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MADDEN NFL 11 Hard open field hit
Madden 11 hit. I'm buying madden 13 this weekend, so I'll try to mix up NHL and Madden hits
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NHL 13 - EASHL BIG Open-Ice hip check leads to inury
What happens when you try to cut in on MY BOY MILES DAVIS #MD55
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MADDEN NFL 13 - Beauty Open-filed Chop Block
Title says it all. Funniest part is that i chopped the kicker! LOL
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NHL 12 EASHL Drop-in Massive Hit At Centre Ice
My buddy Jamie's pro Aunt Jemima just steamrolls a player on the other team. The hit looks better the second time around. Jamie's Gamertag : Disneys Recess
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EASHL OT game winner Weird CPU celly
Miles Davis (my player) scored the game winner in OT, and the celly was a little awkward
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NHL 12 EASHL Drop-in Open Ice Hip Check
This kid was cherry picking all game, and this time hes about to get on a breakaway when Davis comes in and just claps him down
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NHL 12 Beauty hip check
Beauty hip check on Scotty Hannon of the Washington Capitals
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NHL 12 Bone-crushing Body Check
Playing drop in, one guy tries to cut in across the line and just gets finished by the D man
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NHL 12 Goal from half!!
Jeff Skinner nets one from half
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NHL 12 massive flip body check
Miles Davis (my pro # 55) gives the d to some random in EASHL
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NHL 12 weird after-whistlle hit
Playing offline be a pro, I went to hit the cpu in front of my net and bam
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MADDEN NFL 13 - Dropping The Shoulder
Madden 13 - playing connected careers as a Power Back 3rd and long, My pro runs for a big gain, and FLATTENS some DB You aint Darren Sharper Baby!
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NHL 13 - BOOM....headshot
Title speaks for itself. Puck to the head in NHL 13
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NHL 12 The weirdest hipcheck you will ever see
Just watch it. I cannot honestly explain what happened LOL
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NHL 13 EASHL Total BS goal
This is just a small taste of what I've had to deal with. EA, fix this game
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NHL 12 Be A Pro Headbutt-Hip Check
More offline be a pro, my pro (Davis) goes down for a hipcheck and headbutts instead
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NHL 12 EASHL Drop-In ----  Head - Hip check
Davis goes down for the hip, but his head clips the knee of the other player and it turns out nice
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Massive hit while playing in the EASHL. Davis lowers the hip and just sends the kid flying
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BACKBREAKER 2013 Massive hit on kicker
Kicker gets railed
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MADDEN NFL 13 Adrian Peterson Chop-Block
Adrian Peterson lays down a nice chop block
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NHL 12 Kovalchuk gets clotheslined
My pro goes down for a hip check and BAM Kovalchuk gets upended
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NHL 12 Scotty Hartnell gets flipped by a CPU
Playing season mode, one my computers just rails Hartnell
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