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Jane Davenport Watercolors - Comparing the Colors from the Brights, Neutrals and Glitz Sea Palette
I swatch out the blues, greens, reds and oranges and yellows (from all 3 of Jane’s watercolor sets) side by side to see the differences. The video is 10 minutes long, so feel free to skip to the end to see the swatches.
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Jane Davenport - Bright Watercolor Palette and Mermaid Marker Side by Side
I just wanted to see the Brights and the Mermaid colors together to see if any colors are the same. As always, I recorded this with my phone.
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Sargent Art - Liquid Metals - Metallic Watercolors
Copper, Gold, Silve and Pearl White. They are all very beautiful, very metallic and shiny. Sorry about the weird format, the video was taken with my phone. You can find the Sargent Metallic Watercolors at DickBlick.com http://www.dickblick.com/products/sargent-watercolor-liquid-metal-pans
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DIY - Travel Watercolor Palette (Amazon Gift Card Tin)
My third try at a video and first try ever making a watercolor palette. It turned out okay. It doesn't look very pretty though. Oh well, I figured that tin would be trash anyways, might as well turn it into something I can use. As always, sorry for the bad video and audio.
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Mijello Mission Gold Watercolors - Swatches
I swatched out the mijello paints! They are soooo pretty! This is just a short video for fun.
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