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The Evil Rises Skit
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Animal Jam Wolf Pack Drama
google translate is taking over... DUN DUN DUN!!!
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My new intro (read desc)
i am taking intro commisions! Price: a short wrist or a dimond spike. Tell me what kind of intro and music and pattern background etc. Also tell me what you want the text to say!!! (no green screen required)
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Art for LivBlue0!!!
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What Cherry Rage Looks Like
omg i got a new editor and idk how to use it yet. XD sorry this video is so long. Anyways i made this 30 minute long meme video of me raging over dumb things in animal jam because i have not posted in a while. Turn up all the way for best time ever OML XD. skip to 9:15 and you will see the boy version of myself lol. anyways enjoy!
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Sorry but here have This  XD (read desc plz it's important)
Ok so I was bored and I decided to get on elf yourself, take some artists, and then post it to YouTube. Oof good news tho I'm going to start making vids again. I missed you all so much and I'm sorry *hugs fans and friends* especially Sarah,Rosy and Skyler, they are my bestie s on animal jam. Of course there are other people too, dont worry I didn't but forget you guys ;3 NO I DIDNT QUIT, NEVER. Guys I'm worried XD I will probably have so many jags oh gosh, and YouTube notifications? OH NOOO OH LORD REE anyways bye I love you all ❤️ have a great day or night I miss you guys ;3
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