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Duxtop 8300st Induction Tabletop Cooker
I love my induction cooker, what I don't love is the hot spot it produces on my cast iron skillet, because I cannot make crepes properly because it produces a small hot spot! Does anyone have a tabletop induction cooker with a larger coil? The reason I bought this in the first place 'because of even cooking' they claimed, and I wanted 'perfectly' even cooked crepes, and I would take this anywhere...
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Grid-tie Limiter Inverter
Sorry, I suck at talking, but I have to mention something first is this company makes several versions of this inverter and please buy the version 'with the battery option' included in the title! 900 watt grid-tie inverter (wish it actually did 1000 w) that limits to only what you're using by a current sensor, has one sensor for either 120 v or 240 v version, I highly recommend this unit has very good MPPT capacity... Works directly off panels or batteries, I plan on getting a switch to flip from panels during the day and batteries at night when I get them... Using a Yi 720 wifi cam with night vision to monitor inverter as it can not do it. Very good cam, two stories down in basement wifi no problem. Sorry, I don't have video editor to add screen shot of what Yi sees, any suggestions on good video editor on a tablet? So far I have 1300 w of panels badly placed until more permanent solution... This is great when you have stupid 'smartmeter' and you don't want to deal with the netmetering redtape BS and permits... Yi cam https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016F3M7OM/ Grid-tie Limiter Inverter https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ELF2NMM/ America get rid of stupid 120 v split load panel, and just do 220 v for every thing, Europe knows what it is doing! Get more power, use less wire, simplifies panel. Why is America so damn backwards?
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Don't Buy CCC (Cheap Chinese Crap) Solar Panels
So disappointed, these are supposed to be 3.5 watt panels! Only produce 2 watts! If you see black lines covering up panels, should be your first clue of the crap they are trying to sell you, I thought 'they are just trying to make it look good'. Yep, making shit panels look good! If you can't see the soldering job DON'T BUY IT! Well made panels NEVER try to hide the soldering!
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Regrow Your Food
I started with one brussel sprout left from the bunch I bought, stuck it in a cup with a little bit of water until it grew roots and then I stuck it into the dirt now I have a new brussel sprout plant! I did it the same type of thing with green onions, the cut off root tip, but I didn't transplanted into dirt, they died...
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Solar Charging Mini Segway
First day trying to charge the the mini with the solar charger. I already tried trailing it down to the beach but I got halfway and came back because this is the first run with the trailer so it's not completely done. But the charger was not set right anyways and it was only charging intermittently. I have set the charger to 17 Volts for the panel and 1.49 amps limit. But I had it set for 1.5 and 2.0 amperage and that was what's causing the BMS of the battery to shut down. So you can not charge it by more than 1.49 amps! The charger only can go to 60 volts so I have it set for 59.5 volts.... PS I found in a sub sub menu to keep in 'solar' mode...but the controller is ramping up every time panels hit with shade, taking too long, and there is alot of trees here!!!
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Duck Tape vs FireFly -- Glow-in-Dark
I could not find one video comparing the two or showing off the brightness... So the winner in Duck Tape by ten kilometers... Do Not By FireFly glow-in-dark tape, it's pathetic... You can by Duck Tape ($10 & 3 m long) at craft stores, but look for store 40% off coupon to purchase with... You might be able to double up on the Duck Tape for better and longer brightness, I did same test, that over-lapped second layer then pulled up the end and the second layer was at half brightness, forget doing that with FireFly, the backing, blocks most of the glow and a tiny bit of second layer was lit and that is not saying much...
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Psychedelic Skull Flash safety light
I just love my little creation I made for my electric unicycle and my bike!
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Night Ride Update
I finally got the right tape on wheels from Duck Tape, good stuff, and added the much needed blue/uv LEDs to rejuvenate the glow as I am riding.... I also used timing circuit from scarfed from Christmas led display units....
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Mini African ghetto styling
My new ride, I converted a Superman led projector to run on a lithium battery, solar powered flashing leds, optic fiber/led tails, glow-in-dark duct tape... Will be using Duck Tape glow-in-dark on wheels and blue/UV LEDs to light them up.... FireFly glow-in-dark tape sucks, in all but absolute darkness, don't use...
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My Mini at Night
Ninebot Mini w/added lights sadly the FireFly sad glow-in-dark tape is snuffed out by the lit LEDs because the glow is so dim... Will be putting on Duck Tape and blue LEDs to light up wheels... That will be bad ass...
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Death Ride
I spiked up my dually Q3 airwheel, it was a bit boring! Hey you got to be seen at night, I guess this will do for now...
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Lixada led fire effect light
Sold by modicater-us on Amazon I'm showing the seller that the light bulb he sent me does not work.... I took the bulb apart and it ends up the electronics was not actually hooked up to the ac power at the base!!!! WTF? Where's the testing of bulbs at factory???
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Why Earbuds Suck, no repair....
I bought these off Amazon, it doesn't matter the make&model, 90° plug, flat cable.... Everything I wanted, the cable doesn't tangle as much, and 90° plug great if you have port on the side of your device, but no matter what you buy it breaks, this one, the wire broke right at the end of the hard 90° plug, should have been soft... but the damn wiring is too damn small, period! I want heavier wiring and be REPAIRABLE!
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Showboat Q3
Skulls make in more interesting, to plane jane electronic unicycle... When will airwheel update units to Bluetooth and increased speed?
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Flashing LEDs for Skulls mod
Finally got all the parts to get the flash color LEDs mod to the skulls, crystal skull, three belt buckles, 16580 battery out of a bad m12 milwaukee battery, m3 dual lock, prototype boards, auto-flash tri-color leds, brackets.... Now I am ready for a night ride... Not bright enough for daytime, like braggy 9bot... Three LEDs on big skull, two on top front, one for the middle, and three on bottom skull... Oh, and never crash again....right
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Hey, Fed Me!
Should I loop this? This is Q3 hunger dance saying it is hungry to charge it up.
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