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SR20VE B13 Nissan Sentra Se-R  v.s H22 powered Honda Civic EG @ New england drag way
There has always been a rivalry between me and a buddy in our car club named Mike. Both of out cars constantly had some sort of issue. Instead of making excuses we decided to get the cars out on the track regardless if they breakdown or not. Otherwise it would never happen. Mike take the lucky win by half a fender. My 12 year old protege JJ is recording the footage and did a amazing job.
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B13 Nissan Sentra with SR20VE Untuned Test run #3
Owner of american muscle car tries to kill me at the end of the track after win. That is a topic for another day.
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"Street night"  "2007"  My stock B14 vs bolt on Nissan Maxima
A random street night at New England drag way back in early 2007. This was one of my beggining days hitting the track with the B14 no track experience at all going up against a automatic nissan Maxima. Up until this point I've only street raced. I found out quickly the track was not as easy as it looks or as friendly. Considering the advancements in american technology at the time This video was probably recorded with someones shitty 2.3 mega pixel cell phone camera. We came a long way since then I must agree.
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