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Take your droid to work day. BB8 came to the day job.
BB8 and I on "Take your droid to work" day. tested voice commands as well as programmed drills.
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Play Bey Bey, play
Remembering when he was alive...
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Metal in the microwave
Post this on your smug know it all friends who think you can't put metal in the microwave without causing a MacGyver style exclusion. Formula for success: 3 parts food to 1 part metal.
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X-Japan reveal a new song at Madison Square Garden Oct 2014
...however, my battery died and half the song was lost, but that beat was slammin'! I ended up continuing with my friends Galaxy Note 3.
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Hey Google! Are you connected to the C.I.A.?
Google Home's most current answer to the popular paranoid AI SkyNet question: "Are you connected to the CIA?"
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The Mattress may be firm, but the flailing man isn't.
An inflatable flailing man hates rain. Maybe he had too many? Maybe he has a girlfriend and now he's spent and wants a sandwich.
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Drunken Mattress Firm Man loves the Bush family
When our friendly neighborhood flailing mattress firm man gets a little tipsy...like others who've had a bit too much,he loves EVERYONE!
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Halloween fun with Google Home!
I dressed up my Google home and then I said "Hey Google, Happy Halloween" and "hey Google, trick or Treat" and literally opened a robotic Pandora's box! Try it! It's a blast!
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My drone loves kite eating trees.
My new drone hobby... My drone must think it's Arbor Day because it apparently loves trees. This is a wonderful majestic flight up up and away...up until the end where I later found myself on a ladder and on a roof with a huge 30 foot branch trying to poke it out, #kiteeatingtree #drones #dronelife #dronehobby #dronecrash
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My balloon ride
Heather won a balloon ride for raising money for the Alheimers Association. This was what it was like to fly!
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Fireworks in honor of the Gotham City Crew
A multi tier fireworks fountain called "Gotham City" inspires a tribute to the Gotham City Crew Jets fandom group.
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Webkittyn of mojoradiolive.com & Subzero Heroes
It's a jump for Alzheimer's research and Heather Ives (Webkittyn) of www.mojoradiolive.com jumps into a frozen lake with Bob Miller of 92.9 WBPM. See a rare slow motion take.
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Seconds before disaster...
...or "if you disturb an inexperienced novice drone pilot with questions that may cause him to lose concentration...he will most definitely crash."
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My Google Home Artificial Intelligence Atmospheric Halloween
I asked Google Home to " Hey Spooky". I don't think Alexa, Cortana or Siri could create this much fun on the fly.
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