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Merry Christmas Everyone!
Hello everyone and today its christmas. So i hope you all have a very merry christmas.👍 Im recording on my brand new galaxy S7!!! ---------------------- Dont forget to subscribe! ----------------------
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Gimmick Island 1 Minute Gameplay
Gimmick Island is a small puzzle game for iOS and Android. You guide a ball through a small mechanical maze and try to get all three stars. This is based off a toy that was popular in the 80's. ----------------------------------------- Don't forget to subscribe! ----------------------------------------- Gimmick Island © Short2Games Again sorry for only having music!
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Channel Intro!
Hey guys. so this is my new intro. comment if you think its a good intro down below. By the way i made this in Panzoid. Thanks for watching. :-) Also shoutout to flame8242 on Panzoid for the template.
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True Skate Android Gameplay
This is a quick video True Skate for iOS and android. Don't forget to like subscribe and comment.
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Creepy Room
That room was scary! ------------------------------------------- Don't forget to subscribe! ------------------------------------------- This was filmed at a dollar store.
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Slow Motion
I got my S7 today so i can do much more with my camera. ----------------------- Dont forget to subscribe! -----------------------
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So I got to touch an iPhone X. Finally!!! //////////////////////////////////// Dont forget to subscribe! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ But i kinda liked the Note 8 more.
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Nov 12th 2017 (Read Desc)
Hey. I hope you can subscribe because I'm hoping to at least get 10 subscribers. Expect more videos soon and have a Merry Christmas! ☺
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How to make a slow motion video
So this is how to make a slow motion video with PowerDirector/KineMaster. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We're almost at 10 Subscribers so don't forget to subscribe! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yay!
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Thank you!
Thank you all for 11 subscribers! Its taken a while but we finally made it! And of course! ----------------------- Dont forget to subscribe! ----------------------- Our next goal is 20!
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The Burglars - Short Film
This short film was made on my iPad Pro I just got! I know it’s definitely not the best, though I really hope I did well on making this! ///////////////////////////// Subscribe for More! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Others featured in this video: RomyPanda Cleo and Whiskers Phoebe Grizzly
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Watch out Scientology 2018
This was not me! This is for my mum. I'm not part of any of this scientology stuff! Anyway... ----------------------- Don't forget to subscribe! -----------------------
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----------------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to subscribe to My channel. For more! ----------------------------------------------------------------- This technique is called jump cutting BTW.
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OMG I can actually teleport!! ------------------------------------------------ Don't forget to subscribe :-D ------------------------------------------------ This is a jump cutting video.
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VitoTheo Animation
This is my first Plotagon animation! Hope I did well! ----------------------- Don't forget to subscribe! -----------------------
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We broke into our old house!
This is a skit. We of course didn't break into our old house. Credit for editing goes VitoTheo40. YouTubers in this video:Romypanda, Siennapolarbear, PhoebeGrizzly Intro made with RenderForest Video edited with KineMaster
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Real Racing 3-Mount Panorama-Cup
Real Racing 3 Gameplay. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook (Vito O Leary). Don't forget to like subscribe and comment.🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮 Sorry if there are any noises in the background!
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I saw another one of these so i wanted to make one too. ------------------------------------------ Don't Forget To Subscribe! ------------------------------------------ It would help a lot. Thanks! Have a happy Christmas!🎅
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At the castle
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About Hurricane Ophelia
So a Cat.3 hurricane is hitting soon. Subscribe
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Samsung Galaxy S7 FHD 1080p Video Sample
This is a 1080p video sample of my brand Galaxy S7 i got for Christmas! A n y w a y . . . ----------------------- Dont forget to subscribe! -----------------------
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Hurricane has started!
The eye of the hurricane is hitting us. Hopefully the windows can take it. Subscribe for more!
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Mitch's Phone
This is a plotagon animation i was working on for a while now. Hope i did well! ----------------------- Don't forget to subscribe! ----------------------- Thanks for 12 subscribers!😁
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Kid scares himself with snapchat
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Introduction to my living room!
Hello this is vito and welcome to my channel.this is my living room. I just started yesterday.so don't forget to like and subscribe!The other things like the box houses and the Wii mini are my brother's and sisters.
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Stunt Rush Level 1-10 Walkthrough
So this is a walkthrough of Stunt Rush for Android. See you in our next video. -------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to subscribe! -------------------------------------------------- Edited with KineMaster. Stunt Rush-3D Buggy Racing © Chilican.com
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