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Paul Adams - Just Such Beauty
Opening song Paul Adams award winning album IMAGININGS with Elizabeth Geyer, Pravin Godkhindi and David Hoffman. Photo montage of the mid west and the exotic music of the east. Zone Music Reporters Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year ! A wondrous amalgam of world music with heart and virtuosity. Paul met bansuri flute virtuoso Pravin on You Tube and after numerous Skype conversations decided to send him tracks for this project. Elizabeth was in America recording her incredible album THE BRIDGE and contributed wonderful keyboard. David, having spent 13 years with the incredible Ray Charles, rounded out with a bit of flugelhorn that added a masterful sense of "cool." to this award winning project of heartfelt world music.
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Paul Adams - This Christmas
An acoustic holiday and Christmas album in a very gentle prairie setting. The mood is somewhat ethereal and the sound is acoustic.I love the whole John Fahey thing as well as the Aaron Copeland approach. American. Of coarse, keeping it from sounding like a Christmas album was important as well.
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Paul Adams - Atmosphere
Paul Adams meditative song entitled ATMOSPHERE is from my album FLUTE MEDITATIONS FOR DREAMING CLOUDS (www.pauladams.org) album. Using Native American Flute, it is helpful for meditation, relaxation, stress reduction, sleeping, Yoga, and pondering life. Photography by Jerry Derbyshire www.GeoArts.net Paul Adams Music www.pauladams.org
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Paul Adams - Elephant Walk
From my first album VARIOUS WAVES. An Ode to the Wonderous Elephant that roam the world. A hint of Africa throughout the piece. This has turned out to be somewhat popular on the Satellite sites such as Sirius/XM, Music Choice, etc
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Paul Adams - Fayethe
Paul Adams song Fayethe from the album Various Waves. Gentle acoustic guitar and the sounds of nature are blended for meditation, relaxation, yoga, stress relief. Using photos from JERRY DERBYSHIRE (www.geoarts.com) , myself, my sweet neice and others.
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Paul Adams - I Wanna Dance
I Wanna Dance, from Paul Adams album IN THE LAND WHERE I COME FROM. An existential and spiritual look at the world. Wonderful Jazz Trumpet soloing by Ray Charles arranger David Hoffman. Dave scats and dances with trumpet over Paul's poetic lyric. A linear tale told with a sense of sweetness and irony The embracing of both the positive and negative aspects of life, adding up to a beautiful conclusion
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Paul Adams - Of Passion And Peace
THE PROPERTY OF WATER was a collaborative effort utilizing the organic and silicon. Laurie Spiegel's Music Mouse program for mac was used to control the melodic and rhythmic structure of the synth's (The keyboards of Synths were not used). This rather austere method, was then combined with acoustic instruments like Guitar, Harmonica, vocal, as well as Nature Sounds. These Nature Sounds were recorded to 1. Emphasize the audio in headphones and 2. to actually use in the structure on the song rather than just a backdrop (EX using thunder strikes in place of cymbals, etc). Bill Binkleman of WIND AND WIRE magazing called THE PROPERTY OF WATER one of the finets recordings of the year. Thanks Bill.
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Paul Adams - Water Prayers
Paul Adams Native American Flute playing to video and photos surrounding the creek waters of the Prairie. Created for a short meditative moment of peace. From his album FLUTE MEDITATIONS FOR DREAMING CLOUDS. Available at all the usual places like iTunes etc etc. Also his website
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Paul Adams - A Cowboys Canon.avi
A Cowboys Canon from Paul Adams album A View From The Plain. This is a varient of Pachelbel's Canon done Cowboystyle with Guitar, Dobro, Harmonica, Mandolin and a tad of synth. All photo's taken here in Illinois.
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Elizabeth Geyer and Paul Adams - Rose
Soothing, poignant, lyrical beauty, featuring traditional finger style acoustic guitar by Paul Adams highlighted by subtle, ethereal vocals from Elizabeth Geyer. Written by Paul Adams
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Paul Adams - Heavens
From Paul Aams album HEAVENS. Native American flute is a setting with other ethnic instruments as well as a minimum of chanting. Very nice for meditation, Yoga, Relaxation, stress management, Peace and harmony. A combination of the organic and terrestrial photo's mixing all aspects of the earth and the HEAVENS.
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Paul Adams - Time Passing Away.wmv
A thoughtful vocal tune concerning the illusion of time. Some may say Enya esc, but that wasn't the intension
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Elizabeth Geyer  - The Bridge
Title track to Elizabeth Geyer's newest album. It speaks beautifully of the balance of art and commerce. Passionate and heartfelt. For those who love to listen... for those distant drummers that seek to play and listen from the heart and well as the mind. Recorded and produced by Elizabeth Geyer and Paul Adams. Video produced by Paul Adams using Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum.
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Elizabeth Geyer  -  Waterfalls and Rainbows
From Elizabeth Geyer's album THE BRIDGE. Inspiration is everywhere. A wonderful and positive look at our whimsical world in a groovin 7/4 time signature. Written by Elizabeth. Recorded and produced by Elizabeth Geyer and Paul Adams using Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum
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From Paul Adams album THE PROPERTY OF WATER. This song as well as the others on the album were composed for yoga, massage and relaxation. The unique approach is that the entire album was done using Computer and Digital music pioneer Laurie Spiegel's MUSIC MUSE for computer. This intelligent program utilizes the computer keys rather than synth or sequencer for all music commands. EX. press one key you get staccato, another Legato, yet another chooses scale etc etc. The mouse is used to create melodic sequences. When you stop creating w/ the mouse, it improvises over what you've done. Laurie called the album a "unique blend of Silicon and Wood," as this rather clinical approach was combined with real instruments, and special stereo recordings of nature. Another unique approach is that the Nature sounds were not used just as a backdrp, but in some cases, part of the melodic structure. Example, thunder may be heard in place of crash cymbals.
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Paul Adams - The Moon And Stars
From Paul Adams album Flute Meditations For Dreaming Clouds. THE MOON AND STARS. Aimed for relaxation, massgae, Meditation, Yoga, stress reduction, or just an inner journey. The album is available from my web at www.pauladams.org . Also available at all the other digital outlets like iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, CDBaby,CMC, eMusic, etc etc
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Paul Adams - Meditation Heavens
Meditation with music and nature with Paul Adams album Heavens. One hour long meditation for relaxation with Flute instrumentation as well as Nature and exotic instruments. Good for Yoga, stress, sleep and a need to calm the spirit.
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Elizabeth Geyer - A Place To Fly
From Elizabeth Geyer's album THE BRIDGE. Transitioning to singer/songwriter from her jazz background, she is a story teller in the deepest sense. The album is for those who love to listen to stories... and perhaps lose themselves in a world of those who long for nobility and honor. Song written by Elizabeth Geyer. Recorded and produced by Elizabeth with Paul Adams. Video by Paul. All music rights reserved.
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Paul Adams - Stillness of the Day
From Paul Adams album FLUTE MEDITATIONS FOR DREAMING CLOUDS. Stillness Of The Day is a song that has focus is on Meditation, Yoga, Massage,elaxation, stress relief with nature and Music. Photos by Jerry Derbyshire at www.geoarts.net. I quite enjoyed making this piece and the video was a gas to asemble
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Paul Adams - In The Land Where I Come From
This is the title track from Paul Adams album of the same name. It's a rather existential ditty juggling the positives and negatives along with the absurdaties and beauties we call stuble into on our journey. Great playing by Paul, David Hoffman, and Kit Watkins
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Paul Adams - Meditation Relaxation Music
Relaxation and meditation video and music for yoga, meditation, rest, sleep, peace, and tranquility. Three songs from Paul Adams album Sleep (MIDNIGHT, THE DEEP VALLEY, SOFT WIND). The theme is soothing, ambient, native american inspired. Composed for study, contemplation, and finding a place of peace. SLEEP available iTunes, CDBaby, Rhapsody, Amazon, et.etc
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Imaginings with Elizabeth Geyer
Elizabeth Geyer's contribution to Paul Adams album Imaginings. A few behind the scenes photo's. Her use of piano in context of the flute, sitar, flugelhorn.
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Paul Adams - At Prairies Edge
This song is from my album A VIEW FROM THE PLAIN. My "ode" to the Prairie. Focus on acoustic instruments this time around. Photography and video taken by myself taken over the past ten years around the nearby prairie. laraine kaizer on Violin
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Paul Adams - Sleeping Song
Another meditative video from my album SLEEP. Utilizing the Native flute in a gentle and expressive way for those looking to sooth. Winner of ZONE MUSIC REPORT Native Flute Album Of The Year
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Paul Adams - Imaginings
Zone Music Reporters Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year featuring Paul Adams, Elizabeth Geyer, Pravin Godkhindi and flugelhorn master David Hoffman. A wondrous amalgam of world music with heart and virtuosity. Paul met bansuri flute virtuoso Pravin on You Tube and after numerous Skype conversations decided to send him tracks for this project. Elizabeth was in America recording her incredible album THE BRIDGE and contributed wonderful keyboard. David, having spent 13 years with the incredible Ray Charles, rounded out with a bit of flugelhorn that added a masterful sense of "cool." to this award winning project of heartfelt world music.
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Paul Adams - The Property Of Water
A relaxing meditative tribute to photographer Jerry Derbyshire, a great nature photographer. Those wanting an artistic yet healing experience will enjoy the view from Jerry's eye. Good for Yoga, Zen Meditation and a soothing ambience
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Paul Adams - March Of The Butterlanders
March Of The Butterlanders is the ending song on Paul Adams album In The Land Where I Come From. It is a little fantasy with a couple of meter shifts. An existential peek into the Zen experience of inner butter. A state of mind accomplished through great battles of Butterlanders being weighed down by their pride and intellectual prowess
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The Candle is Sweeter Than Fire
Elizabeth Geyer's lyric, piano and horn blast to an ending that is staggering. Gentleness and fire, incredible jazz sensibilities with the punch of Joni Mitchell and Diana Krall
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Paul Adams - Nightbird
From Paul Adams album SLEEP. Winner of Native Flute album of the year. The marraige of nature and music is a natural and organic calming agent. Good for rest, meditation, Yoga, and stress reduction. All music and video Copyright by Paul Adams
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Dance The Neurons (Paul Adams David Hoffman)
From the album Dance by The Neurons (David Hoffman and Paul Adams). A high energy look at where we are today...the brilliance, horror, fun, silliness and tragedy. Big high energy guitars, horns, percussion. A musical collage for the day!
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Luminosity Paul Adams David Hoffman THE NEURONS
From the album Dance by The Neurons. Luminosity is a jazz influenced groove oriented poem and music piece that was much fun to create. I hope you can "groove" and have fun!!
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Paul Adams - Cascade
From my first album VARIOUS WAVES. My favorit tune. dave Hoffman took video of me singing. I think I'll someday make an album of just this groove
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Trump Love by THE NEURONS
Donald Love Trump. Our elected man child !!
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Paul Adams - Auld Lang syne
From Paul Adams album THIS CHRISTMAS. Available Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, etc
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Paul Adams - It Rains In Heaven.wmv
From my album THE PROPERTY OF WATER. I wanted to utilize the wonderful photography of Jerry Derbyshire (geoArts.net) for one of these songs. The album attempts to mix what laurie Spielberg call's a melding of Silicon and Wood. Real and synthetic working together. The result I hope is a gentle meditative and calming effect on the listener
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Sleep the dreaming flute - Paul Adams
An hour long video rich in artistic and meditative expression that works so well for sleep, meditation, relaxation, Yoga, study and background. Rich wooden flutes with the sounds of nature. Sleep the dreaming flute won Zone Music Reporter Native American album of the year
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Paul Adams - Forever Young
From Paul Adams album In The Land Where ICome From. A personal favorite of Paul's it wanders through many music and personal aspects. Abit on the existential side of things due to a storyline that wanders between the lines. David Hoffman played wonderful trumpet between his Ray Charles gigs. Doug Knecht played wonderful Mandolin. Kit Watkins offered a few magical synth solos and Mark Smith shines as always on percussion
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Imaginings Pravin Godkhindi's bansuri flute
A short video focusing on Pravin Godkhindi's bansuri flute in Paul Adams award winning album IIMAGININGS. Pravin adds an influence of romanticism, mysticism, and virtuosity to the album. Winner of the Zone Music Reports Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year, IMAGININGS showcases a heartfelt and beautiful view of the world. Bansuri flute, Dobro, Guitar, Piano, Hang drum and flugelhorn.
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Playing Flute for cows - Paul Adams
Playing flute for my bovine friends. These guys came strolling over after hearing the flute. Hard to play w/ one hand and hold the phone in the wind, but they seemed curious and like me perhaps wanted a little distraction. Them from boredom... me from Trump
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Paul Adams - Natures Embrace
From my newest meditation album entitled SLEEP. I specifically designed and composed this album for Yoga, Sleep, Relaxation. Perhaps the slowest of my albums. There is a marraige of Native American Flute with Nature. I'm very pleased with my mothers beautiful artwork.
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Paul Adams - Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel
Oh Come Emmanuel by Paul Adams from his album THIS CHRISTMAS. This traditional song is arranged with all acoustic instruments such as Guitar, Dulcimer, Dobro, Bass, and Mandolin. The mood is ambient, thoughtful, acoustic, mystical and serene.
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Paul Adams - Reflections From The Water Pool
From Paul Adams album THE PROPERTY OF WATER. This was an unusual Ambient compsition that also utilizes a sense of melodicism and beauty. The general structure of the song was composed using Laurie Spiegel's Music Mouse (Laurie was an early proponent of synthesizers and Digital music from the Bell labs). The approach was to use this intelligent music program , with acoustic instruments, and nature Sounds specially "tweeked" for the Stereo Spectrum. Laurie calls it a "merging of silicon and wood and highly recommends it for headphones." It was also WIND AND WIRE Magazines album of the year in 1997.
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Elizabeth Geyer - Perfect Life
Elizabeth Geyer's emotional and passionate song of love and longing. Perhaps the most exposed and heart wrenching song from her album THE BRIDGE. Bill Champlin stated "I wish everyone would listen to this album!"
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PAUL ADAMS  The Nights Goodbye
From Paul Adams album SLEEP. This is the ending tune from the album. Nature with the Native American Anasazi Flute. It's "breathy" quality reallyseems to help the relaxing, meditative, and sleep mood.
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Imaginings and David Hoffman's contributions
Video showing David Hoffman's part in Paul Adams new album IMAGININGS. Many years with RAY CHARLES brought a sense of "cool" to this outing of world and new age that enriches the artistic environment.
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THE NEURONS  Saharah Caravan  (Paul Adams / David Hoffman)
Saharah Caravan is from the album Dance by THE NEURONS. It's a world fusion/groove album by Paul Adams and David Hoffman. The concept was to make eclectic music for a Ballet company I was working with. Traditional and exotic instruments were used and improvisation was the mode.
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The Everlasting Everything and Nothing
In The Land Where I Come From. A spiritual gathering of a meditative storyline from Paul Adams album. The journey as if you are watching yourself from above. There is a magic to everything and we need this magic to embrace everything that makes us feel connected.
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Paul Adams - Angels We Have Heard On High
Angels We Have Heard On High / The First Noel by Paul Adams from his album THIS CHRISTMAS. The main focus is on instrumental acoustic instruments sedate in mood. Guitar, Mandolin, Native Flute are used in this medley
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Paul Adams - Swing Reel Fantasy
Paul Adams song The Swing Reel Fantasy is from his album In The Land Where I Come From. This is a pixelated acoustic/electric and eclectic Irish tune with focus on Guitar, energy, and oddness. Perhaps a bit orchestral in it's unusual and passionate way.
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