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ASROCK NETTOP ION330HT sound recording
A poor recording done by me, trying to show how much sound this device produce. I dont know if I were lucky or not but my unit does not make a lot of noise. It's similar to a Playstation 2 or laptop.
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Funny TV Commercial with Motus bil Halmstad (Swedish)
"Where did you buy the car? Where did you buy the car? - Motus Cars!"
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Fake HTC charger causes touch screen to stop working on Samsung Galaxy S2
I've tried this charger on HTC Desire as well and it doesn't even register the charger. And when I try it on my Galaxy S2 i9100 phone it causes the phone's touchscreen to stop working properly.
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Daniel Lemmas - If I used to love you @ Palladium i Alingsås 2010-03-26
Musiken börjar vid 1:13. Källa: http://www.alingsasaren.se/?p=917 Foto, Ljudupptagning & Redigering: Henrik Skarstedt Jag tar ingen kred för detta. Allt går till Henrik Skarstedt. Jag tyckte bara det var synd att den inte även låg uppe på Youtube. :)
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Kavli - Räkost
TV commercial with Kavli Räkost and a baby... This baby has some serious moves!
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Martin says something
Martin says something funny.. Video shot with a Samsung Galaxy S II (s2) in 1080P. Indoor lighting.
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Stand by me
2012 aug 17
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