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2003 Bluebird International - Cruising Along
This bus runs on the DT466E.
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2010 Orion VII NG Hybrid - Driving [OC Transpo]
OC Transpo #5118 on a short drive.
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2003 Bluebird International - Stopping
This video is to show a rare spec, which is an audible warning light alarm that is curiously featured on Bluebirds in my area.
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Bus Stop Sign
Just seeing how many views I can get LOL.
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Game Clip #1 Swarmed! (ARK)
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Actual This is the only level
My other livestream failed so here is the good one!
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This is the only level
I'm starting my first video with a livestream!
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Horrible Road Vs. 2011 Bluebird Vision
Okay, this has to be shared. Here, I video one of the worst roads I have seen before and to top it off, I'm in a bus. IMPORTANT NOTE: I will be taking a break off of YouTube due to lack of support on my videos, and this is not because of the 10 year olds that can't take opinions and jokes.
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