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【Ib】Mary - Bad Apple (Music Box Version w/ Lyrics)
A little tribute video I made for Mary from the game Ib :) I thought this song was very fitting for her None of the art belongs to me Original song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J61u3wFzl68 Warning: Kinda spoilery After I saw a video of the ending "A Painting's Demise" I liked Mary 10000x more and so I made this. !!! ! Edit: Over 3,000 views omg thanks guys ///v/// Edit2: HOLY COW GUYS. JUST, WOW THANK YOU ALL :D
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EverymanHYBRID - Too Many Tears
Song: Celldweller - Too Many Tears Clips taken from: EverymanHYBRID, TribeTwelve, MLAndersen0, zombielovejuice Clips edited & arranged by me using VideoPad I'm super proud of how this turned out considering it's the first edited music video I've really ever made! I've also swung back into focusing on the Slenderverse as a main interest ...especially EMH right now. So I made this! (I've actually had this brewing in my brain for months now.) seriously I love this series so much omfg
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The Sunscreen Chronicles - Trailer
A silly little project that me and glizzypie are doing. Yes, we will still do commercials, but this is a silly little series that we had been planning for a while now. And we finally got the trailer done. Woohoo! Disclaimer: I do not own the music
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⦻ stalker ⦻
⦻ I can't stop making slenderverse MVs Song: IAMX - Stalker Clips: Marble Hornets, TribeTwelve
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The Sunscreen Chronicles - Episode 2 - Teleporters in Time
Extreme Disclaimer: NONE of the music belongs to me. AT ALL Dialogue - Rachel and Glizzy find out that their broken toothbrush item is a teleporter. But then things go horribly wrong... Anyway, I hope you don't decide not to watch this just because it's "too long" it's pretty entertaining! XD We worked really hard on this .U.
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The Sunscreen Chronicles - Episode 3 - Parker the Demon Doll
Another episode of the beloved Sunscreen Chronicles. Dialogue - Glizzy buys a new toy at the store, but it's not as it seems... Note: Sorry I haven't uploaded my Horror Film 15 yet! Dx I said some people could be in it.
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The Sunscreen Chronicles - Episode 5 -  Of Buttons and Pipsqueaks
NONE of the music belongs to me. SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT! But it's finally here! This episode makes no sense, well, this series isn't SUPPOSED to make sense! So enjoy! Dialogue - Rachel and Glizzy find an extra yellow button on their toothbrush, but all goes wrong.
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The Sunscreen Chronicles - Episode 1 - Fishy Kissies
This is the first episode of The Sunscreen Chronicles. I hope you like it! :D Dialogue - Glizzy bought some new fish and she's having obsessions with them, while she's trying to hide it from Rachel.
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The Sunscreen Chronicles - Episode 4 - Stranded
NONE OF THE MUSIC BELONGS TO ME!! Episode four is finally up! Sure, it's long, but it's pretty well put together, so I think you should watch it! :] Dialogue - Rachel and Glizzy win a trip to Hawaii, but something awful happens. ATTENTION: SPOILER ALERT, DON'T LOOK UNTIL YOU WATCH THE VIDEO ________________________________________________________ At the end, incase you didnt get it, it was the CREEPER who put the toothbrush in the bag! :]
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