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TIMtrio - Oso le la
Celebrating Pacific languages is an important way to keep our languages alive and thriving, and this year Unitec is celebrating in song. Contestant: Group TIMtrio (Teejay Nanai, Seira Tuimaseve Gasu, Melevesi Finau) Song: Oso le la Language: Samoan and Tongan Verse 1) It’s a brighter day, yes I feel so alive I wake up in the morning, and my heads in the sky Leaving my troubles behind, It’s wasting my time It’s a brighter day, Mali Mali mai ange (head up and smile) If you have troubles, Sole aua le popole (Just don’t worry) Put your head up, cause it’s a brand new day Luelue mai luelue malie (Move with Me, Move to the beat) Just feel the beat flow from your head to your toes Pre-Chorus: Tau hiva fakafiefia (Let us sing with joy& happiness) Sio ki hotau otua (Look to the man above) Malo sisu (Thanking you Jesus) He mo’ui ta’engata (For another day of Life) Ua alu ese Le mamafa, ‘O o’u mafatiaga (All my heavy Burdens are gone) Iesu se osana (JESUS, HOSANA) Aleluia ‘I Lou suafa (We sing halleluiah in the name of JESUS) Chorus: Oso le la (The sun is raising) He ‘aho faka’ofo’ofa (On this beautiful day) Jamming to the beat of this song ‘Ikai ha palopalema (There are no more problems) Fiafia tagata uma (And everyone has rejoiced in Happiness) Grooving to the strings of the guitar Verse 2: Another sunny day, feeling blessed in my life Just praying to you Jesus for strength to survive Feeling the goods inside that’s caught in my mind When we start off our day we say Malo e lelei! (Hello/Greetings) If you feel more struggles and you’re stressing all day Va’ai ‘I Luma (Look Forward) Aua le fa’avaivai (And Don’t Give Up) It’s a brighter day, open the blinds I can’t breathe I’m heka vela (I’m Feeling Hot) , let’s go and kick it outside (PRE-CHORUS) (CHORUS) Bridge: Let your problems fade away Cause it’s a brighter day And I know that we can get through this together ‘E lelei mea uma ia iesu (With JESUS everything is Good) Ohhhhhhhh- oh-oh-oh-oh (SLOW CHORUS) (FAST CHORUS) Ending: OSO LE LA! (The Sun Is Rising)
Southern Cross
Unitec 1st XV Haka Off 2014 www.unitec.ac.nz/hakaoff
What makes a great architect?
Registered architect and Director of Jasmax, Euan Mac Kellar, shares his insight about what architecture firms are looking for in graduates, and what attributes will help get students through the degree and early years of their careers. His answer, passion, and a lot of hard work.
Your guide to our Unitec Pōwhiri
At Unitec we welcome all new students and guests with a Pōwhiri, a traditional Māori welcome ceremony. This is a step-by-step guide to help you understand the protocols of our Pōwhiri, and enjoy this very special experience.
Graduation at Unitec
Graduation is the ultimate celebration of student success, and at Unitec we’re proud of how we do it. Follow Chris, Monique, and Aloalii (Lii) as they prepare for their big day and experience the sheer joy of this special occasion. For more and to apply to graduate visit http://www.unitec.ac.nz/graduation
Churchaboya - Niue Fekai
Celebrating Pacific languages is an important way to keep our languages alive and thriving, and this year Unitec is celebrating in song. CH Niue, Niue, Niue Ko Niue Fekai X2 Vs1 Niue joe haku motu tutaha- (the island of Niue stands alone as one) He moana Pasifika (In the oceans of the pacific) Niue koe motu fulufuluola (the island of Niue is beautiful) Tutupu ai e tau akau he fonua )with the plants/trees growing on the land) Mo e tau manu lele he pulagi (and the birds flying in the sky) Moe e tau ika he moana (also the fish in the sea) Tau fuata Niue- Mata ki luga (Youth of Niue- look up/ keep your eyes up) Lagaki hake e motu ha taua (Lets lift our island/nation up high) Pre Ch: Hifo e uga tapato ki tapato (the coconut crab is crawling & stumbling down to the sea ocean) Kafisi, kafisi kai uga x2 (Lets catch the coconut CH Vs2 Niue fekai is the place where I wanna be With the beautiful people ocean and coconut trees You got the talo on the left, paw paw on the right Mix them both together have Takihi all night That’s why I sing this song because That’s where I do belong And I said to my baby I just want to take you home Back to my island cause Ive never ever been there Back to my island cause Im only ever dreaming
Unitec Pacific Songwriting Competition 2015 with last years winner Junior Soqeta
Check out our 2014 winner of the Unitec Pacific Songwriting Competition Junior Soqeta. Preview his original song 'Problems' and how to overcome them. There's also information about how you can enter this year's competition. For more details about the competition visit www.unitec.ac.nz/pacificsongs
Electrical Engineering - Unitec
http://www.unitec.ac.nz/makeit/ - Kevin, a recent Unitec graduate explains how he got into electrical engineering and how he's enjoying working as an apprentice electrician.
Vicky in the darkroom
Vicky takes us into the darkroom and shows us how to make a salt print.
Etama - Selina Patia, Cook Islands
Lyrics E tama, e te tama purotu e e tama, e mura mata koe no matou kua oronga ia mai koe e tamaiti na matou teia to nga metua e tuoro atu nei iakoe Aere mai, tomo mai ra E ta matou tama turou kia orana Aere mai, tomo mai ra E ta matou tama turou kia orana Ikiikipeipei matou iakoe ki te aroa mei to matou ngakau te akararangi nei matou iakoe i teia ra mataora Te motu nei to rouru ka tuku ei ki toou au taeake e to ai metua ei akairo i toou tupuanga Ariki mai te reo aroa Na te atua koe E tiaki….(ka maeva…) E tama, turou oro mai, turou oro mai Ko te ra teia tei akonoia e iehova Kia rekareka tatou e kia perepere kavana Ioooo ko koe….
Rohini's Story | Unitec
Find out more at unitec.ac.nz/studyin2017 Rohini Contractor was still a student and in her final year of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies, when she volunteered to help co-ordinate the construction of an elaborate entrance pavilion for the Waiheke Island Sculpture on the Gulf, opening on 27 January 2017. The pavilion was designed by Stephens Lawson Architects, but has been built by Unitec students from Architecture, Engineering and Construction. For some, the work goes towards course credits. For others, it’s been paid experience that’s given students a chance to practice what they’ve learned in the classroom, in the real world.
Te Vii Tuvalu - May Ioka, Tuvalu
Lyrics Te Vii O Tuvalu By Kalau Ioka 1. Tuvalu ala mai koe ki luga, Viviki atu nei ki Atua, Tona alofa e tumau eiloa, Sisi la tau fuka ki luga. cho/ Tuvalu mo te Atua, Tuvalu mai ana mua, Omai, Omai,, Tuvalu mo te Atua. 2. Fetu e valu ko maina mai, Nanumea, Nanumaga, Niutao, Nui, Vaitupu, Nukufetau, Funafuti, Nukulaelae. 3. Tupulaga mo aso mai mua, Ke masaua ne koe tou fenua, Ke fou ne koe I sose koga, Ke matea ne te lalolagi.
Netane Takau - Episode 1 - Change starts here
Netane Takau returns to his nursing degree at Unitec to repeat a paper that he must pass before being able to start his final year, but he won't let anything stop him from realising his dream.
Andrew's Story | Unitec
Find out more at unitec.ac.nz/studyin2017 Andrew Long worked on the drainage infrastructure and vehicle accessways for a superlot development within Hobsonville Point. He was the lead engineer for the detailed design and construction observation of the stormwater/wastewater. With such a complex task, Andrew was well aware of the pressures. “In a working environment where everything is needed yesterday, nobody is going to force you to follow the quality assurance procedure, it’s something you need to factor into your timelines.”
Unitec Pacific Songwriting Competition 2014
Listen to Unitec contemporary music student Psalms Strickland-Marsters sing in his native tongue and share a songwriting tip to help encourage his Cook Island community and anyone else to register for the Unitec Pacific Songwriting Competition. For entry and prize details, visit www.unitec.ac.nz/pacificsongs.
Marae Opening at Unitec NZ
Unitec Marae Opening on TVNZ 1 News
ISA NA LEQA - Junior Soqeta, Fiji
Lyrics Verse one Criticism is totally different from recognition You say, i say, we say feel the love from within Discrimination, realization It’s just who we are Stop hiding under that smile Bring out the best of you Know that i’m by your side In everything you do Pre-chorus Au gadreva na yalomatua Seavu na leqa kavoro na bula Chorus Isa na leqa mo qai guilecavi (tell me what’s going on, if i say something i might be right or wrong) Isa na leqa mo bau toso yani (when you make a choice, make it right. Don’t think once please think twice) Verse two You won’t stand alone, because you know you’re not on your own And i will chase that dream, like it is a rainbow Different coloured skin, that’s where it all begins Put it on my head, like it is a halo Pre-chorus Au gadreva na yalomatua Seavu na leqa kavoro na bula Chorus Bridge Oh i need you to help me help her So that we can make things work
Quantity Surveying - Unitec
http://www.unitec.ac.nz/makeit/ - Josh, a Unitec graduate tells us what it's like to work as a quantity surveyor.
Start a career in boatbuilding at Unitec
http://www.unitec.ac.nz - Our Certificate in Applied Technology (Boatbuilding) is a great way to turn your passion into a career. Find out what it's like to study at Unitec and what you'll need to get started in the boatbuilding industry.
Vicky Te Puni - Episode 1 - Change starts here
Vicky Te Puni embarks on her final year of a Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts in photography at Unitec Institute of Technology.
The Crowd Goes Wild vs Massey High School with Glory League | Unitec
Watch The Crowd Goes Wild's cast take on Massey High School's top basketball team in an epic battle to kick off Glory League!
Unitec Bachelor of Creative Enterprise
Want to develop the creative, technical and entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed in the creative industries? Find out more about studying a Bachelor of Creative Enterprise at Unitec http://www.unitec.ac.nz/career-and-study-options/transmedia/bachelor-of-creative-enterprise
Automotive Engineering - Unitec
http://www.unitec.ac.nz/makeit/ - Dan, a Unitec graduate tells us what it's like to work as an apprentice automotive technician.
Alex's lecturer Mark Mismash talks about the first year
Unitec lecturer Mark Mismash discusses the unique challenges of the first year of Unitec's Architecture degree.
Architecture classroom comes to life with movie surprise
See how cinema-goers reacted to New Zealand's first live 360 video experience on the big screen at Hoyts Sylvia Park. Cinema goers were taken through our Looks like a Classroom to Us Architecture 360 video. You can view the 360 video at https://youtu.be/66-Zio2xrls
Library and Learning Support at Unitec
Unitec's 3 libraries and Learning Support services are here help you be successful in your studies at Unitec.
Take a career in Sport to the highest level
Find out more about studying a Bachelor of Sport at Unitec http://www.unitec.ac.nz/career-and-study-options/sport/ There’s never been a better time to embark on a career in sport. The sporting landscape has changed dramatically, resulting in a number of new employment opportunities. In this video, you’ll see how Unitec’s close ties to the industry and unique Think.Do approach gives you the competitive edge.
Highlights from the opening of the IBM Delivery Centre at Unitec
http://www.unitec.ac.nz/IBMcentre - On 14 February 2013, IBM and Unitec opened the new IBM Delivery Centre at Unitec's Mt Albert campus. The delivery centre is expected to employ up to 400 people over the next two years. Attendees included the Prime Minister of New Zealand the Rt Hon John Key, Jennifer Moxon, Managing Director of IBM New Zealand, Jim Stabback, Chief Operating Officer of Westpac New Zealand, and Rick Ede, Chief Executive of Unitec Institute of Technology.
Netane and why he chose nursing
Netane and his Auntie talk about how he got into Nursing at Unitec.
A better way to learn | Unitec
Disover Learning In Action: unitec.ac.nz/learninginaction We believe that introducing our students to their future employers while studying delivers a better quality graduate. Watch Jess and Abhi work with industry professionals to make their dreams a reality.
Hannah Teipo -  Ko taku aroa teia
Celebrating Pacific languages is an important way to keep our languages alive and thriving, and this year Unitec is celebrating in song. Contestant: Hannah Teipo Song: K otaku aroa teia Language: Cook Islands Lyrics Ko taku aroa teia Just like the moon you are pulling (gravitate) me in Just like the tide i revolve around you Just like the stars you brighten the night and just like the sun you bring warmth to my life Im calling out to you don’t let my heart suffer because the world ceases to exist without you Final: Ko taku aroa teia e ine Mei te ra kua maana toku ngakau Te marama, te ētu kua turama mai iaku Te au tai, tapoki ki runga iaku I te po x2 Te kapiki atu nei au Titiro mai kiaku Ko koe toku ora, ko koe te openga Apai koe I toku mamae aue x 2 Aue x 2 This is my love for you Just like the sun you bring warmth to my life (warm my body) Just like the moon, the stars you shine on me Just like the tide you encapsulate me, comfort, embrace me (wrap around me) In the night Im calling out to you Hear my call/request You are the lifegiver and the end of my life Take this pain away from me
Transmedia storytelling with Jeff Gomez
Unitec hosted an event on transmedia storytelling organised by ASDCS, Auckland Screen and Digital Content Strategy leadership group. The CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, the world leaders in transmedia production, Jeff Gomez, was the key speaker.
Sonatane Kaufusi - Ma'alahi
Celebrating Pacific languages is an important way to keep our languages alive and thriving, and this year Unitec is celebrating in song. Contestant: Sonatane Kaufusi Song: Ma’alahi Language: Tonga Verse 1: See we were all born in our own unique ways, yeah were not the same you and me. You’ve got to learn to be proud of where you came from, whether Tonga or Fiji. Semi-chorus: (Tongan) ‘Oi ‘oiaue, si ana latu. ‘Ana tauele mai kia teau Chorus: Stand up, Stand out, speak loud. Come on, don’t hide your culture from me be proud. Express your individuality. ‘Oku ke fo’I Ma’alahi, ma’alahi. Verse 2: He ‘oi ‘oiaue, si ana latu. ‘Ana tauele mai kia teau. Si he nofononga he ’o’ne’one, He na ‘ama topu, va’e taha pe. Si kau tangata, moe kau fefine. Mou matuku ‘atu ‘e mohe. Kae tuku peu hive hiva pe. Oku faka’osi ‘osi poe. Semi-chorus: Love your culture, religion, and your family. Don’t be afraid to show your true identity. Chorus: Stand up, Stand out, speak loud. Come on, don’t hide your culture from me be proud. Express your individuality. ‘Oku ke fo’I Ma’alahi, ma’alahi. (Repeat) Chorus: Stand up, Stand out, speak loud. Come on, don’t hide your culture from me be proud. Express your individuality. ‘Oku ke fo’I Ma’alahi, ma’alahi.
Netane Takau - Episode 2 - Change starts here
There's a lot on the line for Netane. Having failed a paper last semester, he needs to pass it this time in order to keep his dream of becoming a nurse alive. Will his hard work and commitment pay off?
Carpentry - Unitec
http://www.unitec.ac.nz/makeit/ - Tuiti, a Unitec student, explains how he got into carpentry and what he enjoys about working and learning in the industry
Virtual tour of the new Unitec student Hub
The new student Hub is part of Unitec’s multi-million-dollar redevelopment programme to create a modern and vibrant learning environment in Auckland. Read more at http://www.unitec.ac.nz/about-us/architecture-graduate-and-tutor-brings-student-hub-to-virtual-life
Eleven 48
Unitec Video Dance 1 min. 30 sec. Dancers/Choreographers: Anya Lomakina, Sarah Iwaskow, Amanda MacFarlane, Kylie Gestro
Job interview skills - The 4 R's
Job interviews are challenging, and success is more likely if you're well-prepared. Our Career Centre team at Unitec offer some useful tips and techniques to help anyone prepare for a job interview. More at http://www.unitec.ac.nz/careercentre
Unitec Sport students leading the way in event management - Youth Speak Sport Summit 2016
Find out more about our Sports programmes http://www.unitec.ac.nz/career-and-study-options/sport. As part of their third-year studies in Event Management, a group of Unitec Department of Sport students worked with Auckland Council to run the Youth Speak Sport Summit 2016. The event was aimed to encourage Year 9 and 10 students to identify issues that young people face within sport and recreation and provide potential solutions. Take a look at how this enthusiastic team of students took to the challenge of running an event that engaged the young people of Auckland.
Unitec International
What is it like to study at Unitec and what it is like to live in Auckland while you study
Looks like an Architecture Classroom to Us (360° video)
At Unitec we believe in thinking and doing and that learning is not only through traditional lectures. And that’s why we approach learning differently through taking practical skills out to industry. Find out more at http://www.unitec.ac.nz/studyin2017/ If you cannot view 360 videos, check out our standard video at https://youtu.be/VY0Y9XQwAoE
How kids want to learn
13-year-old Reuel Terezaki visits The Mind Lab by Unitec to explain how he uses technology in his everyday life and how he would like to learn. The Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital & Collaborative Learning) is a new qualification from The Mind Lab by Unitec. Designed for teachers at all levels, it will build your knowledge of new technologies and help you develop effective teaching strategies to engage your learners and achieve better classroom outcomes.
Unitec Human Performance Lab
Unitec's state of the art Human Performance lab run by the Department of Sport, brings the benefits of sports science to people of all fitness levels. The lab is equipped with the latest sporting technologies and provides the tools for a healthier approach to fitness, exercise and training.
Forum for the Future 2012 - Sam Judd
Sam Judd, Director and Co-founder of Sustainable Coastlines says that as per his experience it is usually harder to induce a positive behaviour change, such as being more eco-friendly, among older people. Do you agree? Join the debate on www.facebook.com/UnitecNZ or www.twitter.com/UnitecNZ #UnitecFFF. Visit www.forumforthefuture.unitec.ac.nz for more.
Aura Information Security
The construction and IT sectors are in growth mode and Unitec is proud to offer pathways into those sectors. In IT and computing Unitec is increasingly turning our attention to cyber security.