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How I salvage broken RC stuff!
Here I show what I salvage out of any old RC stuff I find! *if the electronics and transmitter from the old electronics are intact don't cut off the motor, you have a full set of electronics to make something. I will have a new video on that RC plane soon.
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Funny dog~*priceless*
How do you like my watermark? Give a thumbs up if you like doggos being funny! Subscribe for more content
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The Florida tree giraffe!
A rare siting of the Florida Tree Giraffe! Subscribe for more content. And like if you enjoyed this video!
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lazy dog
How do you like my watermark? Thumbs up if you have a lazy dog!
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A public service announcement done right!
Here I have created a public service announcement. But I feel I have done LOADS better than the government. I have made the announcement funny to attract the attention of millennials and young people who don't like boring service announcements. .
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