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Sin City - Never Too Late
This is my fourth music video and is my impression of the Robert Rodriguez directed Graphic Novels by Frank Miller. After watching this music video I hope you feel you want to watch the movie. :) I attempted faster scene switching and more suitable clips for the music in this video from my previous three. The music used is by Three Days Grace, Never Too Late. Sit back and enjoy.
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The Fast and the Furious - Had Enough
A music video with clips from the first movie. Music by Breaking Benjamin.
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MT-09/FZ-09 Fuel Efficiency? And some people behaving like doughnuts
A few clips from the past few week and I discuss the bike's fuel gauge.
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First Weston Bike Night - Ride-by 2018
It's great to see so many bikers out and about. I will be attending this at least once this year. This is a sneak preview of what's to come (imagine it will be busier later in the year & when there's good weather).
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Twin Atlantic - Time to for You to Stand Up Live @ Bristol O2 Academy
November 6th shot on my iPhone. :)
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MT09 Fuel Efficiency Ep. 2
Just some further observations.
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MT09 First Ride Jan 2018 - Pretency
Bought this bike 26/01/18 and thoroughly enjoying it. Above are some clips from my journey from Weston-super-Mare to Bridgwater. No return journey sadly as my SD card died.
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MT09 / FZ09 Arrow Exhaust Soundclips
Not a review as such, but some clips of the noises it makes when the baffle has been removed.
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Observations III
Some more things I've experienced whilst riding around.
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Smallville - I caught fire
A music video to The Used's "I caught fire". Features scenes from Season 5 + 6. The quality would have been better but WMM has packed up on me and I was stuck with NeroVision which sucks. I hope you enjoy the video none-the-less. :D
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It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. (Apart from where it isn't).
27 & 28th February 2018 in Weston-super-Mare to Bristol commute. Temperatures fluctuated from -4C to 1C. It was too cold not to have proper warming gear on the bike! But it was still perfectly fine for riding a motorbike!
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Twin Atlantic - Free / All My Loving / Crash Land Live @ Bristol O2 Academy
Twin Atlantic play Free at the O2 in Bristol. Sam then performed a cover of The Beatles' All My Loving before playing Crash Land. All My Loving - 5:32 Crash Land - 7:52
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Twin Atlantic - Brothers and Sisters Live @ Bristol O2 Academy
November 6th shot on my iPhone. :)
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Pt 1 of 2. WHY I RIDE. M5 STANDSTILL. Filter extraordinaire.
All in a days work. On riding out of Weston the Police had brought the motorway to a stop. I crept through that and all other traffic in the way! Part 2 to follow.
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Observations - Bristol City Ventures
Just a few clips over a couple of interesting days on the road.
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That's not how roundabouts work bro
A big wtf moment.
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Twin Atlantic - What is Light? Where is Laughter? Live @ Bristol O2 Academy
November 6th shot on my iPhone. :)
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Observations IV
I am happy for footage to be used in compilations, subject to credits & video link being posted below.
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15 Miles of Filtering
One Friday evening on the M5 motorway in Somerset, United Kingdom.
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That cold morning ride... a wonderful Bristol view and some British filtering!
It was a cold morning and a long old task up the M5 to Bristol! Some lovely shots of the morning sun though.
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Started with some slightly damp gear from the previous day's journey, then got completely soaked in a downpour that wasn't forecast. Thought I was getting pulled over and had a totally maniacal ride. On the way home, I almost got knocked off by a bus and two cars, before braving some more rain in my sodden gear, then finding out that the petrol station is shut, before dousing my bike in petrol at my next closest station. Fun.
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Feb 28th - had issues with the bike shortly after leaving the house. Have assumed that the oil level sensor froze which in turn told the bike not to continue running. When the hot oil circulated the engine it went off and the bike would run again.
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Pt 2 of 2. WHY I HATE RIDING. Rain commute timelapse.... & also I get a bit angry!
Music by A Himitsu - Lost Within. Sadly I was very wet by the end of the journey!
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IT'S FIRE!! The explosive sound of an Arrow Exhaust on an MT09 | Pretency
So I took the baffle out of my Arrow exhaust on the weekend and the noises the thing has been making is unreal! The pops are just never ending! A full video will be up shortly but I thought it would be worth sharing this video with you! Flame on!
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NOT QUITE ROYAL JORDANIAN! Bristol filtering compilation
Some more clips from my commute.
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Observations II: Spring Begins.
More clips from my daily commute.
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