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San Francisco Transgender March 2016
San Francisco's Gay Pride weekend 2016 kicked-off with the 13th Annual Trans March on Friday, June 24th. The Trans March is the most radical of the three marches held over Pride weekend. Coming on the heels of the Orlando murders, and a year in which many Transgenders saw on-going harassment, many marchers were angry. Some urged that violence be met with violence. "Bash Back" one contingent shouted. To see photos of the San Francisco's 2016 Trans March visit: http://blacklightonline.com/transmarch2016.html
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CDMX Pride 2017
Mexico City's 39th Annual Gay Pride Parade. To see more visit: http://www.blacklightonline.com/cdmx-pride2017.html
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The San Francisco 2016 Dyke "After" March
After the Dyke March, some young folks hung around, having fun, dancing in the street, blocking traffic and whatnot. The police just tolerated them - at least for a little while but as the evening wore on, they finally had enough and moved to disperse the crowd. There was no real harm done and I don't believe anyone was arrested.
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Sistah Boom brings the beat as the Dykes on Bikes lead-off the 24th Annual Dyke March in San Francisco on June 25th. SF Gay Pride Weekend.
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