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Oil Police
Jimmy Dore Comedian describes USA being a lawless society. Lawless if it's about corporations. Not even the president will stand up to the rights of ordinary people, if it risks the profits of a large corporation. Especially if it's an oil company.
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Route 8 -Torrington
Just driving home. iPhone6S apparently has no video stabilization. Bummer. Song: Milky Chance - Down by the River
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Couch Surfing
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Cobra Hunting  (Elite: Dangerous)
Hunting some Cobras, admiring the visuals, not getting paid for the bounty (landed on the wrong station)
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Some Mars Beer on the way...
Picked up some beer in Mars Orbit. It's considered an illegal cargo in the Solar System.
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Rock&Roll Hall of Fame : Heart (Crazy On You! )- Live
Rock&Roll Hall of Fame : Heart (Crazy On You) Live (HQ)
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Orban Viktor
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