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U.N. Owen Was Her?-SNES Version (Original)
Download Link:https://mega.nz/#!S8MDXYIK!p2M7oyAAQ4l_wXA7FxFe0qxPlGn87WgVZQmVvWmCLTI Directly Ripped from SMW Hack using ZSNES
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Need For Speed Undercover Velocity (JAVA) Soundtracks on Nokia Sound Converter (Nokia 3220 Mode)
Here's another video about Nokia Sound Converter P.S. I didn't made this video streched because, Camtasia Studio stopped working! Download These Files Here:https://www.mediafire.com/?w58p3ugw3934nwh
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Samsung C5212 Themes and Ringtones
A Samsung Phone Recorded With iPhone 3GS
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Nokia N91 Ringtones
Recorded by DJ Aziz Aliyarov Idea by Me
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Maroon 5   'Animals' PARODY Reversed
Original Video by Bart Baker
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GTA Vice City Theme 8-bit with GXSCC
Made with GXSCC
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Yamaha PSR-A1000 Demonstration Songs Part 2 (30K Views Special!)
All about this keyboard is written on Part 1's description!
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Impossible Remix Tetris Theme A 8 bit Version
Original Remix by BobGmbh Video's Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfaLulhrxZc Made With GXSCC
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Onestop.mid (Windows 7 Test MIDI) on Nokia Sound Converter
Finally i'm back with another cover! Enjoy!!!
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Michael Jackson-Off The Wall (Enjoy Yourself) Sega Genesis Version
This cover originally made by SiIva Gunner and i decided to make an Enjoy Yourself version of it! ©Michael Jackson ©Saint Pepsi And of course ©SiIva Gunner
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Nokia E70 Ringtones on Nokia Sound Converter
There's 2nd video of the day!
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Nokia 7260 Ringtones
Recorded with iPhone 3GS I was not found a video about Nokia 7260 Ringtones That's why i made that video when he's alive HE DIED!!! Download some Nokia 7260 Ringtones (some ringtones not on this phone):http://onj3.andrelouis.com/phonetones/unzipped/Nokia/Nokia-7260/ Names of Ringtones: 1-Attraction 2-Vanish 3-Underwater 4-Soft DeskPhone Low 5-Slowdown 6-Sizzlin 7-Satie 8-Rococo 2 9-Notoriety 10-Nokia Tune 11-Momentum 12-Jig 13-Jazzy Piano 14-Hummingbird 15-Fixate 16-Fire Alarm 17-Feather 18-Everlasting 19-Drag 20-Discoid 21-Bubble 22-Boulevard 23-Blue Smoke All ringtones in MIDI Format
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Nokia 2760-Themes Graphics and Ringtones
This is my ""new"" Nokia 2760 Bought a week ago. Sorry i only found Velvet Red version of this. Release Date:May 2007 Video recorded with:Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) Video Rendered in 480p because of weak internet connection. Enjoy and Sorry for Black Borders
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Yamaha PSR-A1000 Demonstration Songs Part 1(30K Views Special!)
===================READ THERE!===================== This is the Yamaha PSR-A1000 a keyboard for making oriental music! But it doesn't feature only oriental voices/styles it has different accompaniment styles,Sweet! and Cool! voices,Lyrics Display etc. Made in 2002 by Yamaha Corporation Enjoy and sorry for bad quality!
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Nokia 3510 Ringtones on Nokia Sound Converter
3RD Video of the day!
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100 Subscribers Special! 8-Bit Keys Theme NES Cover by Huseyn
This is NES Cover of the famous 8-Bit Keys Intro Music Download wav and nsf file Here:https://www.mediafire.com/?9fi23yur8m7a2mx
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Nokia 105 Ringtones on Nokia Sound Converter (Nokia 3220 Mode)
A request from a channel named Lemon Productions His Channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/kimaliya05
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Beat MegaMan NES Easy with 5 GameGenie Code
Hello Here's my new video! Musics: 1: Megaman7 Intro level 2: Street Fighter X MegaMan OST Akuma Theme 3: Megaman2 DrWily Staage 1-2 4: Megaman Drwily Stage 1-2 Yeah XAAPZL is a cheat that can be useful to beat level easy but you sometimes can be death and can be crash!!! Want MORE MegaMan Cheats Go here: http://www.gamegenie.com/cheats/gamegenie/nes/mega_man.html
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Nokia 7260 Ringtones on Nokia 5300 (SDK)
I'm back after 2 months There's new video Enjoy! And sorry for bad quality.
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Bouce Tales Soundtrack:Night Circus 8-Bit Cover
Music Channel Azilla:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Pp-WXxtX0KAcaOwXE_voA
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Nokia 7260 Ringtones on Nokia Sound Converter (Nokia 3220 Mode)
There is a new video from me! I'm showing the best feature of Nokia Sound Converter!
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20-01-1990 The Bloody January Massacre
R.I.P To All Victims Sorry if i had some mistakes.
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Hellsing-The World Without Logos-Sythesia(+Download)
Download Here:https://www.mediafire.com/?arpvlari9z7mdvy Subscribe For More Synthesia!
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PSY Gentleman IMPOSSIBLE REMIX 8bit (not mine music)
Original Music Video by BobGmbh
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Yamaha PSR A-1000 USB Drive Emulator +MIDI Test ABBA-Money Money Money
Hello Again! as i promised i will make videos on MIDI Test This is my First MIDI Test on Yamaha PSR-A1000 Enjoy! And sorry for bad quality Recorded with Samsung Galaxy A3 In next MIDI Test videos i will use images with sound instead of video (This is allowed only MIDI Files without Lyrics)
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Nokia Tune History [FULL]
Full History of Nokia Tune
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Nokia ringtone - Captain Skrillex Remix
Great Remix
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VC-MP (Vice City Multi Player) Daydream Roleplay My Play
Join me in this server:RockstarOffcial (that's my nickname) Server IP: Enter VC-MP 0.4 then click Server then add server and copy IP and join me! Download Here!:http://sh.st/TWCel
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Nokia 7260 Review (Themes and Graphics)
Finally i'm back with my best cellphone Nokia 7260! Video Recorded with: Apple iPhone 6 (Portrait mode which makes the black borders) Rendered in: 480p Nokia 7260 Release Date:2004 More videos about this phone coming soon :)
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Bounce Tales Soundtrack:Main Menu 8-Bit Cover
Azilla Music Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Pp-WXxtX0KAcaOwXE_voA
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Nokia Ringtones in 8Bit (names in description)
Names:1 Nokia Tune 2 Airy 3 Entertainer 4 Escape 5 Espionage 6 Hat Dance 7 Luminosity 8 William Tell 9 Chck Dance 10 City Life Thanks For Watching!
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Super Mario Forever-Hardcore World Theme Song (YKYrococ) (Original)
Sorry Cezz 624! I accidentally stolen your thumbnail because it is hard to find pictures in good resolution! Well, At least this is not the Remix Version!
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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone {RUS} Debug Mode
type set engine.playerpawn bcheatsenabled true in debug console
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Crazy Frog-Axel F on Nokia Sound Converter
Famous Song from 2005
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Bounce Tales Soudtrack:Overworld 2 8-BIT Cover
Azilla Music Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Pp-WXxtX0KAcaOwXE_voA
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Sonic Mania-Studiopolis Zone-Act 1 (Sega Genesis Cover)
Finally i'm back again! with another cool cover! This is the Best Music in Sonic Mania game so i decided to find MIDI of this and add Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) soundfont in it. Enjoy!
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Skrillex First of the Year ft. Katy Perry Kiss Me Klaypex Remix
Equinox Lover ft. Katy Perry
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GTA Baku 2015 Updated
Download Link Are Updated:http://www.mediafire.com/download/sj3jfs7yjkar2x2/Grand+Theft+Auto+-+Baku+2015.rar
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Proto Man The new Adventures (MegaMan Hack)
Hard for me but don't dislike for my bad playing
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Bomfunk MC's-Freestyler 8-BIT Cover
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Nokia Tune Polyphonic Nokia 7260 Version
Nokia Tune.mid
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Tetris GBC Gameplay by Huseyn
Download BGB http://coolrom.com/emulators/gbc/7/BGB.php Download Tetris GBC http://www.freeroms.com/roms/gameboy_color/tetris_v1_1_rom.htm
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The Game & Skrillex “El Chapo”Reversed
Reversed Music
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