the plucky underdog role among wireless carriers for the last five years. Its low prices and cheeky ads are out of necessity, not choice: Sprint’s network finishes in last place in every nationwide network comparison, and while its urban coverage has improved dramatically, it’s still not the network of choice for speed or reliability. But things don’t always have to stay that way, and judging by what we’ve seen so far, it looks like Sprint is on course for a turnaround in 2018. Its innovative Magic Box small cell program is off to a flying start, its corporate overlord is piling in the cash for a network build-out, and the company is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the transition to 5G. Don't Miss: We’re not sure how, but Amazon is selling a Crock-Pot slow cooker for under $10
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Windows PCs could get a big performance slowdown because of a flaw in Intel chips INTC, MSFT
Windows PCs could get a big performance slowdown because of a flaw in Intel chips (INTC, MSFT). Amazon
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Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus memory configurations leaked Report
Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus memory configurations leaked Report. Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus have seen quite a few leaks, especially on China’s Weibo platform. Now, another leak claims to have put out the RAM and storage configurations of the upcoming Samsung flagship smartphones. According to earlier leaks, Samsung was supposed to showcase Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus at CES 2018, but this has not happened. Samsung might just reveal the phones at MWC 2018 in Barcelona, or we could see a March launch timeline for the Galaxy S9 series like with the previous Galaxy S8 smartphones. According to the latest leak posted on Weibo, Samsung Galaxy S9 will come with two options: 4GB RAM and 64GB storage and 4GB RAM with 128GB storage. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus on the other hand, will come with 6GB RAM and three storage variants: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. It also claims Samsung might push a 512GB model of the phone, though this could be temporary and offered only in select markets, claims the Weibo post. SamMobile which has also reported on the leak, says this can be seen as confirmation that Galaxy S9 might not actually end up with the dual rear camera. Previous leaks have claimed Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will get the dual rear camera and not the smaller device. Samsung is expected to stick with the Infinity display on the S9 series. Samsung Galaxy S9 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor in the US, while in India and other international markets, it will come with the company’s own Exynos 9810 processor. Samsung has in the past introduced higher RAM and storage variants for the Galaxy S8 Plus and Note 8 as well, so it might do the same with the Galaxy S9 series.
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SendBird raises $16 million to help developers add messaging features to their apps
SendBird raises $16 million to help developers add messaging features to their apps. SendBird, a company that provides the infrastructure for developers to build messaging and chat services into their apps, has raised $16 million in a series A round of funding led by Shasta Ventures and August Capital, with participation from Y Combinator and FundersClub. Redwood City, California-based SendBird serves up a messaging SDK and chat API that enable mobile apps and websites to offer chat and messaging features. On the surface, the service seems similar to something like Twilio or MessageBird, which also allow developers to integrate communication features into their own apps; however, those two platforms were built more more on a telephony infrastructure that caters to calls and SMS. SendBird, on the other hand, is more about internet protocol (IP) messaging, which offers richer functionality, including easier photo sharing, group chats, and more. A more direct competitor to SendBird would be a startup such as Layer, which raised a $15 million round earlier this year and which claims big-name backers such as Salesforce and Microsoft. Above: SendBird: Examples
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Cancer breakthrough eliminates tumors in mice with simple injection
Cancer breakthrough eliminates tumors in mice with simple injection. Meaningful progress in the battle against cancer can seem hard to come by, but new testing by researchers at Stanford might offer an incredible boost. A novel approach to killing off tumors has shown remarkable promise in mice, and even has the ability to completely clear out the cancer with nothing more than tiny injections of immune-stimulating compounds. Their report on the testing and progress of the cancer-fighting breakthrough was published in Science Translational Medicine. The new approach is a rather straightforward form of immunotherapy (using the body’s own disease-fighting power to battle cancers), and it sounds almost too good to be true. By injecting two distinct immune-bolstering agents directly into the tumor itself, the cancer is effectively eradicated. The technique isn’t just fast, but it’s also incredibly thorough and can even wipe out tumors that have begun to grow in other parts of the subject’s body, far away from the primary tumor which has been treated. Don't Miss: Forget the SNES Classic, this $34 box plays every NES and SNES game ever
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Amazon reveals what its lobbyist is doing in Atlanta — and it has nothing to do with its new
Amazon reveals what its lobbyist is doing in Atlanta — and it has nothing to do with its new headquarters (AMZN). The registration of an Amazon lobbyist in Georgia spurred speculation that the company could house its new headquarters in the state ESB Professional/Shutterstock
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Apple plans to pay $38 billion in US taxes to bring overseas cash home
Apple plans to pay $38 billion in US taxes to bring overseas cash home. Apple announced on Wednesday that it would pay $38 billion in taxes to the federal government as it brings cash earned overseas into the United States. The big payment is the result of President Donald Trump's tax cut bill, passed last month, which created a new, special tax rate for repatriated earnings. Apple is likely to be the biggest beneficiary of that provision. The American company had around $250 billion in cash and other short-term assets held by overseas affiliates. Under previous tax law, Apple would have had to pay a tax of 35 percent in order to bring overseas cash back to the United States. Under the new law, that rate is cut to 15.5 percent, saving Apple tens of billions of dollars compared to what it would have paid to bring the cash home in 2017. Apple says it expects to invest $30 billion in the United States over the next five years, though the company didn't say how much of that represented an increase over previous investment plans. $10 billion of that will be in data centers in the US. Apple says it plans to add 20,000 American jobs in addition to the 84,000 people it already employs in the United States. The company is also expanding its advanced manufacturing fund, which supports US manufacturing activities, from $1 billion to $5 billion.
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Goo gle India launches #SecurityCheckKiya campaign to protect data, devices
Goo.gle India launches #SecurityCheckKiya campaign to protect data, devices, To create awareness around Internet safety, Google India on Monday launched a public initiative “#SecurityCheckKiya” to protect young and first-time web users from account hijacking, safeguard Android devices from malicious apps and secure all their personal data if they lose their device. With a large base of unsuspecting first time Internet users now coming online through easy access modes but lacking technical literacy, Indian users are increasingly vulnerable to bad actors and abuse on the web, the company said in a statement. “Just like in the physical world, users in India should take precautions while engaging with the online world. While security is built into all of Google services, keeping the web safe for everyone is a shared responsibility,” said Sunita Mohanty, Director, Trust and Safety. Google will make this information available on its homepage http://www.google.co.in, encouraging users to take the first step of Security Check on Safer Internet Day which will be celebrated on February 6. “Through our initiative, we want to nudge Internet users to take action to safeguard themselves, because the first step to a safer Internet starts with them. We are asking users to get started on their journey by securing their data and devices by asking them #SecurityCheckKiya”, Mohanty added.
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Verizon has matched T Mobile’s k iller iPhone X deal
Verizon has matched T-Mobile’s k.iller iPhone X deal. For the first two months that it was on sale, you were lucky if you could even find an iPhone X in stock, let alone a deal on one. But earlier this month, T-Mobile broke down and offered the first deal on the iPhone X: Buy one, get $700 off the second. It’s a killer deal for T-Mobile subscribers, and clearly, Verizon wasn’t going to take this lying down. Starting Monday, Verizon will offer a shockingly similar deal. Buy a new iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus, and you’ll get $699 off a second device. There are a few strings attached — Verizon’s rebate comes as bill credits, whereas T-Mobile offers a prepaid MasterCard — but if you’re a Verizon customer in need of a new phone, it’s hard to complain about this offer. Don't Miss: How could you not spend $37 on a box that’ll save you $120 a year on your cable bill?
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Don't panic about the new 'Prime' Meltdown and Spectre CPU exploits
Don't panic about the new 'Prime' Meltdown and Spectre CPU exploits, The news sounds bad at first blush: Researchers from Nvidia and Princeton University have discovered fresh ways to exploit the Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities present in every modern computer processor. But while the new MeltdownPrime and SpectrePrime attacks prove that the initial exploits aren’t necessarily the only way to trigger the vulnerabilities lurking inside chips, everyday computer users shouldn’t freak out about them. The new vulnerabilities pit the multiple CPU cores inside modern processors against each other and take advantage of the way memory cache access works in multi-core systems. The Register’s synopsis and the research paper have more in-depth technical details if you want them. Like Meltdown and Spectre, a successful attack can extract sensitive information, including passwords. Now for the good news: The researchers didn’t release exploit code for MeltdownPrime and SpectrePrime. Better yet, the patches already planned for Meltdown and Spectre should protect against these new variants, too. All major operating systems released Meltdown protections as soon as the exploits were announced, Intel is starting to roll out CPU firmware updates after a disastrous first attempt, and industry leaders are tweaking compilers and how code is handled to harden other software against Spectre.
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The Army expects to roll out a new targeting system that can turn artillery into a 'giant
The Army expects to roll out a new targeting system that can turn artillery into a 'giant sniper rifle' this year. Soldiers from the 8th Field Artillery Regiment detect, recognize, and identify a target using the Joint Effects Targeting System Target Laser Designation System.
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Alibaba backed online lender MYbank owes cost savings to home made tech
Alibaba-backed online lender MYbank owes cost-savings to home-made tech. HANGZHOU, China (Reuters) - It has no physical branches or expensive foreign software, and uses cloud technology to cut back on the hardware it needs to serve borrowers. MYbank, a Chinese online lender that is an offshoot of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, has built its business on doing things cheaply. The bank says it can deliver loans to borrowers across China at lightning speeds for up to 1,000 times less than it would cost brick-and-mortar banks to do so. MYbank expects double-digit increases in all growth measures in 2017 due to lower costs enabled by technology, the bank’s president, Huang Hao, said in an interview at his office in Hangzhou, in the eastern province of Zhejiang.
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To Save Our Infrastructure, Make Every Road a Toll Road
To Save Our Infrastructure, Make Every Road a Toll Road, Few things exemplify the United States’ disconnect between personal freedom and collective responsibility like our automobile habit. Drivers travel at will, as long as they have money for gas and road snacks. But what they pay for that privilege, in the form of gas and other taxes, doesn’t come close to covering the costs of maintaining the roads on which they travel—let alone recoup all the productivity lost in congestion and the damage that tailpipe emissions do to our health. Compared to what society pays, driving is practically a free ride. Transportation economists have long sought to make drivers pay their fair share without raising the federal gas tax—a political nonstarter. In recent decades, a broad swath of experts has settled on an idea with the potential to fix the three big problems that come with cars: road damage, congestion, and pollution. The answer? Charge ‘em by the mile. It’s not too crazy to think some version of this might happen. The Highway Fund, meant to provide for road maintenance, is perpetually broke, because its current funding mechanisms are broken. Many states have studied, and some have even tried, what are known as Vehicle Miles Traveled taxes. It just sounds fair. But if the feds ever take the idea national, you can bet it won’t be as ideal as the one I’m about to describe.
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4 ways Amazon Berkshire JPMorgan deal could shake up health care
4 ways Amazon-Berkshire-JPMorgan deal could shake up health care. A budding alliance of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase could eventually deliver savings and better health care for patients while also posing a serious threat to medical companies that are reaping big profits off of the status quo. With business titans Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon joining forces, for-profit health care companies ranging from insurers to drugmakers to pharmacy benefit managers are facing a potentially seismic shift in the marketplace. The announcement sets up a high-stakes showdown between the world's most powerful health care companies and a group that includes two of the world's three richest people, Amazon CEO Bezos and Berkshire CEO Buffett, as well as one of its most powerful financial executives, JPMorgan CEO Dimon. More: Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Chase to tackle employee health care costs, delivery
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Lay down some beats with the Onyx Studio 4 Bluetooth speaker that's on super sale
Lay down some beats with the Onyx Studio 4 Bluetooth speaker that's on super sale. Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. There's an awesome sale on this portable speaker that you won't want to miss. The harman/kardon Onyx Studio 4 Bluetooth speaker is normally $450, but you can get it now for just $130. According to the product page, this speaker delivers a deep bass and crisp sound that's powerful enough to fill a room. It can play for eight hours on a single charge and it's compatible with any Bluetooth device. It's also portable enough to slip into your bag in case you're providing the tunes for your next party. Image: harmon/kardon
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Goo gle might finally make its messaging app more like Apple's iMessage
Goo.gle might finally make its messaging app more like Apple's iMessage, Google might finally be bringing its default messaging app on Android up to speed with Apple's iMessage. No, the green bubbles (sadly) won't be going away, but Android users may soon have a way to exchange messages via their web browsers. SEE ALSO: Making GIFs just got way easier thanks to Google's keyboard app
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IBM lawsuit casts diversity in starkly competitive terms
IBM lawsuit casts diversity in starkly competitive terms, (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp’s insistence in a new lawsuit that its efforts to recruit and maintain a diverse workforce are trade secrets bucks a trend towards transparency and highlights how companies can see the issue in competitive terms, business and legal experts said. Armonk, New York-based IBM on Monday sued its former chief diversity officer, Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, who left for a similar job at Microsoft Corp. The lawsuit alleges McIntyre violated a one-year non-competition agreement and could disclose IBM’s diversity data and hiring plans. IBM’s stance puts it at odds with trends in the tech industry and broader corporate world towards sharing diversity success stories and best practices, instead seeming to view diversity as a zero-sum game.
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Android Oreo update rolling out to the Huawei Mate 9 in the US
Android Oreo update rolling out to the Huawei Mate 9 in the US. U.S. wireless carriers might have given Huawei and its flagship Mate 10 the cold shoulder, but Mate 9 owners can still rejoice in the goodness that is Android 8.0 Oreo. Earlier today, Droid Life spotted that the cookie-branded update is rolling out to models MHA-L29 and MHA-L09. The former is the one sold in the U.S. through Best Buy and other retailers, though both models are the international variants.
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Goo gle's new app has a questionable purpose Letting anyone be a reporter
Goo.gle's new app has a questionable purpose Letting anyone be a reporter. Google has announced a new app, "Bulletin," that it says is specifically designed to let anyone contribute "hyperlocal stories" about their community, such as someone spotting a car accident or smoldering, dry brush.  But Bulletin isn't available to everyone just yet. In fact, it's quite limited. Google says the app will first run as a "pilot project" in Nashville, Tennessee and Oakland, California. Those interested in using the app can apply for access from Google on the Bulletin site. SEE ALSO: Google Chrome just fixed the worst thing about the internet Google seems to recognize the somewhat delicate reality of anyone being able to share news (or bogus information) to others — which is one obvious reason for the careful rollout.
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Gfycat integrates user generated GIFs on Tango, Messenger, and Viber
Gfycat integrates user-generated GIFs on Tango, Messenger, and Viber. Gfycat has integrated its user-generated GIF platform across three different messaging platforms. It now supports Viber, Tango, and Facebook — all in the name of enabling us to share silly images with our friends. The integrations have brought Gfycat’s content to millions of new users. The company sees the move as a way to turn consumers into creators. GIFs are those silly animated images associated with internet memes and recorded in graphics interchange format, or GIF. Gfycat supports more than 100 languages and 135 countries. It remembers the country where a GIF is created and saves the language settings of the creator, so users will see custom content that is relevant to their region. With Viber, Gfycat has focused on the speed and high-quality nature of the platform. So Gfycat has enabled HD GIFs, with video quality of millions of colors and speeds that are 10 times to 20 times faster than traditional GIFs. Messenger platforms have improved color fidelity from the old days of SMS. Users expect better quality content on their newest iPhone X, Samsung 8, or Pixel 2 phones and yet expect their messages, whether text or media, to be delivered in near real time. Gfycat’s HD GIFs help them achieve both of these objectives. “There is tremendous value in having Gfycat’s visual images included in chat where users can share GIFs at the touch of a button, and have an extensive selection of GIFs at their disposal,” said Cristina Constandache, vice president of global partnerships at Viber, in a statement. “It’s a very fun and inclusive way to engage others within chat that works incredibly well on Viber.”
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Is your iPhone b attery causing your smartphone to run slowly Heres what to do
Is your iPhone b.attery causing your smartphone to run slowly Heres what to do. Apple has now apologized for slowing down older iPhones as their batteries age, which could lead you to ask, "What does this mean to me and my iPhone?" The device maker says it has been using software updates to help prolong the life of batteries in several models including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The fix helped "avoid unexpected shutdowns" and protected the phones, Apple says, but also caused some phones to take longer to launch apps and do other functions. As awareness of the slowdown spread, some consumers filed lawsuits charging the Cupertino, Calif. tech company with deliberately sabotaging older smartphones to prompt new sales. If your iPhone seems slow, buying a new one isn't your only option. You could instead replace the battery. To appease customers Apple is lowering the price of replacement batteries for iPhone 6 models or later from $79 to $29, starting in late January and through 2018.
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LastPa ss’ Authenticator app might not be as secure as you think
LastPa.ss’ Authenticator app might not be as secure as you think. For those of you using LastPass as your password manager of choice, you’ve probably heard of or used the company’s Authenticator app. Released last year, LastPass Authenticator introduces two-factor authentication to your LastPass account and other supported applications. As useful as the app is, it appears that there is a glaring security hole that bypasses any fingerprint or PIN authentication you have in place.
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Why Apple’s 6 1 inch iPhone will help shatter all existing iPhone sales records
Why Apple’s 6.1-inch iPhone will help shatter all existing iPhone sales records, By all accounts, the iPhone X was supposed to usher in a super cycle of iPhone upgrades. The reality, though, was slightly different. Though the iPhone X sold incredibly well last quarter, year-over-year iPhone sales fell by about 1 million units. Of course, it’s worth noting that Apple’s most recent holiday quarter was 13 weeks long, as opposed to the 14 week quarter Apple enjoyed during last year’s holiday quarter. As we detailed last week, if Apple’s December quarter included an extra week, iPhone sales could have easily checked in at 83 million units. Without question, demand for the iPhone X remains strong, as evidenced by the iPhone ASP increasing dramatically year over year. Consumers are clearly loving Face ID and the controversy surrounding the notch has all but evaporated at this point. At the same time, the iPhone X’s $999 price point likely prompted some prospective buyers to either opt for the iPhone 8 or put off upgrading until a later date.
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Twitter shares dip on departure of COO Anthony Noto
Twitter shares dip on departure of COO Anthony Noto.   Twitter's chief operating officer Anthony Noto is leaving the social media network to become CEO at personal finance company Social Finance. The San Francisco-based online personal finance startup, known as SoFi, announced Noto would become CEO on March 1. Noto had been Twitter's COO since November 2016; he joined Twitter in July 2014 as its chief financial officer. “We are simply thrilled to have found someone of Anthony’s expertise and knowledge to lead SoFi,” said interim CEO Tom Hutton, who also has been serving as SoFi's executive chairman. “The SoFi board unanimously agrees that Anthony’s deep understanding of technology, consumer, and financial businesses make him the perfect fit to be SoFi’s CEO.”
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Lithium ion pioneer says autonomous cars need tougher b atteries
Lithium-ion pioneer says autonomous cars need tougher b.atteries. Battery makers must rethink their technology if predictions for a wave of self-driving vehicles pan out, according to one of the inventors of the lithium-ion battery. In addition to focusing on making batteries more powerful to extend the driving range of single-owner cars, manufacturers will also need to develop devices that can withstand the rigors of near-constant driving and short-range trips from the shared use expected of autonomous vehicles, said Akira Yoshino, who invented a prototype of the lithium-ion battery in 1985. “A car shared by 10 people means it will be running 10 times more,” Yoshino, an honorary fellow at Asahi Kasei Corp, the world’s biggest maker of separators used in batteries, said in an interview at the company headquarters in Tokyo. “Durability will become very important.” While producers should still focus on improving energy density and lowering costs, they will also need to create batteries using materials that can better withstand constant expansion and contraction, Yoshino said. The task becomes easier if there’s less need to simultaneously boost energy density, which is the biggest factor for driving range, he said. Lithium titanate, for example, can be used in the anode of the battery, where carbon is used commonly now.
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Nintendo Switch was No  1 in December, but Xbox One outsold PS4
Nintendo Switch was No. 1 in December, but Xbox One outsold PS4. The Nintendo Switch was the No.-1-selling game console in December, but Microsoft’s Xbox One family of consoles outsold Sony’s PlayStation 4, according to market researcher NPD Group. It’s no surprise that Microsoft could beat Sony in December, as Microsoft launched its Xbox One X console in November and Sony didn’t have any new hardware. But it was a rare piece of good news for Microsoft, as Sony’s PS4 has outsold the Xbox One by two-to-one in this generation. Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox marketing at Microsoft, sent out a celebratory tweet. Was trying to just thank folks for supporting us and the incredible success following the launch of Xbox One X. But yes Xbox outsold PS4 in December for Gen 8 consoles according to NPD data, while Nintendo also had a great month as Switch had most overall units.
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Mission critical system alert 40 year old OpenVMS hit by exploitable bug
Mission-critical system alert 40-year-old OpenVMS hit by exploitable bug, The decades-old OpenVMS operating system is known for its reliability and has historically been used for core business systems. A patch is available for a privilege-escalation flaw affecting the 40-year-old OpenVMS operating system on hardware powered by ancient VAX and Alpha processors from Digital Equipment Corporation. The OS, which has been supported by HP, is known for its reliability and has historically been used for core business systems that require high availability, including nuclear power plants and process-control systems.
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Texas Instruments' revenue growth slowdown rattles investors
Texas Instruments' revenue growth slowdown rattles investors. (Reuters) - Texas Instruments Inc (TXN.O) on Tuesday posted the slowest revenue growth in four quarters, disappointing investors who were expecting demand for the company’s automotive chips to drive strong results. Shares of the Dallas-based company fell 6.6 percent in after-hours trading on Tuesday after TI’s earnings also failed to exceed Wall Street expectations for the first time in at least two years. Investors also reacted to a tepid forecast for current-quarter revenue. TI’s revenue rose nearly 10 percent in the fourth quarter but growth is expected to slow down to about 7 percent in the quarter ending March, based on the mid-point of the company’s forecast.
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The rest of the NFL playoffs will  on Yahoo's sports app
The rest of the NFL playoffs will on Yahoo's sports app. If you're an NFL fan planning on being out and about this coming weekend or maybe just stuck in a situation where you can't get to a television, there's good news: Yahoo will stream all four playoff games of the NFL's Divisional Round. SEE ALSO: Elated Buffalo Bills fans shower another team's quarterback with donations Tim Armstrong, CEO of Yahoo parent company Oath, made the announcement on Tuesday, telling CNBC, "Consumers in the U.S. will be able to watch all four playoff games with one click on the Yahoo Sports app." It's all thanks to Verizon's new deal with the NFL, announced back in December, that will enable the company to stream the games on mobile devices with no exclusivity, meaning you'll be able to watch the games no matter who your carrier is.
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Astronomers just spotted bizarre holes on the Moon that might reveal hidden tunnels
Astronomers just spotted bizarre holes on the Moon that might reveal hidden tunnels. The Moon is our closest neighbor and we’ve learned a lot about it over the past century or so. We’ve studied it, mapped it, and even visited it on more than one occasion, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a few surprises in store for us. A new research effort has uncovered one of those mysteries in the form of large holes in the lunar surface near the Moon’s north pole, and scientists believe they might hint at a huge subsurface tunnel network. The bizarre holes were spotted by researchers working with the SETI Institute and Mars Institute, both of which used imagery from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to identify the gaps in the Moon’s dusty surface. Don't Miss: The Nest Thermostat pays for itself even faster now that it’s discounted on Amazon
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MoviePa ss blocks access to select AMC theaters
MoviePa.ss blocks access to select AMC theaters. MoviePass exploded in popularity over the holidays, reaching over one million concurrent subscribers in December. With a $9.95 monthly subscription fee, that adds up to be a pretty nice chunk of change for the company. For the unaware, MoviePass is a service that allows subscribers to watch as many movies as they'd like in theaters for a single monthly fee, making it ideal for weekly or even daily moviegoers. There's only two caveats of note: you can't see the same movie twice and you can only watch one movie per day. Due to MoviePass' recently popularity surge, the company has struggled to keep up with demand for their service. To help offset some of their growing costs, the company has announced plans to invest in film creation to boost revenue. Theater executives have come out against the service, calling it "unsustainable." This belief might prove true if MoviePass' latest decision is anything to go by - many MoviePass subscribers have reportedly found that their service debit cards no longer work at a "small handful" of AMC theaters, including some of the most popular locations.
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Maverick Capital, a $10 5 billion hedge fund, is betting big that the smartphone market has
Maverick Capital, a $10.5 billion hedge fund, is betting big that the smartphone market has 'hit a tipping point', Craig Barritt/Getty Images
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Get some media player nostalgia with this web version of Winamp
Get some media player nostalgia with this web version of Winamp, Nestled along Age of Empires II and some sort of cracked antivirus, many computers in the early-2000s were also home to Winamp. The freeware media player which "really whips the llama's ass" clocked up more than 60 million users by 2001, well before the likes of iTunes or VLC player made any sort of dent in our music-listening habits. SEE ALSO: Reviewers love HomePod's loud, bass-y sound, but hate how dumb Siri is
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Energous WattUp Hands on Over the Air Wireless Charging Wows
Energous WattUp Hands-on Over-the-Air Wireless Charging Wows. LAS VEGAS - It’s the rare sort of tech demo that both wows the geek in you and from a practical standpoint has the potential to make life a heck of a lot easier for everyone. Energous did that here at CES 2018 with WattUp. Tom’s Guide caught up with this ambitious company, which recently received FCC approval, to get a first look at how it’s first over-the-air, power-at-distance wireless charging works — and it’s impressive tech indeed. First, I saw how a WattUp Mid Field transmitter embedded in an all-in-one PC could transmit power to multiple devices at up to 3 feet. In this case, it was a mouse and keyboard that were receiving power via built-in receiver. WattUp technology is clever enough to switch between multiple gadgets to they’re always topped off.
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Goo gle’s Arts & Culture app only offers art matching selfie feature to a select few
Goo.gle’s Arts & Culture app only offers art-matching selfie feature to a select few. If you’re interested in the recent update to Google’s Arts and Culture app, which uses machine learning to match your selfie to a lookalike in an extensive library of classic art, you’d better hope you’re in the right place. Though the update is several weeks old by this point, it finally seeped into public view by way of several tweets from celebrities who showed their artistic doppelgangers. This google arts and culture app is pretty amazing. Feel real strong about my 40% 😳 pic.twitter.com/2iyexRkUG5 — pw (@petewentz) January 14, 2018
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T Mobile’s Valentine Day deals just went live, and there’s a deep discount on the Apple
T-Mobile’s Valentine Day deals just went live, and there’s a deep discount on the Apple Watch Series 3, Valentine’s Day might originally have been a holiday designed to sell restaurant reservations and abnormally large numbers of out-of-season flowers, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming another stop along the annual journal of seasonal sales. T-Mobile is joining the fun this year with a handful of new deals, and the best one is this buy-one-get-one-half-price on the Apple Watch Series 3. The deal is pretty straightforward: Buy two Apple Watch Series 3 devices on T-Mobile, and you get the second one for half price. Unlike smartphone deals, there aren’t a ton of terms and conditions attached; it’s just a straightforward discount on a device that doesn’t often see sales.
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LED bulbs reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than half a billion tons in 2017
LED bulbs reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than half a billion tons in 2017. Adoption of LEDs, short for light-emitting diodes, is having a tremendously positive impact on the environment. According to a recent report from IHS Markit, LEDs used to illuminate buildings and outdoor spaces reduced total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by an estimated 570 million tons in 2017. That equates to reducing the global carbon (CO2e) footprint by an estimated 1.5 percent, we’re told. To put it into further perspective, the analytics firm notes that the reduction is equivalent to shutting down 162 coal-fired power plants. On average, LED lighting uses 40 percent less power than fluorescent solutions and 80 percent less than incandescent bulbs while producing the same amount of light. As Jamie Fox, principal analyst of the lighting and LEDs group at IHS Markit, highlights, the efficiency of LEDs is essentially what makes them environmentally friendly.
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Kimbal Musk — Elon’s brother — is leading a $25 million mission to fix food in schools
Kimbal Musk — Elon’s brother — is leading a $25 million mission to fix food in schools across the US. A learning garden from Kimbal Musk's food startup Big Green. Courtesy of The
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Tidal will be free to try for 12 days starting on Christmas
Tidal will be free to try for 12 days starting on Christmas. Tidal is ringing in the New Year the right way. The streaming music provider on Friday announced it will be offering a 12-day free trial of its Hi-Fi and Premium tiers beginning December 25, 2017, and running through January 5, 2018. Free trial offers aren’t typically newsworthy. In fact, you can score a free 30-day trial of Tidal as we speak. What’s different about Tidal’s upcoming offer, however, is the fact that you’ll only need to submit an e-mail address to qualify – no credit card required. Most trial offers request a valid credit card so they can charge you for the service when you forget to cancel. As part of Tidal’s free trial, users will have access to the full platform via the web and on mobile devices.
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There’s a $48 home s ecurity camera has the best feature from the $300 Nest Cam IQ
There’s a $48 home s.ecurity camera has the best feature from the $300 Nest Cam IQ. The Nest Cam IQ home security camera is fantastic. Paying $300 for a single camera, however, is not fantastic. If you’re looking for a more affordable option that still has the cool facial recognition features from the Nest Cam IQ, definitely check out the Lynx Indoor 1080P Wifi Home Security Camera. It has all the features you’d expect from a typical camera, but it also has facial recognition so you can configure notifications for certain family members or an alarm when someone is in your home who isn’t recognized. It’s also on sale right now for just $48 so definitely check it out. Here are some key details from the product page:
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Deal Moto Z Play for $269 99 $180 off and other Moto phones at B&H
Deal Moto Z Play for $269.99 ($180 off) and other Moto phones at B&H. If you didn’t find a new smartphone under the Christmas tree, but are still on the hunt for one, you might want to check out this year-end sale from B&H. The retailer has slashed the price of a range of Lenovo Moto phones , including some of the most popular devices in the series. The budget-oriented Moto G series is the subject of the brunt of the offers, with the G4, G4 Plus, and G5S Plus devices all getting decent discounts. What’s even better, however, is that in addition to the listed discount on the site you can also simply tap the coupon button (above the “quantity” indicator on the right-hand side of the page) to receive a further $25 discount — no questions asked. Though that additional $25 coupon doesn’t apply to the Moto Z Play, this still might possibly be the best deal among them. This has a $449.99 RRP, and even on Amazon comes in at $348.99 right now, so the current $269.99 asking price on B&H makes it a steal.
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Huawei will bring RCS to its smartphones via Android Messages
Huawei will bring RCS to its smartphones via Android Messages. Google’s push for Rich Communication Services (RCS) dates back a couple of years, but adoption has been slow. RCS allows users to send high-quality pictures, participate in group chats, location sharing, and video calling. Other services like WhatsApp, Hangouts, and Kik provide features like this, but wouldn’t it be great if your default messaging app could too? Huawei apparently agrees because it’s teaming up with Google to push RCS. The companies announced today that all Huawei phones going forward will include Android Messages as the default messaging app. Android Messages supports Jibe, Google’s RCS hub, by default. Having that default support built into the app makes it easier for carriers to support the standard. Other companies like Samsung are also pushing RCS, but have built their own RCS hub to do so.
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Verizon Hikes Protection Plan Premiums, Cuts Deductibles
Verizon Hikes Protection-Plan Premiums, Cuts Deductibles. Verizon customers who subscrib to the carrier's Total Mobile Protection plan will see a bit of a price hike beginning in the spring. The company has announced it will raise monthly premiums for the service from $11 to $13. However, that increase does come with cheaper deductibles across the board. Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images Those who do need to file a claim for a lost, stolen or damaged phone will save some cash. Previously, deductibles were priced at $199, $149 and $99, depending on the device. Handsets such as the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8, for example, fell into the most expensive tier, while the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 came in at $149. Under the new structure, the $199 and $149 deductibles have been slashed by $50 and $60, to $149 and $89, respectively, while the formerly $99 deductible for low-end phones has also been reduced to $89. Verizon,Hikes,Protection-Plan,Premiums,,Cuts,Deductibles,Verizon Hikes Protection-Plan Premiums, Cuts Deductibles
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Now you know what Control Center's Wi Fi and Bluetooth buttons really do
Now you know what Control Center's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons really do. When Apple released iOS 11 with a redesigned Control Center in September, they also quietly made a change to how the shortcut buttons for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth worked. On iOS 10 and earlier, tapping them turned these wireless connections completely on and off. But on iOS 11, it merely disconnected your devices temporarily, while still allowing features like AirPlay and AirDrop to work. Apple hasn't changed how the buttons work back to the old way, but at least it's more clear what's happening on iOS 11.2. SEE ALSO: 5 easy tricks to help you free up storage space on your iPhone
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Uber sells its leasing business to startup Fair
Uber sells its leasing business to startup Fair.com. SAN FRANCISCO  — Uber announced Tuesday that it is selling its car-leasing subsidiary to Santa Monica-based tech startup Fair.com. The move allows Uber to concentrate on its core business while still offering drivers without cars the ability to lease a vehicle for a month or more in order to drive for the ride-hailing company. Fair.com, which launched in Los Angeles in August and earlier this month expanded to San Diego and San Francisco, will acquire the active lease portfolio of Uber's XChange Leasing through a combination of equity and debt secured during its latest funding round, the company said in a statement. More: Uber enlists its drivers in the fight against sex trafficking with new national campaign
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