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Understanding the Property Cycle
To learn more about the Property Cycle and the best locations to buy a property off the plan, visit our website at www.ibuynew.com.au. When it comes to buying a property, the property cycle has a very important part to play. Whether you are a first home buyer or a seasoned property investor, understanding the property cycle gives you detailed insight into what the current property market is doing and whether it is a good time to buy. To help give you a clearer understanding of the property cycle and the best times for you to buy your next property, our Senior Property Consultant Alex Goldhagen has put together a short video on the importance of the different property cycles and gives a thorough explanation of each of the stages. View the transcript below or watch the video “Understanding the Property Cycle” now. Hello and welcome to iBuyNew. My names Alex and I’m one of the Senior Property Consultants here with iBuyNew. In our latest video, Understanding the Property Cycle, I’m going to talk you through the importance of the different Property cycles. Understanding the property cycle is essential for both home buyers and investors. With a little bit of patience and getting the timing right, you could make yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars in a very short period of time. Every major capital city runs at a different cycle of the property clock and there are five main stages: Bottom of the market Rising Market Boom Peak of the market & Downturn Ideally you want to buy property at the bottom of the cycle, whilst you should sell at the peak of the Cycle. In other words, buy low, sell high. Unfortunately hype in the media often confuses people and they buy and sell at the wrong times. During the boom period people often buy because of the fear of missing out. Just as bad, people resist buying at the bottom of the cycle because they think the property market is not performing. Some even sell right before the recovery of the market missing out on tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Typically you will see 2-3 years of solid growth followed by 7-8 years of slow to moderate growth, we’re not saying property doubles every ten years but over the long term the longer a property is held the better it can be. So how can you tell which stage a property market is at? Here is a quick overview: Bottom of the market: The best time to buy • Rental yields are strong 5.5%+ • Confidence in the market is quite low • Rental vacancy rates will also be low, very tight • And there’s not much in the way of new construction Rising Market is the second best time to buy • At this point the market has already shifted and we see prices start to rise • Talk of a property bubble – and this happens all the time • Rental returns start to flatten out to about 5% and there are more buyers entering the market During the Boom which is the last opportunity to buy in the cycle • Rental vacancies start to come back to the acceptable 2-3% range • Media hype about the property market is high • There’s High confidence levels • And there’s Lots of construction During the Peak of the market: At this stage it makes little sense to buy, unless there is a good bargain to be had. • Prices hit their highest point • Last minute buyers coming into the market trying to find a good deal • Rental yields are now less than 5% • Very high confidence • But there’s also the Risk of oversupply in the market Downturn: now this is where you will see an • Affordability crisis with many priced out of the market • With high prices and the inability to buy we see rental yields start to increase • This period can last as long as 8 years • Although seen as a bad period, it gives the market a bit of time to recover, salaries need to increase, rentals need to increase and these all happen very slowly until we get back to that 5-6% rental yield. So to make your money work as hard as possible for you, you should refer to past property cycles before buying and try to buy in a market that’s rising. Please do keep in mind that over the long term there is really no bad time to buy, typically speaking it is not timing of the market but time in the market. One of the better strategies for an Investor is to have exposure to multiple markets running on different cycles, rather than concentrating your property portfolio in one location it makes sense to diversify into many major different major capital cities. When one location isn’t performing you can rely on the others to pick up the slack. If in doubt, speak to a Property Consultant at iBuyNew, we’d love to have a chat with you. We can show you the best areas to buy into right now. Give us a call 1300 123 463 or visit us at www.ibuynew.com.au.
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An Overview of Buying Property Off the Plan
Buying a property off the plan is becoming increasingly more popular with investors and home buyers alike. To find out more information about buying off the plan properties, visit our website www.ibuynew.com.au In our latest video, our Head of Projects, Brent Backhouse discusses everything you need to know about off the plan property. View the video now, "An Overview of Buying Property Off the Plan" or view the summary below. When it comes to buying a property, it can be a stressful and scary experience. However, there are many advantages to buying property off the plan and it can be an extremely rewarding and beneficial process. However, it does have its risks. What is off the plan? Off the plan property is one which has yet to be started or completed. You physically cannot see the property or walk through it and are reliant upon pricelists, floor plans and imagery to make your purchase. An off the plan property requires a 10% deposit in order to reserve the property and get it off the market. Advantages of buying property off the plan There are many advantages of buying property off the plan and these include: 1) Reduced Price – Typically, prices are often lower the earlier you buy a property. This is because developers need a number of pre-sales to get finance and begin construction. 2) It’s brand new – No one else has lived in this property and generally you will find better quality tenants moving in and happy to pay higher rents compared to an older and established property. 3) First Choice – The earlier you buy in an off the plan apartment, the more choice of apartments you have. This means you have first pick of floor plans and you might also even have choice of colour schemes. 4) Tax Benefits – You could have the opportunity to benefit from tax savings such as stamp duty. Risks of buying property off the plan As well as advantages there are also risks of buying property off the plan which you need to be aware of. 1) Development might not go ahead – Developers might not have received final development application approval so cannot proceed with the development. You should therefore research your developer and ensure they are trustworthy, reliable and have DA approval first. 2) Property values can go up and down – Properties can fall in value so it is important that you do not end up paying too much for a property or buying a property at the peak of the cycle when prices are booming. 3) Individual circumstances can change – You should plan ahead and know if you have an event coming up like getting married or having children as this can change the outcome of your ability to attain finance at settlement. 4) Interest rates – Interest rates can change and right now we are enjoying low interest rates. However if interest rates rise you need to be sure that you can still afford the property and have not overstretched yourself as this can put financial stress on you. 5) Finished product can change – Internal apartment sizes can change so it is important to know in advance what amendments there could be and how you can protect yourself. You should therefore read through the contract carefully before signing. To learn more about buying property off the plan and how iBuyNew can help you with your next property purchase, call us today on 1300 123 463 or visit us at www.ibuynew.com.au.
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Capri Apartments - Newstead QLD Video - iBuyNew
iBuyNew is now selling Capri in Newstead. Learn more here: https://www.ibuynew.com.au/apartments/qld/brisbane/city-and-north/newstead/capri Capri Apartments in Newstead is the fourth stage of the brand new Newstead Central development. Just a short walk from all of your important amenities including the nearby Gasworks precinct, known for its chic cafes and restaurants as well as the infamous James Street leading towards the thriving hub of Fortitude Valley. Residents are also within close proximity of buses, trains and ferries, making travel extremely convenient. This 20-level apartment tower boasts 207 one and two bedroom apartments with five-star luxury throughout. You can even make full use of the exclusive resident facilities including a stunning lagoon pool and beach, with pool lawn and outdoor covered kitchen area and bar. Call iBuyNew today on 1300 123 463 to learn more or visit our website: www.ibuynew.com.au
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Why Buy Property With iBuyNew?
Interested in buying property? Visit our website: www.ibuynew.com.au Are you a first home buyer or a property investor looking to buy a property? Buying a property whether established or off the plan can be a stressful and confusing process and can be time consuming. This process is much more difficult if you decide to do this alone as you could get things wrong which could be costly. Getting the right advice is therefore very important and at iBuyNew our Property Consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you through the property buying process smoothly. View our video, “Why Buy Property With iBuyNew”, presented by our CEO Mark Mendel to learn why you should purchase a property with iBuyNew today. When it comes to buying off the plan, iBuyNew isn’t your average real estate agent. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service alongside our extensive range of high quality projects, allowing you to review, compare and make an informed decision all under one roof utilising one of our professional property consultants. Buying property on your own can be challenging and stressful. You might not have access to the correct data or the most up to date research. It can be costly and making sure you have the right advice when you’re making such a large purchase as a property is really really important. So why us why iBuyNew? We offer independent and impartial advice and our consultants are paid a flat fee irrespective of whether you’re spending $300,000 or a million dollars. Two. Access to thousands of properties – No one else in Australia has access to the properties we have. We have the largest variety of off the plan apartments across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We’re actively seeking new projects all the time and developers are coming to us before they’ve even launched to the market so if you want to be in first you really should be talking to us. We’re small enough to be flexible and make sure that we look after you, but big enough to be respected in the marketplace, just ask around. Five. Our property consultants come from very different backgrounds including financial planning, accounting and mortgage broking. This allows us to provide you with extra advice on building that property portfolio you’re looking for. And if you’re a first time investor who else better to talk to. Six. One thing that makes us really different from other real estate agents is that we’re not real estate agents, we’re Property Consultants. We’re here to hold your hand all the way through the journey, from the time that you’re looking at a property, through to exchange, over to settlement and beyond. It’s not just letting you go by. Seven. We don’t just sell you a property – we actually tailor the experience for your needs. We make sure that what you’re looking for is what we are able to offer you and if we can’t we’ll let you know that we can’t help. We have hundreds and hundreds of clients that are very happy with us and we’re more than happy to pass on their phone numbers so you can talk to them and find out what the service is like from us. If you’d like to find out more about iBuyNew simply give us a call on 1300 123 463 or visit our website ibuynew.com.au. Thank you.
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XMAS 2014   CEO Message
A message from our CEO as we head into 2015. It's time to take action for those that haven't this year.
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IBuyNew - Mark Mendel - 20th June 2016
iBuyNew CEO discusses the launch of their house and land Division for both home buyers and property investors. Find out more by calling 1300 123 463
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iBuyNew - Mark Mendel - 20 September 2016 - Buying New Property in Spring
As we roll into Spring, our CEO Mark Mendel talks about the property market in the lead up to Christmas. If you're looking to get into the property market then now is the perfect time to give your finances a Spring clean. Read the full transcript below to learn more or call iBuyNew on 1300 123 463 today. Hi guys, Mark here from iBuyNew, I hope you’re well. Just wanted to touch base with you. We’re 20 days into Spring and the market’s really started to pick up a lot with the weather and what we’re finding is a lot of first home buyers and investors are back in the market, but they were a little bit quiet for a couple of months in the middle of the year, but with the change in weather comes a change in attitude from buyers and they’re definitely on the ground walking the pavement and looking to see what’s available in the market especially in the lead up to Christmas. There’s only about 12 or 14 weeks away so time is moving fast and you know what we’re seeing is buyers making that decision to act before Christmas they’re getting their finances in order which is always important and really making that step rather than waiting until the New Year, they’re making that step today. So I would encourage you, if you’re thinking about it to at least make the phone call, talk to one of the staff at iBuyNew and see how we can help you today. Thanks. To find out more about how you can spring into new property today, contact the iBuyNew team on 1300 123 463 to speak to one of our expert and friendly Property Consultants about new property.
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IBuyNew - Mark Mendel - 3rd June 2016
Our CEO, Mark Mendel, in Bangkok giving us a quick update on the future of the real estate industry.
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Aqua Apartments - Newstead QLD - iBuyNew
iBuyNew is now selling Aqua in Newstead, Brisbane. View it here: https://www.ibuynew.com.au/apartments/brisbane/city-and-north/newstead/aqua Aqua Apartments is part of the brand new Newstead Central development. Here you can experience an entirely new inner-city lifestyle within a tropical oasis. Make the most of beautiful man-made beaches, stunning pools and outdoor covered kitchen area and bar, all exclusive to residents only. Aqua is the first stage of the Newstead Central development and comprises 149 luxury one and two bedroom apartments across 16 levels. Learn more about the new development and view all of our available apartments now on our website at www.ibuynew.com.au or call us on 1300 123 463.
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IBuyNew - Mark Mendel - 27 May 2016
Casual Property Market update from our CEO Mark Mendel.
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SMSF and Property
Looking to buy an investment property? Visit our website at www.ibuynew.com.au Did you know that you can buy an investment property through your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)? Buying an investment property through your SMSF can generate you wealth, whilst save you thousands of dollars at the same time. However, there are many questions you need to ask yourself first. In our latest video, SMSF and Property, our Senior Property Consultant Alex Goldhagen tells his own story of how he bought his first property through his super fund. Alex outlines the four major benefits of using a SMSF structure to buy property and talks about how you can make your money work harder for you. View the transcript below or watch the video “SMSF and Property” now. Hello and welcome to iBuyNew. My name’s Alex and I’m one of the Senior Property Consultants here at iBuyNew. In our latest video, SMSF and Property, I’m going to walk you through the first Property that I bought with my Super Fund. Understanding how this structure works can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line. The main benefits of using the SMSF structure to buy property can be summarised into 4 major categories. 1) Asset Protection 2) Minimising Capital Gains 3) Leveraging & 4) Tax Free Income Ideally with any purchase of an investment property you want to reduce tax, minimise risk, leverage what small cash or capital you might have and if you can generate a tax free income then it makes the argument quite compelling. This is why I see the SMSF option as such a powerful tool. Unfortunately a lot of media attention recently has painted a grim picture of the market for buying within your SMSF. Let’s explore each of the 4 points raised: ASSET PROTECTION: Just to clarify Assets held within Super are protected in the event you default on personal debts/Mortgages etc. If I am driving my car for example and I’ve let my insurance lapse and I run into the back of a Bentley I can be sued and all my assets in my personal name are at risk, property and assets inside Super are totally shielded from litigation. Essentially the Government has set up Super to not be accessible by anyone until you reach preservation age; even if you went bankrupt your Super is protected. MINIMISING CAPITAL GAINS When I sell a property now that is in my personal name I am exempt on 50% of the Capital gains tax should I have held the property for greater than 12 months, still 50% of the profit gets added to my taxable income for that year, often costing tens of thousands of dollars. Holding a property into preservation age allows me to pay zero capital gains tax on a property I sell, now if I keep that property for 20 years that could be $100,000 or $200,000 in tax savings! If I sell before preservation age then I pay a significantly lower capital gains tax rate through my Super. LEVERAGING When I bought my first property I had $80,000 in my super fund and if I were lucky over the next 10 years that could have grown to $200,000 if I was lucky. By using $41,250 I secured my first SMSF property which took two years to build. I salary sacrificed a little extra each week so that come settlement I’d have enough money, but come settlement I sold the property. After capital gains I still pocketed back into my super fund $236,000 and that was in the course of two years. This was only possible by leveraging my small amount of cash to hold a much larger asset. TAX FREE INCOME Now this sounds wonderful right? Well if you were to keep your investment property into retirement or preservation age the income derived from the investment property is tax free. Not really much else that needs to be said about that. I’d ask you one question, how much do you have in your Super fund at the moment? $50,000 maybe $100,000? When was the last time you checked? I bet if you had that much money in your savings account today you would check it weekly at a minimum right? Well it’s your money. Is it working hard enough for you? If you would like to see your Super working harder for you, speak to a Consultant here at iBuyNew. Give us a call 1300 123 463 or visit us at www.ibuynew.com.au.
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iBuyNew: Where Australia Buys New Property
Are you looking to buy new property, but struggling to find the right one? iBuyNew is here to help. Find out how new property, especially off the plan can help you save money and build wealth. iBuyNew helps thousands of property buyers every year, from first home buyers to experienced investors find the right property to suit their needs and requirements. Learn how Geoff finds the property of his dreams with the help of iBuyNew and Property Consultant Alison. Where INVESTORS buy new property. Where FIRST HOME BUYERS buy new property. Where DOWN-SIZERS buy new property. Where AUSTRALIA buys new property. Call 1300 123 463 to learn more or visit https://www.ibuynew.com.au
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