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JulieG713 Birthday Video and tribute.
JulieG Has taught me so much makeup and inspired me in every way possible. Her personality is so bubbly and nice. She lightens me up when I'm in a bad mood. You were the one who inpired me to make a makeup channel. I Love your Fashion Fridays, makeup and nail tutorials. Thankyou Julie for being SUCH an inspiration. You are a true icon. I First noticed u when i was OBSESSED with nail art. Lol. =P You were so fun and bubbly. It would really make my day if u watch this video. Music : Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
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My Top 5 Gurus on YouTube.
I Had to wirte "Hope You enjoy". I Wrote "your" =P Sorry guys, I'm human!! =P This is video on my top 5 gurus on YouTube. I Know, i know, I've written in the channel description that I'll post makeup tutorials and stuff but this is just a little warm up I Guess. =P Stay up for the vidoes though!
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My Video 8/8/11
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