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Billy Bragg - A New England (live 2006)
Roundhouse London 26 Oct 2006
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Mashup Umbrella Rihanna & Lillasyster.wmv
lillasyster comes in approx 1:40
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Billy Bragg - The Only One (alternate version)
the song was used in the credits for a short movie titled "sandino bambino"
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Olympus Stylus TG 850 underwater
Shot in my aquarium. Fish and shrimp being fed live water fleas.
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Phillip Phillips, Elise Testone - Somebody That I Used to Know.avi
My favourite American Idol contestants - Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone - with a cover of Somebody That I Used to Know. P.S. I do not own this video. No copyright infringement intended.
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Place phone in glass for a bit of reverb
I read this on lifehacker.com and tried it out... it works! Just make sure the glass is empty ;) I think it sounds a bit better if the mouth of the glass is facing you.
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Tribute to Dr. Joseph Alagaratnam at HKL
sorry i had to substitute the audio from the slideshow coz i got this message from youtube... Your video has copyrighted audio that may affect its availability. You may be able to fix this by removing a copyright-claimed song below. Honey And The Bee (Album Version) - Owl City; Vanilla Twilight (Album Version) - Owl City; Dreams Don't Turn To Dust (Album Version) - Owl City
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my dashcam - aftermath car & lorry accident on the way to KLIA
dashcam's date is incorrect
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The Boys - She's Gone ( Steelheart cover)
cover of Steelheart's She's Gone
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my dashcam - aftermath car skid
driving too fast on a wet surface
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my dashcam - lovely malaysian drivers
close call
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my dashcam - two accidents on one stretch - Sunway
date on dashcam is wrong
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my dashcam - near miss no. 2 - another idiot
cutting across a double line
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our doggie eating a coconut
Zoey having a go at a coconut
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my dashcam - truck fire
no audio coz of my language :)
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face on the poster changes!
while having breakfast at mcdonald's
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my dashcam - 20 minutes road block!
nothing much to see in this video, except if you have the time, just sit in one place and watch the whole video... to try and sympathise with me and the other drivers! i also included the drive after the roadblock was lifted, so you can see the jam on the other side of the road... from the end of the NPE to the turnoff to Jalan Maarof
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my dashcam - just an afternoon drive to the airport
1. two car collision 2. just after clearing up accident 3. 4wd in the ditch 4. car in the roundabout 5. police summons car, driver crushes it up 6. open burning in Putrajaya 7. small accident in KL city centre 8. garbage truck load stuck on shop awning
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Bee vs Spider
in Winthrop, Perth, Australia.
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24 made in India!
excerpt from today's bbc news (30sept13). i hope jack makes a guest appearance :)
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my dashcam - army using civilian mpv
this was taken on May 9 2018, election day.
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my dashcam - fender bender
driver on my right
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my dashcam - wonderful malaysian airport taxi driver
dashcam date is wrong. actual date was sometime July 2016
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my dashcam - Pantai Sentral Park
land clearing
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