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EVGA Classified GeForce GTX590 Unboxing & Comparison
Ok, everyone...been quite excited here lately, got a lot of stuff going on at the Trubyd44 residence! Today my buddy is doing an unboxing of one of his GTX590s. As you will see from the video that the boxing accesories and build quality are quite impressive. The card itself looks fantastic and it looks as if the Nvidia engineers stayed up all night on designing the card. Then the engineers at EVGA took it one step further. You cannot go wrong with this card. Enjoy! Trubyd44
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CineBench 11.5 Benchmark Run (EVGA SR-2 Classified w/ Dual Intel XEON X5680 @ 4GHz)
I was completely amazed at this benchmark run!!! It is incredible what 24 threads will do for parallel work. I had some initial issues with the build, but I'm sure it was due to lack of experience on my part using a dual CPU motherboard. I am back on my feet now and am really pleased with what I'm seeing so far from it. Watch this benchmark run...don't blink! HEHE :D Enjoy!
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SCYTHE KazeMasterPRO Fan Controller Unboxing and Review
Unboxing and Review of the New SCYTHE KazeMasterPRO Fan Controller. It has a very clean and classy look with awesome functionality and an easy-to-read display. In my opinion it is a lot better than some of the 'crazy' type fan controllers out there.
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Gaming Computer Showcase:  Intel i7-980X Gulftown w/ dual Sapphire HD5970s in CROSSFIREX
Long awaited review of my Gaming computer. It is done with my new HD Camera...but a less than stellar HD Camera. The JVC-GCFM1. The camera does fine, but needs a lot of light to show a good picture. My specs are in the opening credits. Enjoy!
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Koolance Nvidia GTX480 Waterblock:  Part 5, ... & Finish
Ok, here we go! I am doing a how to video on installing the Koolance GTX480 waterblock onto an EVGA GTX480. I think this is going to be awesome for anyone out there that has wanted to do this before, but was unsure. Also, for those of you that are experts, it's fun to watch me play with all the cool hardware! Also, I am learning more and more about Sony Vegas, I am now cutting videos, speeding up stuff as appropriate and adding audio tracks. Cool! Thanks Harald! The videos are in 4 parts as follows: Part 2: Tools, I/O Bracket & Screw Removal Part 3: Stock Heatsink Removal & Graphics Card Prep Part 4: I/O Bracket Installation & Waterblock Prep Part 5: Apply Thermal Grease, Mount Waterblock & Finish (Part 1 was the Unboxing video) Please comment and subscribe!!! Thanks to everyone! Enjoy!
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Mini LANParty and a  Fair Dose of L4D2:  Super Computer Room!!!
Ok guys, here is a fun short video of a mini-LAN that we have every once and a while. Usually a buddy of mine will come over and we'll play L4D, L4D2, Battlefield 2 (still a great game) and do some overclocking. My room turns into a sauna, but we order Pizza and have a great time! You will also get a sneak peak of my SR-2 Build, my buddy's GTX480 SLI build and finally a look at my son's build. Interested in where I bought the decals? Please visit: http://martinfusion.com/ He can do any type of decal you want, is very talented and very fast. All this at reasonable pricing! Tell him you were referred by Trubyd44! Enjoy
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Seasonic X-Series 750W Power Supply 80plus Gold Unboxing & First Look
Here is an unboxing of the wonderful Seasonic X-Series 750W Power Supply 80plus Gold. The materials and packaging is unmatched for sure. The power supply build quality is unmatched. Seasonic is known around the world for it's top notch PSUs and silent operation. Enjoy! Trubyd44
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Corsair AX1200 Power Supply Unboxing
Hey! Here is the unboxing of Corsair's flagship power supply --the AX1200 1200W beast. It is one heck of a power supply and as of right now, I can't think of any other power supply that I would want over this one if price wasn't an issue. The power supply packaging and quality is unmatched. It has a huge single 12V rail and can power almost any computer out there. A very nice PSU indeed. Enjoy, Trubyd44
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Power Consumption:  EVGA SR-2, Dual X5680s, 4-Way GTX480 --Overclocked
Ok, with my brand new circuit installed I am able to run a true test on my system as to how much power it is using. I have found out that the power draw is more then I even first suspected!!! A secondary question is asked to EVGA...how do they think that their SR-2 1200W PSU can power such a build as seen on the internet??? I don't think it is possible at stock settings, let alone overclocked setting. Please watch and you shall see. Enjoy
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2009 Nissan GT-R Premium Stock 1/4 Mile Run
Ok guys...here is my first video in quite a while. I guess its been about 3 months since I uploaded my Premier Build with Quad GTX480s on the SR-2 motherboard! It's been too long. Well, for most of you, you know that I sold my Premier Build to get some money to buy the car of my dreams. Well, here it is, a 2009 Nissan GT-R Premium. I had looked at some new 2010 GT-Rs, but was able to save over $15K by getting a 2009. The car had only 2500 miles on it when I purchased it, so it is as close to brand new as you can get!!! I am so thrilled! The good news, is that I should be starting up some computer videos as well. I have a new 'toned down' build that I am using and am very pleased with, especially since I have a GT-R in the garage too. Thanks for everyone's emails and great comments and of course for your patience. Enjoy, Trubyd44
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Silverstone Strider 1500W Power Supply SST-ST1500 Unboxing and First Look Pt. 1
Ok guys, here is a look at one of the most popular and powerful power supplies available at this time. I do a quick unboxing and go over some of the positives and some peculiarities about the power supply. Enjoy
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Gaming Computer Showcase:  EVGA SR-2, Intel Xeon X5680, 4-Way SLI GTX480 Pt.1
Ok guys here it is! The Mega Computer showcase of my current build. The hardware setup is in the opening credits so please be sure to read carefully. Part 1 of 4 Enjoy! Decals: mail@martinfusion.com
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Gaming Computer Showcase: EVGA SR-2, Intel Xeon X5680, 4-Way SLI GTX480 Pt.2
Ok guys here it is! The Mega Computer showcase of my current build. The hardware setup is in the opening credits so please be sure to read carefully. Part 2 of 4 Enjoy! Decals: mail@martinfusion.com
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Koolance CPU Waterblock Install - Part 3:  Removing Tubing and Waterblock
Part 3 has me removing more tubing and finally removing the waterblock. Live recording shows a hilarious mistake too, before doing the series of videos for this re-install of a waterblock, I had never spilled any coolant inside a case. I have spilled coolant 3 times inside the case during filming!!! They were all small amounts, but still...I was focusing on what to say and trying to show everything. Please don't laugh too hard. :) Next - Part 4: Coating and socketing CPU Enjoy!
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Gaming Computer Showcase: EVGA SR-2, Intel Xeon X5680, 4-Way SLI GTX480 Pt.3
Ok guys here it is! The Mega Computer showcase of my current build. The hardware setup is in the opening credits so please be sure to read carefully. Part 3 of 4 Enjoy! Decals: mail@martinfusion.com
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GIGABYTE ATI Radeon HD5750 1GB SILENT PCIe Graphics Card Unboxing & First Look
Here is a quick unboxing and first impressions on the GIGABYTE ATI Radeon HD5750 1GB PCIe Graphics Card. Overall the card looks great and the fanless heatsink look big enough to take care of the heat, but we shall see when I put FURMARK on it! :D Testing to come... Enjoy! Trubyd44
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Aerocool Touch Screen Fan Controller V12XT Unboxing and First Look
Here is a quick video of a review of a seemingly nice fan controller. It is the Aerocool V12XT touch screen fan controller. There isn't really a good review and/or look at this fan controller anywhere on YouTube, so this should be good info if anyone has been looking to buy and touch screen fan controller. Enjoy!
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EVGA Classified SR-2 Dual XEON Motherboard Detailed Overview / Features (270-WS-W555-A1)
Now let's take a closer look at the EVGA SR-2 HPTX Motherboard. I go over the entire motherboard and try to point out all the features that I notice on the motherboard --in case anyone is thinking on spending the $600 for it. It has a huge amount of features including SATA III & USB 3.0! There are also some EVGA only features as well. Enjoy!
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Corsair Obsidian 700D Modification to fit the EVGA Classified SR-2 Motherboard
Ok guys/gals: I am really excited about this video. Ever since I built my Mega Gaming Computer build with the EVGA Classified SR-2 Motherboard with 4-Way GTX480s, I haven't necessarily been happy with my computer case. While the Mountain Mods U2-UFO case is nice and built well, it is just too big and not my style. I kept looking on the internet to find a case that would fit my hardware including dual PSUs and I couldn't find one. The closest case that I could find was the Lian Li P80 case, but it isn't necesarily my style either. What would be great would be to modify Corsair's awesome Obsidian 700D / 800D cases, right? WELL, HERE IT IS!!!! My buddy exclusily did the work on this and did a fantastic job. He spent many hours measuring and cutting to make sure everything was perfect. Well, he succeeded gloriously! Please watch the video and comment! After I get my hardware installed, my buddy will be selling these cases with the SR-2 mod to perspective customers. Please email me if you are interested. Enjoy, Trubyd44 Now available through Performance-PCs.com. Link: http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=29084
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ASL Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus performed by shak3nNstirr3d & RaeBear55
Here is an ASL video of the great song Your Guardian Angel by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus as performed by two different people --shak3nNstirr3d and RaeBear55. I have always been fascinated with sign language and have always wanted to learn. My son and I have learned many signs by watching ASL covers on YouTube so I wanted to share two of my favorites of all time. They both do a wonderful job, but you can tell that they both sign differently. There are a handful of signs that they perform differently throughout the song along with a different style. I also got to practice more with my Sony Vegas PRO 9.0 video editing software. I can only fathom that I haven't even scratched the surface of what the program can do. I am learning with each upload though. Please comment below on which you prefer! (Two things, I wish Rachel's didn't end early and I wish Liz's video quality was a little better) Don't you have a new camera Liz!?! :D Please check each of their other ASL videos as they are all very good! I hope Liz (shak3nNstirr3d) and Rachel (RaeBear55) are happy with what I have done. I really appreciate them letting me put this video together and I hope this gets them back in the mood for doing some more ASL Covers --as they haven't done any in a while! :) Enjoy! Even computer people!
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The Premier Gaming Computer Build on YouTube!  ( Intel Xeon X5680 EVGA SR-2 GTX480 4-Way SLI 700D )
Well viewers, what can I say? Today we have my computer finally finished! My buddy and I have worked very long and hard to get it finished and get it finished perfectly. I am very confident to say that this is one of the top builds on YouTube, both in power, looks, and functionality. Please be sure to watch and rate my video. As always, enjoy!
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BluSkul's Mountain Mods Plateau Build:  Intel i7-980X, EVGA 3X Classified, Dual EVGA GTX480 FTWs
I recieved a lot of emails wanting a video to be done of my friend's Plateau build that was seen the the LanParty video. Well, here it is! He has put a lot of time into the build to make sure it is perfect, and I think you'll agree that it is! Enjoy.
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Client Build 5:  Personal Super Computer 2011 (SR-2 X5690 Intel 510 GTX590 Nvidia Tesla)
Ok guys & gals, here is the new Premier Build, actually it is more than that...the computer seen here is going to be so incredible. No expense was spared in hardware, cooling, or accesories. There is a mountain of top of the line equipment here and will definately be the baddest computer I have ever built for myself or someone else. The specs are unrivaled on anything seen on YouTube and I can imagine around the world. I honestly believe that this will be an unmatched showcase. Please follow through the long video of the Hardware overview. It took my buddy and I a heck of a long time to film and edit this video. Please Enjoy! ...and stay tuned for the final build video and testing. Trubyd44 / BluSkul Link to CPU vs GPU Comparison: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtGf0HaW7x4 Link to Nvidia Tesla Information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIyVOUQ1zCg
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Client Build 3:  Build Review, Intel Xeon E5630, EVGA SR-2, RevoDrive X2, Koolance, 800D
Complete review of the Texas build. I think I do a fairly good job going over the components and build. I talk about problems that I had building the computer and go over what I thought was best as far as the setup and design. Even if I can't get the RevoDrive X2 to work, I think this is going to be one heck of a build. Enjoy,
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Koolance CPU Waterblock Install:  Performance Comparison
Here is the performance review of the comparison between the Koolance CPU-350 and the CPU-360. There is a performance boost from the waterblock, but it is only worth it to someone who wants the latest and best. Build quality on both units are superb, but I prefer the look of the CPU-360. Enjoy!
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Stalker: Call of Pripyat / First Look
Ok, here is my very first video uploaded to YouTube. I decided to do it on the brand new game just out on Febuary 11th, 2010. It is a 'First Look' at S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat. The game is a DX11 game and has awesome graphics. I am using an old video camera of mine for the video, but I have a new HD camera on it's way where I will record future videos using it.
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Client Build 6 Canadian Crusher Build Overview:  (2600K, ASUS Z68, GTX580 3GB, HAF X, ERM-3K3U)
Ok, here is the completed build overview. I have been busy building a few computers in parallel (like some of my water loops) and have had a hard time uploading and editing videos. :( I enjoyed this build and the client was wonderful to work with. There were some setbacks and quirks with this build, but that is expected with all my builds. HAHA. Anyway, please enjoy! Trubyd44
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Taming the Beast:  Metro 2033 @ 2560x1600 (EVGA SR-2, Dual Xeon X5680 @4.5GHz w/ 4 GTX480)
Here is another look at Metro 2033. I think this is my third or fourth video showing how hard the game is on hardware. I think I've finally won!!! I can now play Metro 2033 @ 2560 x 1600 under the highest settings. It isn't a slam dunk, but it is definately playable and I look forward going through the game again at these settings. No more 'smallish' 1920 x 1200. My setup does and excellent job, and I am afraid no ATI setup can get the job done, not necessarily because the ATI 5000 series cards are not powerful enough, but the game was written for Nvidia. Enjoy!
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MSI Radeon R6990 HD6990 Unboxing  (4GB GDDR5)
Quick look at the MSI Radeon R6990 / HD6990 Dual GPU Graphics Card. It is a huge card and is 12in long! WOW! Enjoy, Trubyd44
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Client Build 8:  Virginia (3960X, Rampage IV Extreme, Quad SLI Hydrocopper, Watercooled, Case Labs)
Finally a new video!!! Today we have an awesome internally watercooled build going to a client in Virginia. The build is using the Case Labs T10 case which is huge and very customizable for any type of watercooling. We are using Intel's Hexa-core monster the Core i7-3960X matched with the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme and 32GB of Corsair DDR3-1866 memory. It is primarily a gaming computer and has four GTX580 3GB cards from EVGA. The design on the watercooling loop is awesome and makes it easy for the client to vent and drain so he can easily upgrade to the GTX680s in the future! Sorry it has been so long since a video, but thank you for your patience, more to come! Trubyd44 BluSkul Hardware: Caselabs T10 Case Intel Core i7-3960X ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 Motherboard Corsair 32GB DDR3-1866 Kit (8GB x 4) (4) EVGA GTX580 3GB Hydrocopper Graphics Cards (2) Mushkin 480GB SATA III SSDs (OS & Games) (2) Western Digital Black 2.0TB 7200RPM HDDs for backup (RAID 1) Creative Labs Fatal1ty Recon3D Sound Card Dual Seasonic Gold 1250W Power Supplies Cooling / Accesories: Bitspower Dual Uber Series MCP655 Pumps EK 400ml Cylindrical Reservoir Koolance CPU-370 CPU Waterblock Koolance Rampage IV Extreme Motherboard Waterblock (3) Phobya 360mm Radiators Bitspower and Koolance Fittings Koolance 13mm ID / 16mm OD Tubing Koolance Low Conductivity Fluid G-Vans FC5 V2 Fan Controller Aerocool Shark Series 120mm Fans Silverstone filters and Phobya Washable Filters
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EVGA Classified SR-2 HPTX Motherboard Unboxing (Dual XEON w/ Intel 5520 Chipset)
Ok, here is the unboxing of the EVGA SR-2 HPTX Dual XEON LGA1366 Motherboard. Finally got it the other day and have been experimenting with it. I will probably post a CineBench 11.5 Benchmark soon. I am pretty far from having a finalized build, so that overview will have to wait till I get everything exactly right. Enjoy!!!
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ASUS Sabertooth P67 B3 Motherboard Unboxing & Impressions
Hello guys! Today I am doing an unboxing of the ASUS Sabertooth P67 B3 motherboard. I have chosen this motherboard for my personal build due to the fact that the board should look awesome in the test bench, and I like the spacing of the 16x slots. I will be using this board with dual MSI HD6990s which I did an unboxing of earlier. I finish up by showing how the 6990s are going to go into the motherboard. Enjoy, Trubyd44
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Gaming Computer Showcase: EVGA SR-2, Intel Xeon X5680, 4-Way SLI GTX480 Pt.4
Ok guys here it is! The Mega Computer showcase of my current build. The hardware setup is in the opening credits so please be sure to read carefully. Part 4 of 4 Enjoy! Decals: mail@martinfusion.com
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Client Build 5 UPDATE: Personal Super Computer 2011 (SR-2 X5690 OCZ Vertex 3 GTX590 Nvidia Tesla)
Ok everyone, here is the much anticipated update and progress report on my Client Build 5: PSC 2011. We've had somewhat of a rough going on things, fitment issues on the mobo tray, defective motherboard and some paint issues. Allow these setbacks have been unfortunate, we've made a lot of progress as well. This build is going to be epic! :) Enjoy, Trubyd44 T
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Koolance CPU Waterblock Install - Part 2:  Planning, Planning & Draining
Ok, part two is showcasing the critical planning on how to remove the tubing so as to not spill any on components (also some innovative fittings to assist) and how to support electronic components that are watercooled --as to not break anything. Like the old saying says, "Measure twice and cut once." That is key to watercooling, planning, planning and more planning. Otherwise you'll be wasting time and money and still won't have a working computer. Part 3 will then show more removals of tubing and the critical removal of a CPU waterblock, or any air cooler for that matter. Enjoy!
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Client Build 6 Canadian Crusher Hardware Overview:  (2600K, ASUS Z68, GTX580 3GB, HAF X, ERM-3K3U)
What you see here is an amazing build. The components used are top of the line and a lot of testing went into the decision on components. We originally tried the MSI Big Bang motherboard with the Lucid Hydra chip, but it ended up not working so we went with the tried and true ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z Z68 Motherboard. The just released Koolance ERM-3K3UCU is taking care of the cooling duties. Enjoy, Trubyd44
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Silverstone Strider 1500W Power Supply SST-ST1500 Unboxing and First Look Pt. 2
Ok guys, here is a look at one of the most popular and powerful power supplies available at this time. I do a quick unboxing and go over some of the positives and some peculiarities about the power supply. Enjoy
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Client Build 4:  AMD this, AMD that; Phenom II 1090T, Dual HD6970s, ASUS Crosshair Build Overview
Ok guys/gals. Here is the build overview of the AMD this, AMD that for client #4. It is a really great AMD build that has tons of processing and video power. The build has the AMD Phenom II 1090T Black Edition Hexa-core processor and a dual set of XFX HD6970s. Of course the build is entirely watercooled, including CPU, GPUs and Motherboard. Sorry for the video build overview delay, but I had some bad memory, twice, and have been busy as well! Please Enjoy! Trubyd44
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OCZ Gold 1250W Power Supply OCZ ZX-1250W Unboxing & First Look
Ok guys, here is my buddy doing an unboxing on the awesome looking OCZ Gold 1250W PSU ZX series. It looks to be a very good unit with exceptional performance. It certainly looks like OCZ did an awesome job getting the cables looking great! Please excuse my buddies camera, it is not an HD camera and mine wasn't available. He also needed to put it into his computer...so couldn't redo. HAHA! Enjoy, Trubyd44
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Heaven DX11 Benchmark:  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-980X @ 4.4GHz and Dual HD5970s (875/1200)
Here is the Heaven DX11 Benchmark. It is a wonderfully customizable benchmark. You can run the engine and control the lighting, motion of the camera and of course the detail. It is pretty cool to just sit around and play with it. I have included MSI Afterburner screens to show HD5970s clocks and temperatures. I have also included a screen for the power usage during the benchmark. I've noticed that it's power use fluctuates a lot during the benchmark...more so then other benches. Enjoy!
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Creative Labs Titanium X-Fi HD Soundcard Unboxing
Ok guys, here is an unboxing of the Creative Labs Titanium HD Soundcard. The card is a PCIe x 1 card and from the reviews rivals some of the best audiophile soundards out there. I really like the design and the software for it although the boxing while it looks nice is not the best. Enjoy! Trubyd44
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Client  Build 3:  OCZ RevoDrive X2 960GB Problems with EVGA SR-2
Ok guys, it has been weeks since I did the overview of the workstation build for my client in Texas. And yes, as you can tell, I haven't completed the build. It turns out that the RevoDrive X2 is really bleeding edge technology that obviously has some flaws. I cannot recommend it to anyone unless they are an enthusiast that enjoys messing with the problems that come with that type of 'new' tech. I was able to get the RevoDrive X2 to be the boot drive with the EVGA SR-2 motherboard with a lot of work, and just when I thought that I had beaten it, it through me a loop and now I have to RMA the device. Please watch the video and let me know what you think. Also, I have the video completed that goes over the build which is really good. That video will be posted soon. Enjoy!
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EVGA Classified SR-2 Motherboard Issues:  FRAPS & Power Consumption
Ok guys, I am quickly getting close to my computer showcase, but first I wanted to communicate problems that anyone with a desire to build a similar computer will also have. There are certain programs that won't run with more than 16 cores such as FRAPS and the power usage for my setup is more than a standard household circuit can provide. I knew the build was going to have issues, mine always do...but I was unaware of these issues that surfaced. Incidentially I didn't mention one other issue. I originally bought W7 Home Premium when W7 was released, well Home Premium doesn't support two physical processors! WHAT!?!?!? I had to get my hands on W7 Professional which supports dual processors. Sheesh! What next! Enjoy!
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BluSkul's Build:  CineBENCH R10 Benchmark Run, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-920 DO @ 4GHz
Here is BluSkul's Maxon CineBENCH R10 Benchmark Run with his Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-920 DO overclocked to 4GHz.
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Koolance CPU Waterblock Install (CPU-360) - Part 1:  Tools of the Trade
Ok, in Part 1 of my 'How to' series I begin the installation of my new Koolance CPU-360 by assembling the tools that I'll need in order to do the job. I also have some tips on how to make your install easier by simple things like positioning of the computer, etc! Part 2 will be next, it is entitled "Planning, Planning & Draining"
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OCZ Revodrive 3 X2 480GB PCIe SSD Unboxing, Benchmarking & Initial Thoughts
Today we have an Unboxing, Benchmarking & Initial thought on the OCZ Revodrive 3 X2 480GB PCIe SSD. The drive is the first revodrive that I've purchased where I have had absolutely no issues whatsoever! :) Enjoy! Trubyd44
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Client Build 7:  Boston Behemoth (EVGA SR-2, XEON X5690, GTX580, 800D, Mushkin DDR3, X-Fi, EK, XSPC)
Today we have an awesome build that I would feel comfortable in calling it my own. It is using the SR-2 Classified motherboard with the super Intel Xeon X5690s. It not only is a computational powerhouse, it is also a gaming powerhouse as well. We trippled up the EVGA hydrocopper GTX580 3GB versions. Awesome, awesome build! Enjoy!
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Nvidia GeForce PNY GTX580 Unboxing and Initial Thoughts
Hello all! 4 months, finally a video, yeah!!! :) Ok today is the unboxing of the underated and the under-advertised succesor to the GTX480, the GTX580. The GTX580 is honestly a fantastic card that fixes several issues that the GTX480 had. Watch the video and those are described. The PNY branded card is good quality and design except for some issues with the top sticker, hmm... Enjoy!
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OCZ RevoDrive X2 (PCIe x 4) 960GB  MLC SSD  (Sandforce / RAID)
Hello All! Today we are doing an unboxing of the OCZ RevoDrive X2 960GB SSD. This is truly one of the most cutting edge devices available today. At a meager $3500USD, you can own one too! Anyway, the 960GB SSD has built in Sandforce and RAID controllers that create blazing speeds for reading, writing and IOPS. This is one amazing piece of hardware. For an excellent review of it's little brother, the 240GB version please head on over to www.guru3d.com and check out their review. Enjoy, Trubyd44
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Client Build 3:  Workstation Build w/ EVGA SR-2, Xeon E5630, Quadro 4000, OCZ RevoDrive X2 960GB
Client Build 3: Workstation! (Geological / Seismic) Ok guys/gals, this is going to be one heck of a computer. It is a workstation that's primary function will be to run some of the most state of the art Geological and seismic software in use today. The computer needs to be 100% stable, cool, quiet and of course one heck of a performer. The above video will give you an overview of the hardware selected to create such a workhorse. The video of the build when complete will follow. Enjoy! Trubyd44
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