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NEW UPDATE v0.17 / v1.0!? | MinecraftPE
Hi Hi You can dawnload this version on this link : http://androidoyun.club/2016/11/minecraft-pocket-edition-v0-17-0-1-full-apk-mcpe-0-17-0-beta.html
Big Suprise Update v0.15.0 alpha build 1 MCPE
You can dawnload this version for free You just click this link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/4kli3l3oessgwbq/MCPE+0.15.0+BY+PARADOXO.apk ============================ This version have many new thigs Mob : Horses Donkey Mule Stray Husk Trapped : Sticky Piston Piston Observer (I don't now how using the observer) Any Items : Tipped Arrow Carrot at Stick Saddle Armor Horses Lead NameTag ============================= I hope you all enjoy play this version :)
Name Tag Trick | MinecraftPE | new update 0.15.0
You can download this version for free You just click this link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/4kli3l3oessgwbq/MCPE+0.15.0+BY+PARADOXO.apk ============================== Wow Finally we can do a trick with NameTag on MCPE ============================= UpsideDown : Grumm RainbowSheep : jeb_ SecretTextureRabbit : Toast ============================== I hope you all enjoy to play this trick :)
Giant Lightstick TWICE | MinecraftPE
:) HI This building 100% build by me Pls leave me a like and comment about this LightStick Im a Multifandom of Kpop Thnks For Watching ;)
Hidden Chest in The Back Wall | MCPE - New Update
Hi Hi guys ============================== Finally this time i can do a Hidden Chest in Back Wall because this version have a Sticky Piston !!! ============================== I hope you all enjoy to using this HIDDEN !!! :)
GiantMob (Add-Ons) | MCPE
Hi Hi guys Today in MCPE new version have a Add-Ons like a Mod You can dawnload this Add-Ons at here Dawnload : http://www.mediafire.com/?ubyk9219qegc4p2
Unlimited Block | MinecraftPE
hi hi...this Creation only use 2 CommandBlock...thats so easy
EndermanCreeperChicken | TMO WeeklyBuilds
EndermanCreeperChicken Hi guys, so ni vid TheMakingOf WeeklyBuild ;) Setiap akhir video LetsSurvival kitorang akan tunjuk build yang kitorang buat setiap minggu THNKS GUYS
New Intro made by Hareez
:) Hi guys Today i will change my YouTube channel name Thats name is AshOnRaft Hope you'll like't thats name And i will comeback for this month or next month Maybe i will record a NewGame Thanks for Hareez because make this Intro And thanks for all my Subcriber because always support me Love You All ^_^
WoodLand Mansion|MinecraftPE
Hi Just i say in previous video MinecraftPE v1.1 have added the Mansion You can try this at any world and just use /locate command and teleport Thanks for watching Leave a like and Subcriber ;)
What ??  The Hacker !!!  | MinecraftPE | TeamLBSG (feat. Gan_Explorer)
Hi Hi Today i can recording at this server with no lagging Because now im using a phone Asus ZenFone Maybe 1 day i will recording a Survival Lets Play Server at this video : Ip : tm22.lbsg.net Port : same
Crazy Killer !? | MinecraftPE
✔CrazyKiller Today Ash and Izhan playing some battle in normal world, Ash get more kill then Izhan hahahaha hope you enjoy watching this vide :-) Player: 1) AshOnRaft 2) Zkiller.co
[Preview] New map of FriendlyCS | MinecraftPE
:) hi so this is a map FriendlyCES Ep2 i will record the ful version this is just Tease1 maybe... BackgroundMusic : MonstaX-Beautiful ThnksForWatching ;)
NewUpdate MinecraftPE v1.1 (beta)
:) Hi This is a new version of MinecraftPE So many new Item and 4 new Mob You can dawnload this version with this link Dawnload: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fq5ib437ttks3om/mcpe+1.1+beta+2.apk Thanks For Warching ;)
NewUpdate MCPE v0.16.0 alpha build 4
Hi You must dawnload this Minecraft at Aptoide Dawnload link : http://mark8.store.aptoide.com/app/market/com.mojang.minecraftpe/870159008/21150578/Minecraft%3A+Pocket+Edition
Hidden Chest | MCPE ~ v0.15.0
Hi Sorry guys about this video not have a intro & outro because, i want to fast
We All Comeback | SurvivalLet'sPlay Ep1# (Minecraft)
We All Comeback Hello guys, akhirnye aku kembali ke YouTube selama 1 tahun aku x record so dlm series ni aku akan main Multiplayer hope korang enjoy dgn Comeback aku ni :) thnks guys for support me Burhan=WOLFIE [NAU] Aqram=AqmTDG Acap=AshOnRaft
FireWork Trick | MCPE ~ v0.15.0
Hi Hi guys This machine a trick in MinecraftPE ============================== You can use TippedArrow & FireCharge for make a FireWork ============================== I hope you enjoy for try this trick !!! :)