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Intimidator 305 Planet Coaster POV
My Recreation of Intimidator 305
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KSP Mun Relay Probe
This is my first KSP Video, and my first commentary, I hope you enjoy. Also, I would love some feedback on what I could do better! Thanks!
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Planet Coaster: Mack Launch Coaster/Intamin Blitz Coaster
The Resolution is really broken. I will be trying to fix it in the future but until then you'll have to put up with the edgy music and bad editing software. (If you actually watch my videos) Music: Emotional Must Die Remix, Flux Pavilion
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Planet Coaster   Compact RMC Concept
This could probably be smoother, but it will have to do.
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Random KSP stuff and some planet coaster
my mic is broken so you might not hear me that well
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Red Five - RMC Single Rail Giga - Planet Coaster
Sorry About the Scenery, I am trying to get back on my new upload schedule.
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Drone video
This is a random video from my drone.
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KSP - Random Fun with the BATMOBILE
Me Going On A Rant And Driving The Batmobile
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Planet Coaster - Marooned  B&M Flying Coaster
Sorry about the resolution... I have a bad screen recorder, but hopefully in the future I will have better resolutions. Music: Pop Culture - Madeon
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Planet Coaster - WildWood - GCI Wooden Coaster
Sorry about the scenery, I am now using a different screen recorder which hopefully looks better. If you like this video feel free to like and subscribe.
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Planet Coaster - SandStorm
A Coaster I Made With The Game Planet Coaster sorry about the frame rate. screw my computer.
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Planet Coaster Live stream #1
I'll probably be building a Giga
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