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My costume is done! - Galactia Stardust 🔊🌠
I’ve been working on this since like may or April!! So glad it’s done (: this is my first real costume, with tips from fursuit making but I actually stopped calling it a fursuit because it isn’t really one.
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Welcome to dithoniabits (new episode coming soon!!)
Hey so... you know that last animation storyboard thing I made? Well I’m gonna make more later, and here is the theme song I made for it!!!
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Laser po pi pointer meme
(Starring citrus and galactia) Sorry I didn't add color.. But on the bright side the jumping part turned out smooth(ish) and It took all day, so i hope you enjoy 💙 -Galactia (Isabella)
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Cracking open a dithonia egg
Long story. Don't get freaked out with the red stuff. It's supposed to look fiery. It's just hand sanitizer anyways. With pink glitter, the only kind I own. The egg is a real chicken egg. I made two very tiny holes with a screwdriver, and blew out the insides. The egg was used in a lemon bar recipe. Don't get me wrong, this is one of the coolest dithonia things I've ever done. The egg was starting to fall apart before I even got to finish, the hand sanitizer was seeping out and not from the already sealed holes, but the side of the egg. I didn't see a crack, but I knew I couldn't fix it. Hand sanitizer makes the glue slide right off. And I couldn't put too much glue anyways since I was trying to make the egg as realistic as I could. I had to break it. Next time I'll try not to fill it with a liquid until I'm positive it won't drip out. But this looked so real, I just can't.
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Walkin meme (obviously I used FlipaClip)
It's a little boring because idk how to do a lot of special effects but I tried my best
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My Movie
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Galactia's flight cycle
Okay okay, so I know I haven't posted in a while... but I have good news! I'm going to get a galactia plushy in the mail soon! It won't be for like a month, but that may be the next time I post. I might also post for Christmas. This took a few minutes, but turned out too good!!! I had to post it! And besides, my channel is never gonna go completely deserted unless it's an emergency. I'll always post, no matter how long the space between is... oh and a little secret.. the longer the wait, the bigger surprise I'll have for you guys!! I feel kind of sad on my amount of attention on this channel though.... I don't wanna be a whiny baby about it also, so guys... PLEASE! Unless you don't have a channel, can you just throw me a little extra love bubbles?? Also, PLLEEEEEAAASE show other people my channel! It would do a lot for me. Every view, like, comment, or subscriber is one extra step to my dream come true..... which is a secret btw...... anyways, sorry for the LOOOONG description, I got carried away.. whatever! I love you, bye for now. - Isabella Ibarra (galactia stardust)
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Cheetah Dithonia For Misty
After showing her my recent time lapse drawings, my friend wanted me to draw her in one. So for Selena: here ya go, guuuuurl!!!
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Animation Reel: 2016- Early 2017
You guys understand my old YouTube is galactia the dithonia, and I forgot how to login, correct? Well... a video I really wanted back is an animation reel from around 2014 or 15 - early 2016. I just wanted it but couldn't have it saved. So... what better to do than completely remake it! I'm sorry if the music choice is random, I couldn't find anything else. Also, my music is on Spotify and I have to record it from my phone in a normal room... so the quality is pretty low. The song is ghostwriter by RJD2. I only own the animations and drawing. Made with iMovie also. It's shorter, because my new animations take very long since I put in extra work to make them smooth, and my idea have to be perfect and possible. I hope you enjoy my animation reel! -galactia 🌌🔊
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Galactia's walk cycle
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Shortest video ever
Im bored so don't ask 😂
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I'm just drawing (time lapse) in this video... K? Got it?
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Squeeze toy for Koontz
Episode three (out of order)
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For miss icecrystal101
I made this for you, not for any contest or what not, I just wanted to do something nice for you 🙂
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Dithonia - V O I C E S 🔊 (the third)
I've done this twice so why not do it again?
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The evil dot for koontz
(Song is galactic by the resistance) your song is awesome btw I'm not trying to steal it. The next video I'm posting is next week.
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Paint disaster for koontz
Episode one (out of order)
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Hot ch'coffee
Don't say a word Ian.
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Sponge on me meme| Galactia Stardust!|
Omg sorry about my editing i did this all in iMovie on an IPad soo
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Chok Chok Meme! | Galactia Stardust | this one did not take very long!!!
I️ did this in only like three hours! I’m happy I️ did not finish it as late as I️ did the other one (:
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For BridgeteMax 10 (speedpaint)
I made this for you! Because you are awesome and always put comments on my videos! I rly hope u like it, I messed up when I was making it shiny though... bUT STILL!!! Thx!
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SHOUTOUT- DITHONIA OF THE YEAR! congrats :3, citrus craters!
These are all based off of real people, congratulations (Parker w.) YOU WIN THE VERY FIRST DITHONIA OF THE YEAR AWARD! For 2018, I will choose one of the dithonias listed in the corner also! Thanks to citrus for being literally the best dithonia anybody could need! You have helped me get so far, and yet you still help me get further! Thanks soooo much ugh I can't thank you enough OI!!! I hope we can meet again soon! (We kinda just did recently but I don't care!!)
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Mischeif - dithoniabits episode one
Dithoniabits is going to be a miniseries where I make a short video for my school every week. Hopefully this one can be sent into my school before it’s the end of winter break. Happy holidays, I can’t believe Christmas is in three days 0-0 🎅🏻🎄❄️
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Some lapses
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Dithonia character theme songs
Thanks everyone who helped me with Dithonias. This is a summer Dithonia celebration start that lasts until September. Please see my Instagram, galactia_stardust for more surprises.
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Minecraft Champagne World
by Ian and Izzy
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New costume work in progress?
Lol how spontaneous :D
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HOBBY DAY- playlist of dithonia music ( don't watch if you are in my class!)
First song: the great dithonias Second song: dithonias 2 Third song: reboot
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A bit of necomimi!!!
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Dithonia theme (noise not added)
Dithonias dithonias di di di di di thonias
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Dithonias - VOICES - four galore🏝
Ugh I hate the audio quality on this one but whatever. These obviously rent my songs and I am not trying to steal them, credit goes to the artists. I did otherwise draw the pictures and came up with the characters
Wink Dithonia
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Bellwie and the egg
Join bellwie and a mysterious paw as an earthquake looses an egg that the paw revealed. The egg falls in the ground and, 5 weeks later the baby pops out of the ground.
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Don't ask pls
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Magic meme
(Starring galactia) Ah this has so many different times where the song doesn't Mach up so I had to make it faster on iMovie. So that means the animation isn't as smooth as it was originally.. I'll try another time when I'm a little more experienced with animation...
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Galactia flight 2
MREEEHEEHEE I DID THIS IN TEN MINUTES BC I AM OFFICIALLYYYYY bored and just sitting in bed cuz it is Saturday.
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Plane ride
I know I overuse my own music but this song fits so well, it is called a fly through sparkle city.
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Galactia genderbend (idea from Amazinq cola:p) READ DESCRIPTION
Okay, so she looks really different because male dithonias usually have darker fur& eyes, and are incapable to have double wings. To make it fair, female dithonias can't have more than ten tails, and have darker hooves (if any) just another dithonia fact for you!
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Unfinished paws-- test to see if they will look good with clay claws
Do you think the claws should be clay or vinyl when I'm done? Btw this is my first try at paws.
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