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3-D Virtual Tour of the new London Bridge Station
In this video, you will experience what its going to be like after London Bridge Station has been rebuilt. You will also see a sneak preview of the new Thameslink and Southern trains operating at London Bridge and a glimpse of the new Siemens built Thameslink Class 700 Desiro City trains. We hope that you enjoy your video, and please feel free to comment, like and tempt yourselfs to subscribe for updates on fantastic videos releasing on my channel. Why not check my YouTube channel out for videos on the - Siemens built Thameslink Class 700 Desiro City Trains (Interior & Exterior plus features). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hckkTL1lxnw - The Thameslink Upgrade Plan (Thameslink Program). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQntz7a4z0Y - The Siemens built Thameslink Class 700 trains arriving into the UK (Three Bridges Depot) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMx8RTO3DVs - The CrossRail Project (New trains and route maps in 3-D for CrossRail 1&2). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEBidToNTU0 - Several Southern Train Videos such as the Class 377/6, 377/4 and Southerns Class 455/8. (For videos, click link below) - And several aviation videos including the B787 Dreaminer Vs. A350 XWB Jetline, Qatar Airways A350 XWB Jetliner and British Airways as well as Qatar Airways A380 Landing at London Heathrow. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP4QhaSGwk7q6WM7Nzdmi-A/videos
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My Heathrow Express experience
In this video you will see my full detailed review on the Heathrow Express from Heathrow Terminal 5 to London Paddington (Central London). The Heathrow Express currently operate a Siemens built Class 332 on all of their Heathrow Express services. I will be reviewing Express Class (Standard) and my opinions and how I felt about the pricing, accommodation and features of the train. I do hope you will enjoy this video and if you have any questions, reccomendations etc. please dont hesitate to comment down below and I will be sure to reply as soon as possible. To stay tuned and updated on my amazing videos please hit that massive Subscribe button. All of the likes and subscriptions really help my YouTube channel develop more and the more videos I will be producing. Why not check out all of my other videos on trains as well as some aviation videos? Music used in this video: CMA - You're Free.
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Southern Railway (UK) Class 377/6 Review - First Class (1st).
In this video I will be reviewing a Bombardier built Class 377/6 electrostar unit in operation on the Southern Railway network. Starting service in 2014, these trains are relatively new and you will see all my views and opinions of the train (interior & exterior). Hope you guys all enjoy the video. Why not check out all of my videos on the Crossrail Project, My full Heathrow Express experience and review, The new Tube for London Underground, The Thameslink Upgrade Plan, Class 700 Desiro City trains and much more including several aviation based videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP4QhaSGwk7q6WM7Nzdmi-A
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Onboard ThamesLink/ Class 700 Desiro City (1st)
Welcome to this video of the Siemens built ThamesLink/ Class 700 Desiro City train. In this video, I highlight most of the features of the train. I mostly filmed in 1st Class as I found this the most beneficial and improved part for customers using the ThamesLink/ service every day. These trains are fantastic and ThamesLink/ have really raised competition. The trains are airy, spacious and climate controlled throughout. There is a lot of floor space and it is easy to move throughout the train with its wide open gangways connecting the whole train without any carriage doors. Information is now displayed on LCD screens which feature imagery and colour instead of the standard scrolling metro trains. These trains have sensors to count how many people board and where onboard the train you will get a seat and where the most empty carriages are. It also shows you where you are on a map using the LCD screens. These trains also tell you your nearest toilet and which toilets are engaged and which toilet is accessible for wheelchair users. There are improved facilities for cyclists and wheelchair users as designated carriages have been created for them. The train is bright and the journey was amazing. Windows are really large with wide panoramic views of the outside scenery. The Standard seats are actually really comfortable, much better and softer than the new electrostars. 1st Class was really comfortable and faultless. Discussions of installing Wi-Fi are taking place as well as Plug sockets for Standard Class ticket holders. This is, without a doubt, one of the best trains I have been on and I can't wait to see the future and full opening of the new London Bridge Station in 2018! I hope you enjoy this video and please do not hesitate to share it on Social Media. To see more of my videos such as the New Class 387/2 Gatwick Express review, Southern Railway 1st Class review, Heathrow Express review, Thameslink Programe, CrossRail Project and much more as well as some aviation based videos, click my channel and explore. Please Like the video if you enjoyed and share all of your thoughts on the new train down below. Have any questions? Just ask and ill be more than happy to help and I will aim to respond in the quickest time possible. ENJOY ;-)
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Gatwick Express Class 387/2 (Express Class) Review - The new trains for 2016!
Gatwick Express Class 387/2 (Express Class) Review - The new trains for 2016! In this video, I will be giving you a detailed review on the new Gatwick Express Bombardier built Class 387/2 Electrostar train that is set to run on the Gatwick Express route from Spring 2016. Some units are currently running in passenger service on test in Thameslink routes for mileage. This is a good opportunity for me to give early reviews on this new train and what to expect on the new Gatwick Express trains. The new Gatwick Express are specifically designed for the service and will include free Wi-Fi connectivity, wider doors, more space, coat hooks and an overall better atmosphere and environment. The trains shown in this video are Class 387 203 and Class 387 201. Most of this review is in Class 387 203. I really do hope you enjoy this video and please feel free to share your views on this train by commenting down below. Subscribe to stay tuned on all of my latest video and if you like the video, don't forget to give it that thumbs up. All of your support and comment really helps to develop my videos and improve. Constructive criticism will help me! Thank you all for watching!
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New London Underground Tube Trains
In this video you will get a tour on the New Tube for London train that is set to run on the Bakerloo, Picadilly, Central and Waterlo & City lines.
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A350 XWB Jetliner Vs 787 Dreamliner
A350 VS 787.
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Thameslinks Upgrade Plan
A walk-through of Existing New Upgrades on Thameslink Trains and upgrades to come.
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Qatar Airways A350 XWB Jetliner
In the making of Qatar Airways first A350 XWB Jetliner. LIKE! COMMENT! SUBSCRIBE! Music: CMA MUSIC Small Losses
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Welcome To Desiro City- The Class 700 (Thameslink)
Welcome to the New SIEMENS Built Class 700 Desiro City. In this video you will witness Thameslink Class 700 Interior.
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Thameslink Class 700 Arrives in UK
Thameslink Class 700 arrives in Three Bridges Depot. The Siemens Desiro City will undergo final testing and should be in passenger service by Spring 2016.
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Class 377/6 at Gipsy Hill
Class 377/6 going past and stopping at Gipsy Hill.
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NEW! Class 700 And Gatwick express Class 387/2
Gatwick Airport: -Class 700 Thameslink on test. - Class 387/2 Gatwick Express branded, in service.
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Southern Train at Gipsy Hill
Southern Train class 455 at Gipsy Hill on the 19th February 2014. To see more of my videos please like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!!
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The Class 700
LIKE! COMMENT! SUBSCRIBE! The SIEMENS Built Thameslink Class 700 Desiro City Train Interior. Due to enter passenger service in Spring 2016. Watch My Updated Version at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hckkTL1lxnw
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Class 387/2 Gatwick Express at Streatham Hill sidings
Class 387/2 To be branded for Gatwick Express services running between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport and sometimes extended to Brighton.
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Welcome to Gatwick Express - New Class 387/2
Welcome to this advertisement for the new Gatwick Express trains. In this video you will be seeing a sneak preview of the new branded trains and onboard them, exclusive video to travel hub! We hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! and COMMENT!
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Train Pictures (Updated)
Random Pics of trains I know.
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Class 442 Gatwick Express
Class 442 Gatwick Express not stopping at Clapham Junction with an acceleration roar!
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Train Pictures
This little slideshow is for the train lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thameslink Class 700 at London Blackfriars
Govia Thameslink Railways Class 700 EMU is seen at London Blackfriars on testing. These new Siemens-built class 700 were set to replace all class 319 EMU's that were dated back in the 1980's. Currently, Govia Thameslink Railway is operating their mainline services with Bombardiers electrostar units (class 377's and class 387's). The new class 700 trains will feature climate control, State-of-the-art passenger information systems providing amazing travel information such as TFL updates and will display where you are located, the busiest carriages and where the nearest available toilets are. First Class is much improved than the current Class 387's. First, Class will benefit a lot more from Standard Class accommodation as it will feature a much wider, bigger comfier seat. At seat tables including large family tables, arm rests, 3-Pin Plug power points and increased privacy through a door separation from Standard Class. First Class will offer you a much quieter and spacious environment, making your journey much more relaxed. The Siemens-built-Class 700 is due to enter trafic this Spring season and will be introduced on the Brighton to Bedford mainline routes first. The Class 700 Electrical Multiple Unit has different traction motor sounds on AC and DC power modes. I prefer the noise it makes on the overhead wires. I hoped you enjoyed the video and please share, subscribe, like and comment. Thank you
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Qatar Airways A380 Landing at LHR
Qatar Airways A380-800 landing at London Heathrow from Doha Hamad Int. Airport. Please Note: All videos are copy righted, if you would like to use them; don't hesitate to contact me.
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Class 377/6 Coupling
Southern Class 377/6 coupling up together at London Victoria. Skip to 46 seconds in the video to see the action quicker. Frendily Reminder: Comment, Like, Subscribe
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British Airways A380 Landing at LHR
British Airways A380-800 landing at London Heathrow on the 04/07/2015 Like, Comment and Subscribe!
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Class 377/6 Passes Gipsy Hill
A 5 car class 377/6 passes Gipsy hill at night
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Class 377 at Clapham Junction
Class 377 at Clapham Junction Railway Station on platform 15 going to Horsham
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Samsung Note 8 vs iPhone X?
The combined adverts gives you a better understanding of the two flagship phones to help you decide what phone you should buy if you are looking to purchase a new mobile device.
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Class 455 at Gipsy Hill
Random videos of trains at Gipsy Hill
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