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DJI Spark - February Montage
This is this months compilation of footage from my drone! I hope you enjoy. The weather this month has been crazy, as in the middle of Febuary it hit 77 degrees, and then snowed 2 days later! Equipment Used: DJI Spark, DJI Spark Controller, LG G6 with DJI Go 4 app. Music: M83 - Midnight City
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DJI Spark - January Montage
These are some of the awesome shots I got with my DJI Spark. I normaly do not go uploading on sundays, but my channel needed some veriety and here it is. Music: Fly Away - Ft. Anjulie (VAVO Remix)
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LG G6 - One Year Later
The LG G6 is now a year old! Lets see how it works in 2018! Links: Buy the LG G6 here: https://www.amazon.com/LG-Platinum-Unlocked-International-Warranty/dp/B06ZZ5ZG53/ref=sr_1_4?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1519680991&sr=1-4&keywords=LG+G6 Nicks Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEkp2cqCQHziCLCKLKpOLrQ
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Planet Coaster - Tropical B&M Invert
This is a B&M inverted coaster in planet coaster. I tried to use a new method for smoothing but it did not work out... Frontier, please fix your game. Music: Chainsmokers and Coldplay - Something just like this -Ummet Ozcan Remix
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Planet Coaster - B&M Invert Concept
Frontier, please fix your game. ~ Music: Stressed Out - Tomsize Remix
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KSP - Trying to be a stuntman
Oh the G's... I must be a really great pilot! Music: Freeway - Flux Pavillion
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Planet Coaster - Smoothest Coaster - Definitely *NOT* Clickbait 100% Legit
Frontier, Please FIX YOUR GAME! I DON'T WANT TO 4 METER SMOOTH ANYMORE I'M BEGGING YOU! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this piece of clickbait garbage. The real deal will come soon. This is not my real planet coaster video for the week, consider it an extra video not on my schedule. ~ Music - Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop
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Every Youtuber needs this brilliant chrome extension! - A look at TubeBudy
Today I'll be giving some insight on one of the best YouTube chrome extensions out there! Remember to like, subscribe, and comment any ideas for videos! Link to download TubeBudy: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tubebuddy-for-youtube/mhkhmbddkmdggbhaaaodilponhnccicb?hl=en-US Check Out my friends channel here: YouTube.com/kaplankafe Link to my Blog: wordpress.com/largearttech
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Planet Coaster: Mack Launch Coaster/Intamin Blitz Coaster
The Resolution is really broken. I will be trying to fix it in the future but until then you'll have to put up with the edgy music and bad editing software. (If you actually watch my videos) Music: Emotional Must Die Remix, Flux Pavilion
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Planet Coaster - S&S Launch Coaster
This was supposed to be Fridays video, but my upload schedule was disrupted. Sorry about the meme music... ~ Music: Man's Not Hot - Dirty Palm Remix
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Can the DJI Spark handle High Winds? - DJI Spark Vlog #2
Today I will see how well the DJI Spark can handle high winds. Feel free to like, and subscribe! Please leave comments on ideas for more videos in the description! Buy the Spark Here with my DJI Affiliate Link: http://click.dji.com/AAT1Rbd6QpxvgiGjN0VR?pm=link
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Planet Coaster - Black Sun - B&M Giga
This is a fairly smooth coaster, I hope you enjoy! We start a new series tommarow, and I hope you enjoy it! Music - Sun-Composed by Thomas Bergersen
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ITS 77 DEGREES IN FEBRUARY!!!! - DJI Spark Vlog #1
This is my attempt at making a vlog, let me know if you liked it my liking the smash button... Feel free to subscribe... Sorry about the audio quality... Thats what you get when you have to film on a moto g 4 because your LG G6 is for your display... I just realized the whole ending of the video is messed up... Oh well... Music - Fly Away VAVO REMIX Subscribe to nicks channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEkp2cqCQHziCLCKLKpOLrQ
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Planet Coaster - B&M Floorless
This uses no in-game maneuvers, and it could be smoother. Frontier, once again I ask you; please fix coaster smoothness. Please. Music: Monster - Imagine Dragons
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Battlefront 2 and Fortnite Live Stream #1
I'm the biggest fortnite scrub ever - ten billion deaths and counting.
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A 25 dollar mini-drone? - Propel Atom One Review
Today I take a look at Propel's Atom One mini drone! Buy this amazing drone here: https://www.amazon.com/Propel-Indoor-Outdoor-Wireless-Quadrocopter/dp/B01MZ1UUTM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1521320361&sr=8-1&keywords=atom+one+drone
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KSP - Random Fun with the BATMOBILE
Me Going On A Rant And Driving The Batmobile
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KSP Mun Relay Probe
This is my first KSP Video, and my first commentary, I hope you enjoy. Also, I would love some feedback on what I could do better! Thanks!
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Making theDolphinKing45's Intro
This is a placeholder video, I hope you enjoyed. Be sure to check out my friends new channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAFB50oQCWO9SBSGpnuwepQ Thanks for watching, be sure to like and subscribe and leave ideas for more videos in the comments!
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Flying Drones With Tristan - DJI Spark Vlog - NEW DJI AFFILIATE LINKS IN DESCRIPTION
Hey guys, today I fly my drone with one of my friends! NEW DJI AFFILIATE LINKS: Buy the Spark: http://click.dji.com/AAT1Rbd6QpxvgiGjN0VR?pm=link Buy the Mavic Pro: http://click.dji.com/AG-QsViJ6TyQcYpQnOWu?pm=link Anyways, the march montage is coming soon! I hope you enjoy it when it comes out!
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Planet Coaster - The Park Begins - Park Build Episode 1 - Entrance and B&M Dive coaster
This is my start of a new park, let me know if you like the video, and be sure to like and subscribe! This series should be either a once a week or once every two week upload. Theres a bit of audio missing in one part, its only a minute long so your not missing out on much.
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Planet Coaster - SandStorm
A Coaster I Made With The Game Planet Coaster sorry about the frame rate. screw my computer.
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Planet Coaster - Silver RMC
I used a new and fairly effective smoothing technique. ~ Music: Hymn For The Weekend - Seeb Remix
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Random KSP stuff and some planet coaster
my mic is broken so you might not hear me that well
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Drone video
This is a random video from my drone.
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Planet Coaster   Compact RMC Concept
This could probably be smoother, but it will have to do.
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Red Five - RMC Single Rail Giga - Planet Coaster
Sorry About the Scenery, I am trying to get back on my new upload schedule.
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Channel Trailer
Here is my channel trailer... Nothing much to say... I don't know why you are still reading this...
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Intimidator 305 Planet Coaster POV
My Recreation of Intimidator 305
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Planet Coaster - Marooned  B&M Flying Coaster
Sorry about the resolution... I have a bad screen recorder, but hopefully in the future I will have better resolutions. Music: Pop Culture - Madeon
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Planet Coaster Live stream #1
I'll probably be building a Giga
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Planet Coaster - WildWood - GCI Wooden Coaster
Sorry about the scenery, I am now using a different screen recorder which hopefully looks better. If you like this video feel free to like and subscribe.
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