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John Williams - THE IMPERIAL MARCH (Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back) - BEST VERSION!!!
The best version of The Imperial March, played by the Utah Symphony Orchestra under Varujan Kojian. Available from Varèse Sarabande Records - and I urge you to get that album ("The Star Wars Trilogy"), because even if it covers only a small part of the SW musical universe, these versions are invariably the best played and best recorded (All Hail to Soundstream!) available.
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GRIZZLY (Soundtrack Suite) - Music by Robert O. Ragland
A suite from the vinyl album of GRIZZLY (Main Titles - Tracking the Grizzly - Kelly's Midnight Plan - Helicopter Chase/Don's Killed/Get the Bazooka - End Titles "What Makes a Man a Man"). Music Composed and Conducted by Robert O. Ragland
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