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How to make a Rocket Bottle out of pvc
I make this idea because last year new year we don't have any fireworks and cracker outside while our neighborhood enjoy fireworks we are just eating looking only. Yes we are complete celebrating but what is the porpose of new year if you are not making loud sound, noise and just eating. So I'm inspired making this because for next new year and as I test this rocket I realize the bigger bottle you have stronger sound you can get , and smaller bottle you have the weaker sound you can get. and the lower height thank for watching this is my firstime making videos in YouTube. materials are to simple you need wire and etc. glue it, wait for it, and your done.😁😄😇
PestGun control
Thank you for watching my videos this is a good beginning for me and have purpose in this world. Well Accept my apology for wrong grammers in my videos.😐😄😊
Crossbow Easy making
Hi guys I make here A simple crossbow its very easy simple tools only and some scrap in our house I hope you enjoy the video And if you want to try yes I'll say Good luck If you want more just subscribe because I have more here in our house.