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Old phone drop test (Tandy VS Motorola
These two old phones will battle out for the title of Most resistant to damage (A.K.A durability)
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Dumb Dog!!!
I was playing frisbee dog on regular wii not Wii U and at the last try to throw the frisbee, I threw the frisbee and the dog went the other way.
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Wrigley Girl
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Puppy play time part 2 more parts coming
Same thing as part 1
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Wrigley Loves eating ice and chasing our neighbor dogs
Video is a little bit boring in the beginning but gets more "entertaining" towards the end.
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Puppy play time (part 1) ((more parts coming very soon))
Wrigley is a little hirricane in the form of a German Shepard/lab mix and is very hard to control
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Sassy kitty cat-Sunny style
Footage captured on the I-phone 7
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Drop test
This is my personal phone, not a brand new phone.
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Puppy play time part 4 2 more parts to go
Sorry there's alot of parts its just that space keeps running out and I have to keep freeing up space to take another part.
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