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DJI SPARK Practice Cinematography - Frosty Morning
Practicing some basic and some more complex manoeuvres with the DJI Spark drone to attempt to capture some cinematic shots. It was a beautiful clear frosty morning. Like and Subscribe for more like this!
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Ben Marsh - The Chain by Fleetwood Mac
Cover of Fleetwood Mac's The Chain from the album 'Rumours'. Recorded on a 1996 Fender Stratocaster through a Fender Blues Jr and Vox VT15 on the Marshall setting.. Pedals were JHF1 Mini Fuzz Face and Boss DD-7 Digital Delay. A Boss RC-30 Loop Pedal helped with the solo.
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Boyce 'Yellow'
Mr Boyse singing Coldplay's 'Yellow' at the final assembly at Wimbledon College for the class of 2009.
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The Beatles - The End Solo
My Cover of the solo from The End by the Beatles of the album Abbey Road Rigs: Rhythm Guitar: IBJL Epiphone Casino EHX Soul Food (less drive) Fender Blues Junior Lead Guitar: Pauls Sections: Gibson Les Paul Traditional (Lightburst) EHX Soul Food (All the drive) Fender Blues Junior George's Sections: Fender American Standard Stratocaster (Sonic Blue, Channel Bound) EHX Soul Food Fender Blues Junior John's Sections: IBJL Epiphone Casino Dunlop FFM3 Jimi Hendrix Mini Fuzz Face (filthy) Fender Blues Junior
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Ben Marsh - Here Comes The Sun cover (The Beatles)
Backing played on a Gibson Les Paul through a Fender Eighty Five amplifier using a Boss RC30 loop pedal.
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Ben Marsh - Auld Lang Syne/Amazing Grace mashup
With added improv
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Paul McCartney: Something - On The Run Tour - O2 Arena 05.12.11
Paul McCartney: On the Run Tour O2 Arena, 5th December 2011 Paul dedicates a touching version of Something to George Harrison by playing the first half on a Ukulele, as George was "a rather good Ukulele player". He apparently "liked George Formby". Then the band kicks in and finishes the song in true form.
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Paul McCartney: Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da - On The Run Tour - O2 Arena 05.12.11
Paul McCartney: On the Run Tour O2 Arena, 5th December 2011 A fun singalong version of the classic bouncy pop song.
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Money for Nothing intro
A badly hashed together intro for this song I learned today.
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I've got a new Camera: DJI SPARK - First Flight
Vlog. My first flight of my new DJI Spark, I'm overwhelmed by how effortless it is. Music is from DJImusic.net
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Ben Marsh - Improvisation
Playing around with my loop pedal, trying some riffs and experimenting with some Middle Eastern Scales, with varying success.
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Eric Clapton  16. Cocaine
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Ben Marsh - Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel cover
Cover of Simon & Garfunkel's sound of silence, with inspiration from Disturbed's recent version. Backing track played on my 2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional through a Boss RC30 Loop Pedal into a Fender 85 amp. I don't often record my singing, go easy!
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Eric Clapton  9. Layla
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BAD QUALITY IS BAD. My fish is going nuts.
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Ben Marsh - Purple Haze Jam
Using my looper and jamming with some elements from Jimi Hendrix' Purple Haze.
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Ben Marsh - Auld Lang Syne
Seeing in the New Year of 2016 in the best way I know.
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The Shadows - Apache cover
Played on a 1997 MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Fender Stratocaster in Fiesta Red. Fender Blues Junior with Exotic EP Booster, Boss DD7 delay and RC30 Loopstation.
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DJI Spark - Family Visit
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Eric Clapton - Sunshine of Your Love - Live at Royal Albert Hall
Eric Clapton playing 'Sunshine of your Love' with Gary Clark, Jr. at the Royal Albert Hall, 20.05.2013
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