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General rules of intestacy
When someone dies without leaving a will, their estate will be distributed under the intestacy rules. This video provides valuable information for people who encounter this situation.
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Probate and inheritance tax
Dealing with Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a complex and onerous part of administering estates. This video provides information on assessing whether IHT applies and if so, what that involves.
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Distributing an estate
There are specific timeframes and processes to follow when distributing an estate. This video explains what you need to do and when in order to complete it correctly.
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Simplify probate
This video gives you an understanding of how Simplify can help you through the probate process.
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Intestacy and surviving spouse
When someone dies without leaving a will, their estate will be distributed according to the intestacy rules. This video provides a summary of who the estate goes to in this situation and the important areas to consider.
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Statutory notice
A statutory notice is placed in the London Gazette and also the local paper if the deceased owned a property. It gives potential claimants a limited timeframe to contact the personal representative if they believe the estate owes them money. This video explains the benefits of placing this notice.
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Capital gains tax
Capital gains tax is a tax on profit from the sale of assets such as property, shares, cars or valuable antiques. This video explains when it could apply and how to manage it during the administration.
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Stage 1 - Getting started with DIYprobate
This video shows you how to use DIYprobate, from setting up the estate to identifying the main areas that you'll need during the administration.
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Professional property valuation
A property is usually the most valuable asset in the estate. It's important that an accurate valuation is provided. This video explains the importance of obtaining an HMRC accepted property valuation from a specialist probate valuer.
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Role of a Personal Representative
There are certain steps that a personal representative must follow when administering an estate. This video sets out the key responsibilities.
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Stage 5 - Collect
This is the stage when you receive probate and can start to collect the assets. This video explains how to deal with the assets, whether they are being cashed in or transferred.
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The will
The Will is a legal document that sets out what should happen to a person's estate when they die. This video includes information on how to check that it's valid as well as translating some of the terminology used.
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Acting as a personal representative
Executors and administrators of the estate are known as the personal representatives. This video explains who can act as a personal representative.
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Solicitor probate application
Many families choose to use a professional to deal with more complex and specialist work, such as applying for probate. This often reduces the time involved and avoids costly mistakes. This video explains how a professional solicitor can help you with the probate application.
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Income tax
Every estate potentially attracts income tax. It's important to contact HMRC as soon as possible to establish the tax position. This video explores who to contact and what to do if tax is due.
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If the deceased owned shares, there are a number of areas to consider such as whether an indemnity is required, confirmation of their value and whether they're to be sold or transferred. This video details what to do in each of these areas.
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How DIYprobate will help you
Use DIYprobate to complete the administration yourself. It includes letter templates, task lists with reminders and software guides to help you through each step of the process. This video explains all the ways in which DIYprobate can help you administer an estate.
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Stage 4 - Apply
There are various forms to complete in order to apply for probate. This video shows where you can find them in DIYprobate. It also explains how you can use a professional to complete these forms and apply on your behalf, if you prefer.
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Stage 2 - Immediate
Now that you've completed the estate set up, there are some immediate actions to take to make sure you fulfill your duties as the personal representative. This video sets out what you need to do at this stage.
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Suggestions for you
Through DIYprobate you'll be introduced to different companies who can help you with some of the specialist aspects of the administration. This video explains how the process works and how the suggestions may help you.
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Move with Us property services
Move with Us is the market leader in dealing with properties when a person has died. This video explains how they can help you and their range of services.
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Stage 3 - Establish
At this point you'll need to establish the assets and liabilities of the estate and identify the beneficiaries. This video explains how to obtain the correct values including those that will be approved by HMRC and what to do with that information when you receive it.
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Stage 7 - Summary
The administration is nearly complete at this stage and so it's now time to put all of the estate information into a summary for the other personal representatives and beneficiaries to approve. This video shows you how to do this.
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Stage 8 - Distribute
There is a specific process and timeframe to follow when distributing an estate. This video explains what you need to do in order to distribute it correctly to the beneficiaries.
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Stage 6 - Pay
At this point the assets have been collected, so you can start to pay the bills. This video explains how the software can help you to calculate what needs to be paid and provides useful information about when and how to make payments.
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Stage 9 - Final Stage
You've now reached the final stage of the administration and there are only a few tasks to finish. This video explains what to do complete the process.
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Distributing a property correctly
It's important to understand how the property is owned as this will affect the probate application value and how it's distributed to beneficiaries. This video outlines how to establish the ownership status and the impact of that on beneficiaries.
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