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The simple yet incredible size of the Universe!
UPDATED VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyNdG5OLs7s This video is a simple yet incredible way to see just how small we are, and how big our universe is. How long would it take to travel to Andromeda on a plane going 500Km/h? What's the biggest star ever discovered? How many earths could fit inside the sun? This video does not have every single star / galaxy known to man, it would be far too long. Instead, I have used several specific bodies of stars to use as a sort of "milestone scale" for this. Enjoy!
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We are Number One but every "one" makes PETER CAPALDI SWEAR!
[CONTRAINS STRONG LANGUAGE - BE WANRED] The Doctor took an audition for a Kids show and well, it went well. Video editing is my work, but clips used are not mine! All credit goes to owners of the content! Clips fom: In the loop The Thick of it Video editing is my work, but clips used are not mine! All credit goes to owners of the content!
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Trains at Battersea Park - INCLUDING LONDON OVERGROUND 378!
Filmed With: Microsoft Lumia 950. A nice sunday at Battersea, right under the speaker and right next to the noisy tracks. What could go wrong?] LINE SPEED: Fast: 45mph Slow: 45mph London Overground Platform: 20mph
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Super Smash Bros. Brawl: All Star KO!
There isn't really a proper video for the Brawl version, so yeah.
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Eastenders in a Nutshell.
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Portland to Weymouth on the 501 bus.
Filmed With: BlackBerry KEYone. (Had to upload in low res because internet is not so good where I am!) Starting at Wakeham, we go through Easton, The Heights, Fortuneswell, Chiswell, Castletown, Wyke, Rodwell and finish at Weymouth Kings Statue. #dorset
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Dark Pit's Theme | Rhythm Heaven CUSTOM REMIX
Since his theme is clearly Rhythm Heaven material, I decided to give it a shot. Yeah, still not the best but it's my best imo. :)
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Trains at Balham | 26/08/2017
Hot Saturday Afternoon at Balham. Only stayed for 30 minutes. Filmed With: BlackBerry KEYone. Line Speed: 70mph
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[60FPS] Trains at Wandsworth Common | 26/08/2017
*A couple of clips DID NOT render in 60fps, Apologies in advance. Filmed with: BlackBerry KEYone. Variety of 455s and 377/387s at Wandsworth Common. Line Speed: 60mph
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SSBB: All attacks that have a 'ping' sound
This video applies to Brawl only. Featured: Home-Run Bat Dragoon Parts Luigi Down-Taunt Luigi Up-Special (Up-B) Jigglypuff Down-Special (Down-B/Rest) Mr. Game & Watch 8 and 9, Side-Special (Side-B) Zelda Final Smash Sheik Final Smash In Smash 4, the only other Final Smash that has a ping sound is Dark Pit's final smash, the Dark Pit Staff. There's also the Daybreak item (like the Dragoon, you need the 3 parts) which also 'pings'. Thanks for watching.
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Buses in Weymouth with a VHS camera.
Using a VHS style camcorder, here is a video of a few buses in Weymouth.
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[60FPS] Dorchester South - Weymouth | SWR/ex-SWT Class 444 Ride!
Includes GWR HST! A ride on the South Western Railway class 444 between Dorchester and Weymouth. The tracks are poorly jointed just after leaving Dorchester, so it's extremely bumpy and loud - It was difficult to keep the camera steady, trust me! The bumping ends after about a minute. (heh) After going through the two tunnels, you'll start seeing the coast, and, as I zoomed in, you can see Portland in the distance, from about 1 mile north of Upwey. After passing through Upwey, you'll see the Supermarkets, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, the lot. Sometimes, there's a train at Weymouth Sidings - I was lucky to have noticed the HST sitting there, with the MK3s in the new GWR livery, but with an FGW HST on the front. Notice the announcements onboard still say "South West Trains". Weymouth services were making additional stops at Staines, due to engineering I think. The line speed between Dorchester and Weymouth is 85mph at the most, 35 (I think) near Dorchester, 40 near Weymouth, and just 15 or 25 at Weymouth station. Once again, Apologies for the unstable recording at beginning, this was due to extremely bumpy tracks! Enjoy this 60fps video!
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Bad Kitties
From Rhythm Heaven Megamix. :)
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Trains at South Kenton | 23/09/2017
A nice hour or so at South Kenton, near Harrow. Features Southern 377s, LM 319s, 350s, 390s and Voyagers - as well as a bit of freight and the typical Overground/Underground services.
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Eastenders in a Nutshell... Again.
This video is better when using headphones, it's quiet for some reason.
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Even More EastEnders In A Nutshell!
Title says it all.
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[4K] Tyne And Wear Metro - Gateshead
My first ever 4K video, taken from OnePlus One. 4K 3840x2160@30fps File Size: 191MB - Yeah, it's a big file.
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Trains at Manors 02/01/17
Filmed With: OnePlus One A lovely evening at Manors, about one kilometre from Newcastle. The line speed is 40MPH.
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Every single Nokia/Microsoft Lumia device released to date.
How many Lumia devices do you think there are? In actual fact, 42 lumia phones have been released to date. (42... what a coincidence) and this video shows all of them. That's a bit more than you probably thought! All phones on this video are genuine Microsoft/Nokia devices which have been released or are available. None of these are "rumored" or "fake". Over the last five years, Nokia has Partnered with Microsoft to create a new business-friendly mobile platform, which is also popular among first-time smartphone users due to their stability, design, simplicity and cameras. As said above, this video shows all 42 Lumia devices released to date, from the Lumia 800, the world's first Lumia, up to the Lumia 650, Microsoft's latest device released in Mid-2016. Among the 42 devices shown, the chances are you've probably either heard, seen, or used at least one of these devices. Though the platform may not be as used or popular as Android or IOS, it certainly doesn't stand short of many features. While Windows Phone lacks apps, it completely triumps the Camera and Performance sector, with even some of the Low-end devices performing just as well as some high-end Android - however, specs-wise, Windows Phone devices are usually on par with iPhones, Similar RAM and processor speed is the main bit. It seems Microsoft hasn't given up yet - while there have been rumors that they could be killing off Lumia devices altogether, there's still a few lumias rumored - The long-awaited Surface phone, which has been in the thoughts since 2013, along with others, the Lumia 850, 750, and the 1030, though the latter is said to be cancelled. It's unknown wether any of these devices are in development, as MS hasn't released a device in almost 8 months. The current Lumia phone i'm using now is the Lumia 830. I've also used the 735, 550, and of course, the 520. In my opinion the 830 is much better than all three combined - its 10MP pureview camera completely obliterates the other three - outstanding picture quality, though the 735 also had a very nice camera, though it was very bad in low light shots, but also had a very handy 5MP selfie snapper. The Lumia 550 also had a very decent camera, capable of shooting lovely 5MP stills in daylight, and can easily be top class of low end phones. The Lumia 520, my first ever smartphone, though I don't remember much, had a nice feel to it, however video recording was horrible. What windows phones do you have or wish to buy? Let me know below!
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Weymouth to Portland - Filmed with Lumia 550
This video is a bus ride sped up 5x, of the Journey From Weymouth Kings Statue to the Isle of Portland. Please note that this video stops just as we enter Portland. Other than that, this is the Full ride from Weymouth to the North of Portland, Victoria Square, which is just north of both Chiswell (pronounced "chisel" and Fortuneswell). Music: This girl. Copyright 2016 Matt Highley. Enjoy and thanks for watching.
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My own railway route! (UPDATED)
Previous was from only a bit of route. Now, travel over 150 kilometres on my route.
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My Idea for future Lumia phones!
I was bored and I'm a huge fan of the Lumia phones (Nokia/Microsoft) so I decided to create some ideas on my own - and in my opinion they turned out quite nice. Al of these phones and designs was made completely from MS Powerpoint - No other software was used to create them. Also, there's a mild Mistake on the Lumia 850, about the Intel Processor, Just ignore that, wasn't meant to be there. How were my ideas? Comment below, I'd love to know!
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A few trains at Severn Tunnel Junction!
Filmed With: OnePlus One. This station, just a few miles into the Wales Border, has 4 platforms. Sadly, on the day of filming, there were lots of engineering. Normally this station has tons of action, so it wasn't good this day. Filmed on 19 March 2017, so it's a bit of a late upload.
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SSBB: Smart Bomb Mania!
No Kirbys were harmed in the making of this video.
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Train Simulator 2017 - Top Gear, but with trains!
This is just a test to see what my three chosen trains can do. We are testing: FORCE: Will these trains push 32 wagons off the track? GRADIENT: How high will these trains go before derailing? ROLLERCOASTER: Virtually Impossible. Enjoy!
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Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Hammer, Home-Run Bat & Final Smash MANIA!
With 2.0 damage rate, Hammers, Fireworks, Bats and Smash balls the only items enabled... Ouch? This 10 minute battle was insane!
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Pitch Black! 377 702 at Overton Grange SOUTHBOUND
Been a while since I last filmed here. 377 702 at Overton Grange Footbridge
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SSB4 | The 5-minute Kirby challenge
I set myself a challenge, to defeat as many Kirbys as possible in 5 minutes... but there's a catch! 1) Without getting KO'ed - you gotta live through 5 minutes of Kirby hell! 2) Launch Rate set to 2.0 - a single hammer or stone from one of these Kirbys is likely to KO you instantly! 3) All CPU set to level 1 (The reason being is that level 1 CPUs are MUCH more unpredictable than level 9s, which makes this challenge much more fun. Level 9s would make this incredibly hard, if not impossible.) 4) Only item enabled is the Smash Ball! I used Dark Pit as he's my current main. Try this yourself with these four rules and see if you can beat my score! (Honestly I think I could have done much better but this was HARD)
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My TS2017 Route! - Still under construction
APOLOGIES FOR BAD QUALITY I've been making a TS2017 route, which is nowhere near completed, to expect to see many random blank stations, however, they all do have a name on the map. I'm about 40% finished. Meanwhile, enjoy. The huge tower you see is just for a marker, i'll remove these later.
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Ashton to Brambleford
I haven't uploaded a video of my "world" for nearly a year. Time for an update but (mostly) on a different route.
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