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Redskins 2015 *WATCH IN HD*
Finally got some inspiration, thanks to my wonderful dad! Kind of a pump of video for the 2015 football season coming up.. I do not own any of these videos nor the song! HOWVER... I did edit the song a bit and took some parts out to fit my video clips better! Enjoy.
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Well I got another video to upload! Hope yall like and please watch in HD! It's so much better. The reason it says, "Msequestriangal100" is because that was my old account, which I deleted. :) I'll be uploading a bunch more once I get to my dads next week. xx Song: Alone-Singularity Au5 fractal remix Editor: LexieTownsend Program: FCPX
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Hello! Hopefully this video will upload. I have tried so many times and Final Cut Pro keeps saying, "Quicktime error" and I'm like are you kidding me....I want to sue this program sometimes. xD Any who, hope y'all like this one! I really put effort into it and It's my favorite one i've made so far. If it doesn't upload I might cry...seriously. That's how much I like it. Watch in HD!!!!! Subscribe and like!! (I sub back :) Song: Medicine by Daughter. (Sound Remedy Remix) Editor: Me! Program: FCPX
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So originally this video was about a minute or so long... But then I got SUPER annoyed with how the song kept repeating itself. Like... I get it. Soo I procrastinated some. Then I realized I needed to post a video sooner or later. Then I deleted some stuff and bam, uploaded an 10 second video. Pretty impressive huh? Anyways, I'm working on a really cool one now!! When I say 'working' i mean i haven't even started it yet. I just have some ideas. Haha I crack myself up. Thanks for watching!!! Please subscribe! :)
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Victory Calls WATCH IN HD
Hello Y'all! This is a video I made that I really really like. Idk i'm proud of it. Anyways, I'm surprised i finished it. I had a HECTIC day yesterday. But anyways, Enjoy! This audio is not mine. LostInNegatives made it and let me use it. She's amazing at editing! Thank you so much!! :)
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Being Brave HD
Here is another video! :) I did not make the audio, it's Tangledponytails. Thanks so much for letting me use it!
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Hi guys! So sorry I have not posted anything in a few months.. I had major Editors Block and couldn't find any inspiration to edit.. Hope y'all enjoy :) Song: Sober- Niykee Heaton. (PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION OF THE SONG FROM MY VIDEO, I EDITED IT AND ADDED PARTS IN. IF YOU WANT TO USE IT, ASK :) Editor: Lexie Townsend (me) Program: FCPX Time took: 2 days.
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Heart Attack.
Here is another video! :) Kind of short, not the best editing..Oh well! I made this a few weeks ago and just finally got it to upload. Was my favorite song but now after editing the video I can't stand it xD Anybody else have this problem? Thanks for watching!!! Don't forget to Like & subscribe! I will sub back :3 Song: Heart Attack by Enrique Iglesias Editor: LexieTownsend Program: Final Cut Pro X
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Trailer for Channel
Hello guys, Welcome to my channel! So, I used to have an account "Msequestriangal100" but i deleted it and created this one. SOME OF THESE VIDEOS WILL BE THE SAME SO DON'T THINK I STOLE THEM. (: Hope y'all like this video! I will be uploading a couple more soon. Please subscribe and also like! I will sub back :3
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Gopro Riding w Foxy
This video is about Gopro Riding w Foxy
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The Take Down
Enjoy :)
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Bangarang WATCH IN HD
Another one uploaded! ***I don't own these clips*** Enjoy! Song: Bangarang Editor: LexieTownsend Software: Final Cut Pro
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Does this darkness have a name? WATCH IN HD
Guys... I got the video to upload!! I updated Final Cut Pro, then it like shut down my computer for a few days, and then it turned back on and now it's working again. But anyways, This video is a bunch of old clips of me and Smarty. Except for a few, those are new. And like two others aren't me. This audio is not mine, CollectTheStride made it. Please go check out her videos they are ah-mazing. Thanks for letting me use it!!!!
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Made in the AM
**PLEASE READ** I am not sure why this video uploaded with such crappy audio quality. I believe I turned the audio up on FCPX so I could hear it better and I must've forgotten to bring it back down. However, It took four hours to upload so I definitely am not gonna go back and fix it. Thanks for watching!
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Hey guys! Finally got some more inspiration. Let me know what ya'll think! Personally I feel like it's got a lot going on, but that is just kind of my style of editing. This song is called Hypnotic by Zella Day, and while it is not my song please refrain from downloading it from this video.... (I edited it, took out some lines ect..) So if you would like to actual song it's on iTunes to buy (: Thanks!
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Roll The Dice
Well guys i got a video to upload! I made this one a REALLY long time ago, and it isn't the best quality but I love the song. Subscribe and like! (: BTW, youtube screwed up the audio....It was NOT like this when i downloaded the song. xx
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You tell 'em HD
Here is another video! :) Not my best works. It's kind of sucky... But this isn't my audio, it's SophiTango Equine's. Thanks so much for letting me use it! Hope y'all enjoy. Sorry for re using clips again I haven't been out to the barn a lot recently.
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SOLD: Pepperwood Picasso
Pepperwood Picasso AKA Smarty. 2004, 13.2 hand German Riding Pony/Welsh gelding. Has permanent card.
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Bullet Train WATCH IN HD
Third one uploaded! Enjoy. *I don't own these clips*
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