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Direct links to download file in blogger form google drive
how to make files download in blogger,-coderambo https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id= copy this link and past on blogger, how to upload files and link to download so that users can download file form your blog. you can find more with details on - http://www.coderambo.com/2016/04/how-to-put-direct-download-link-for-files-in-blogger.html embed you files on blogger and links that make your google drive files direct download in there pc. this code will help you to download your files directly form google drive in blogger.
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HOW To Change Font Size and Font Colour in Blogger template
In this video you will learn how to change the font size and font colour in the blogger in a custom design . This change in font will make your blogger blog look good as per your need you can change the color and font size in your blogger template.
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How to Show pdf/word file in blogger post
This is the easy way to show you'r pdf word file in your blogger blog post. this video will help you bloggers to upload or embed the files in google drive that you have shared on public will show on your blog post.
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How to Upload Pdf File To Blogger
Upload your PDF file to blogger blog easy and fast way to upload your PDF file to your blogger How to embed PDF in Blogger blog by Google drive.
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How To Download Cbse And Icse Question Paper
how to download cbse question paper, how to download icse question paper you can download it free in www.10yearsquestionpaper.com
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SEO TIPS AND TRICKS : How to Submit Website URL to Google Search Engine
How we can improve the search engine result for our blog and website, here blogger will learn how to Submit or add website or blog url to google search engine, by adding the your blog post url to google search webmasters your blog can rank top on google search result. If you submit the url of your website to google webmasters tool then you are going to google to show what content you have on your website/ blog if the content of your website is good your blog will rank top in the google search result. you https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url
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SEO TIPS AND TRICKS : How to Optimize Image for SEO
How we can improve the search engine result for our blog and website, here blogger will learn how to optimize the image of the blog post for the better SEO (Search engine optimization) this will help your blog post to rank higher in google and other Search engine, image is also the important key factor of top in the google search engine, so in this video we will learn to optimize image step by step in very easy process with the life example how i rank top in the google.
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